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~ Looking for CB Green Nebs ~Kitsuki89.png jilevUj.pngSee profile for Shimmer breeding details. Lists: 2g Shimmers = CLOSED; 2g Skimmerkins = CLOSEDNikkei's Stats: 5 Shimmers, 32 FailsWill breed non-rares on request. May ask something in trade, though. I accept IOU's at my discretion.Full wishlist >here<.I am on GMT-5 (EST, aka Cave Time)

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    ********** Shimmer Breeding **********
    I will be keeping waiting lists. 5 slots for 2g Shimmers, 5 slots for 2g Shimmerkins. When lists are closed (as per my signature), they are *closed*. Asking to be on a closed list will make you *less* likely to get in.

    While CB metals and such are nice, hoarding them is not my goal. I'd prefer offers of things on my wishlist (below).

    ********** Wishlist **********

    Scroll Goals:
    For every breed/variety, 1 of each: CB Adult Female, CB Adult male, Female hatchling, Male hatchling, s1 hatchling.

    I keep a list of what I'm missing in my signature. (It may not be entirely current.)
    I also hoard Terrae, especially if they've got a pretty lineage.

    Looking for the following holiday-mates:
    - 2g Nebula from Shadow Walker MALE
    - 2g Nebula from Shadow Walker FEMALE
    - any 5g EG with a pattern/theme
    - 2g White from Holly
    - 2g Gold from Snow Angel
    - 2g White from Ribbon Dancer
    - 2g Golden Wyvern from Winter Magi
    - 2g Suncrown from Wrapping-Wing
    - 2g Rainbow Copper from Wrapping-Wing
    - 2g White from Solstice
    - 2g Undine from Solstice
    - 2g Vine from Sweetling
    - 2g Moonstone from Sweetling
    - 2g Purple Neb from Val'09