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  1. Was busy in work this week and didn't notice the news, oof! Look forward to hunting some of the new dragons ^-^
  2. Maybe I will get all the trick or treats this year?
  3. I hope I can snag a few, been lazy and missed out on most of the past few years releases ^^ Such gorgeous dragons though!
  4. Been waiting for this day, time to join and idle!! 😛
  5. They goo https://dragcave.net/lineage/fzgoo I love something? https://dragcave.net/lineage/ilOvx
  6. I really enjoyed finding out this fella's lineage ^^ https://dragcave.net/lineage/n0RxH
  7. I made the intial mistake of simply looking in the AP and finding nothing, so bred what I had. This means that I've launched 10 with mostly clean lineages into the ap, good luck all!
  8. Thank you for the event, another one I failed to get all the eggs on-- oh well ^^;
  9. Congratulations on the promotions and I am intrigued to see whom will become the next set of much needed moderators. I am not nearly active enough on here to even consider. Good luck to all applying ^-^
  10. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all ^-^
  11. Thank you for the opportunity to get a CB Holly, something I have dreamed of since joining ^-^
  12. An attempt for an Holly will be made but I wont be upset if I am not successful, good luck everyone and have a great Christmas.
  13. Oh my, more dragons?! Thank you ^^
  14. Chocolate flavoured crisps. More specifically "tygryski czekoladowe" they're strange but good.
  15. Taerar

    2017-08-20 - Site Update

    I love coming back to new updates! The new sprites look awesome, thank you for your hard work ^^
  16. I have no idea what this event is about, but those eggs look awesome and can't wait for my Valentines Adults!
  17. This looks like fun! Nadolig Llawen everyone
  18. I was wondering when this would happen so I could start breeding my Christmas Dragons
  19. Been so busy irl that I feel bad for neglecting my Dragons on here and missing all these new releases! I think I managed to snag a few new breeds, thank's once again spriters and keep on spriting
  20. I have nostalgia for all the wrong reasons, could never play it even with help. Aha! Happy Halloween to all
  21. Awesome looking Dragons, cannot wait to see the adults
  22. Taerar


    If anyone wishes to add me just throw me a message, I'm a bit rubbish at the game but I'm having fun I also have it on the PC and PS4. I really like Hanzo ok
  23. Congratulations to the new mods. I always had a feeling, eheh.
  24. I'm currently Playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and loving it! Combat is a bit meh at times but the storyline is pretty interesting.