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  1. Someone was looking tradewise for CB eggs with codes starting 00... Does anyone know who that was? Or how much an egg with a 'James Bond' esque 00number code would be worth in general? I'm not big on number collecting codes so I'd rather it go to someone who appreciates it even if it's not actually worth anything in particular (egg in question is electric if that helps)
  2. Someone wanted super messy Aqualis's for their collection and I can't remember who it was, so here is one! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! (Also thanks Tabs, I felt lucky and now I feel REALLY lucky ❤️)
  3. HAVE: 3g x Soulstone WANT: New release purple/chill eggs Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. HAVE: 3g x Soulstone WANT: New release purple/chill eggs Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. HAVE: 3g x Soulstone WANT: New release purple/chill eggs Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. Ooh I do like that actually, I'll have to remember that come Christmastime!
  7. I'm a big fan of Galvanic x Cavern Lurker (like this), and Aeria Gloris x Pacified Aegis also looks lovely, as well as Galvanic x Ash (although I don't have one to show of either of those). Has anyone tried the Aeria Gloris with the Starsinger, I think that might look good?
  8. I prefer to do my two-heads as a sort of rainbow colour-mash with all the breeds as there are less of them, but I do think they look lovely with the Bauta
  9. I thought I wasn't tired but clearly my brain is telling me not to be so silly... [SIZE=5]I need:[B] to erase an influence[/B][/SIZE] If you can take my egg, and teleport it back, please reply here - thanks!
  10. Another mis-influence! I was so pleased to get this egg as well, wasn't sure I'd "win" the trade and now I've ruined the checker for myself 😕
  11. I hope they go back down - I was all set to get a gold next week but now that's not the case...
  12. I demand all my vamp attempts be successful forevermore! And zombies while I'm at it! All the success, all of it.
  13. Saw a CB Silver in the coast, and instead of clicking on it, my brain decided to click madly next to it instead... Didn't get that one. Why brain why?
  14. Just got my second GoN! Only took forever...
  15. Personally I think them showing up as upside down in lineage view would be great, I've felt almost cheated before on clicking what was named like an upside-down mint and have it be right way up. I thought this last year as well when I didn't have one, to me just like we can't all have a spriters alt but we can all (theoretically at least) have a dragon with a spriters alt in their lineage - it'd be nice if the upside-downs worked in the same way? That being said, while I'd prefer a switch I definitely don't think it'd be super annoying if it was revealed that they will always be rightside up in lineage view forever no takebacks etc. Also a big fan of @angelicdragonpuppys idea of having them upside-down just sometimes, as more of a compromise to being always upside-down in lineage view.
  16. I just bred all my Sapphires, maybe that'll help. I'm having trouble getting reds from them, which is annoying as they look so pretty together in a checker but despite having more than enough CBs, I've only made it to 3rd gen as I've only ever gotten one red from a Sapphire...
  17. Big thank you to @Herk - I bred this one but both parents were AP finds Also big thanks in general for all the lovely valentines I found, I don't want to link as I can't remember 100% which I traded for and which I grabbed in the AP but so many pretties floating around this V day, it was very nice
  18. I need to stop breeding the wrong dragons together. One day I'll learn, but not before my dragons now have a non-mate at the top of their breeding list because I can't click the right buttons...
  19. It feels to me like there's a difference between a 'legit' messy, that's long and weird and maybe up to like 20 gens or something, and then something like that which just feels silly. But other people can breed their dragons how they want. I'm locked now anyway, just hope when I unlock the wall is gone but it's still valentines in there!
  20. I got all the second gens I wanted! Granted after I finished trading etc I had another idea that will have to wait till next year (unless I'm crazy lucky with the AP), but I'm very happy with that.
  21. I managed to snag a pretty one from inside the wall... but it took so long. It does feel really deliberate, and it's a shame as I love Heartseekers but all these are the deliberate kind of messy where it's pretty checkers bred mostly with caveborns.
  22. Not even close to enough eggslots! And I'm stupid enough to click everything in the AP anyway and get sad when I can't have the pretty things as I don't have any room...
  23. HAVE: CB's to breed: 1 x Val 09 (Bloodswap only for Val 09 x Green Gemshard - mate for him) 1 x Rosebud 2 x Heartseeker 2 x Arsani 1 x Heartstealing 2 x Radiant Angel (Only for other RAs that I need, see below or PM me) 2 x Mutamore 1 x Soulstone 1 x Floral Crowned (Only for other Floral-Crowned that I need, see below or PM me) 3rd Gen Checkers I can breed: Heartseeker x Black Zyu (example) Heartseeker x Thunder (example) Heartseeker x Red (example) Soulstone x Red (example) Rosebud x Vine (example) Rosebud x Shadow Walker (Ideally for bloodswap, will be child of him and her) WANT: 2nd Gen Floral-Crowned from Blue Gemshard 2nd Gen Radiant Angel from Green Gemshard 2nd Gen Floral-Crowned from Vine/Dark Green 2nd Gen Radiant Angel from Garland 2nd Gen Radiant Angel from Spessartine 2nd Gen Radiant Angel from Solstice 2nd Gen Val 09 from Green Gemshard 2nd Gen Arsani from Black
  24. Ooh, I didn't consider Truffle, but I've just mapped it out on the HOB builder there and I like that a lot as well! Too many nice ideas!