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  1. it is. SO satisfying to finally be rid of the ancient embarrassing nickname i've had as my scroll name since. 2008. ; v; thank you for implementing this!! i might even unhide my scroll now, who knows.
  2. I would like my art added to the database! Forum name: Mantikhore Image of event token you created: Event your art was included in: ToT 2019 Brief description of treat: A dragon skull that's not quiiite dead yet. Got nudged over here, so! here we are. ; v; Lemme know if this needs some adjustment for whatever reason.
  3. bwomp :[ REALLY surprised I managed to last another 16 or so rounds after losing like 2/3 of my front line, but! Works for me. no idea how the soulpeace didn't get got though.
  4. I was going real well until the middle of the line broke, and thennn the whole right side folded under too. :[ Still, I think I've got a good few more rounds left, provided my Soulpeace. does something soon. This is my current record either way, so I'm happy with it thus far!
  5. Thus far, I'm at a little over half of the total treats. Still working on getting to like. upwards of round 40 in the game, but not doing badly! I figure if other folks are posting their treats, it might be cool for me to do mine? ; v; so here it is! lil dragon skull. (psst, it's animated!)
  6. Super excited to see that my treat submission got made official!! MAN that's rad. I've been on here for 11 years, and having my art on the site means a lot to me, honestly. Grats to everybody else who got a treat in, too! Can't wait to grab 'em all. ; v;/
  7. These look rad. 8y excited to see them drop!
  8. Just got lucky while combing through the cave. http://dragcave.net/lineage/sEEkS http://dragcave.net/lineage/bEtsy
  9. Forgot I was locked, bred my prize dragon--finally got a shiny from a common mate that was intended to be a gift it to somebody! aaand then it got auto-abandoned. I'm almost tempted to offer a reward for that egg's return. 8'I I've been trying for shinies for people for months now,,
  10. Got the scroll goal I've had since like--2007, about. 8> /paps ND hatchling Droog also finally coughed up another second gen, so that's the first person off of my list! Guess it's a good thing I got sick and wasn't able to breed him right when his cooldown ended. v'8
  11. Droog finally gave me a 2nd gen and it was on my breeding week. 8>>>>
  12. ...I just snagged a CB copper. U'8 This iiiis the first CB metallic I've gotten on my own. Didn't even realize it was there until I was about to go away from the page, either--looks like the volcano likes me or something, though. This is my second CB rare from there.
  13. [ Caught my first CB magma! ] I didn't think that was what it was, and I almost just went to bed without grabbing it--thought better of it and did a quick description check, and I still was able to snag it afterwards. I'm pretty pleased. U:
  14. Droog grew up! 8> Unfortunately no egg from the first breeding, but hopefully that'll change.
  15. On the plus side, if it works, it'll look really good! So there's that. ...annnd if it doesn't give a shiny, then I get to keep the first baby from Droog. Pretty decent win-win there.
  16. Three hours left! I'm a bit nervous about the first pair I'm breeding from--get the feeling I'm gonna get a whole lot more yellow-crowneds than I am the g2 my first person wants. 8'I But, well--just gotta wait and see, I suppose. Soooon.
  17. I've got seven hours to go on Droog. 8'> On the plus side, I have some work I need to do for my classes, so I can at least distract myself 'til then--otherwise I'd just be sitting here refreshing him over and over.
  18. Congrats to the reroll winners! u vu Might be hitting you guys up for second gen swaps after I clear out my list. As for the gender spreads, I think I've seen a lot of female-influenced prizes so far? I influenced Droog male, and I've seen a fair amount of prizes gender male, but I dunno how many of those were influences and how many just happened. shrugs loudly.
  19. Dangerous Damsel would've worked, now that I think about it. Glad I didn't have to redo everything, though. 8'U aww yeah, problem sleuth. /highfive
  20. from the Felt album. I may or may not have been looping it for about a day and a half now. 8L It's just. so pretty.
  21. Droog gendered correctly. 8> now to viewbomb him.