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    Following is a list of the dragon species I do NOT have a male/female pair of on my scroll. Help (hatchies only if the species is common) is appreciated.

    Albino m/f
    Coastal Waverunner m/f
    Daydream m/f
    Purple Dorsal f
    Red Dorsal m/f
    Flamingo f
    Gold-horned Tangar m
    Grey m
    Green m
    Gaurdian f
    Horse m/f
    'Normal' Nebula m
    Neotropical f
    Nocturne m
    Tan Ridgewing m/f
    Skywing m
    Spitfire m
    Stone m/f
    All Stripes except black m and blue
    Sunrise m/f
    Sunstone m
    Split m/f
    Alt Vine m/f
    Water Walker f
    Water Horse m
    Whiptail m/f
    All Pygmies except Origanal f and Seawyrm m
    Day Glory Drake f
    Night Glory Drake m/f
    Ice f
    Magma f
    Thunder f
    Gold m
    Silver m/f
    I don't have any dinos, chickens, papers, or cheeses
    I don't have any leetle trees
    Holly m/f
    Neglected m/f/ungendered
    Valentines 09 f (1x)

    I have a few armies that need serious help...
    Embers 10/25
    Sunsongs 14/25
    Blacks 10/25