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  1. i take the oath. i barely breed anyway. this is not about breeding metallics with commons and getting commons: that's unavoidable. you're breeding for a metallic, which either you want or you know someone else wants. but if you're breeding just to breed, then it's not responsible, by these rules.
  2. I support your evil plan. when i don't feel like hatching blacks and vines / can't find any, i pick up a random egg and raise it to hatchling stage i think everyone should do this...instead breeding the heck outta their dragons
  3. Part two Since last time a winter egg and a winter hatchling have appeared in my cave. I say my cave, because I feel that without a mate, it's like...I'm in charge or something. I don't have a mate to care for, so I care for everyone. It's weird to look at the egg and the little child dragon and think one of them could be my mate. I'm assuming that's why they're here...after all, Fallonne got a mate. Leafre, a fellow autumn dragon. They seem happy, Leafre adores her, but how could he not? Fallonne is...she's indescribable. It's all I can say. Now I have no chance at her. But that's life, I guess. But I can't talk to her when Leafre's around. I just feel so awkward. Like we could have been, we were, except she didn't even know. How can I forget her when we live in the same cave? I'll have to go hunting more, and farther, and think of a pretty lass dragon who won't mind when I blow snow around her wings. And we'll make memories in blizzards together. That'll do -- it's time to hunt, and time to forget.
  4. Winterspark's thoughts Being a winter dragon in this lonely cave isn't much fun at all, really. Everyone else has a mate. Well, except for Lapland the hoity toity christmas dragon who won't talk to me, and Fallonne, the autumn that barely talks at all. She's really pretty. And I wish I could get to know her better, but all she does is poke at the other dragon's eggs and act as cavemother to the hatchlings. Doesn't she see me? Does she like snow? I could bring down a snowfall to her and maybe her eyes would sparkle like the flakes do... I've gotta go, she's sniffing the air like something's up. I think I accidentally turned the weather cold again...she hates that....
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    that mary sue test is pretty harsh...but does bella have any personality at all? what does she like besides edward? is her only fault clumsiness (and of course stupidity and shallowness? so the boy has pimples...he deserves a shunning?) i personally dislike Twilight very much and it's kind of sad how my friends think it's so wonderful.