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  1. Is there a list of lindwyrms?
  2. HAVE: CB female Courses Xeno from Forest WANT: CB male Courses Xeno from Forest Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Thanks for looking!
  3. Welp, the first three I snagged (Desert, Jungle, And Volcano) were kinda hard to grqab so when I went to Alpine ai went click-crazy qand have five! Looks like I'll be swapping some out when the time comes. Rats, I enjoy the hunt. oh well, Happiest BDay ever DC and since you're now a teenager - go clean your room! Thanks TJ and all for all your hard work.
  4. I didn't have very good luck, 0 Blusang eggs! 2 Seawyrm eggs, 2 RisenSong, 2 Setsong, 3 Tidals, 4 Scripts and an even dozen Lindwyrms.
  5. I was a good and kind person and got... a plain Mint.
  6. I really like this girl! Thanks artists and all and TJ.
  7. Oh man do I need help now! I've erased most of my Sig - my Ark thing, my upsie ownsie mint thing with the jester hat, the crystal color timer thing - Aaarrghh!! I was just trying to get my Scroll box back and apparently hit some wrongness.
  8. Are we only allowed three Sinos? ETA: and what's going on ith my Scroll thing? It's been in hiding for a while. How do I get it back?
  9. What great fun the Adventure was! Thanks so much! Wonderful to grab more old "'weens"!
  10. Will we be able to get CB past Halloweens this year?
  11. Welp, there goes all that theorizing!
  12. I have been keeping an eye on the Biomes with the Bedotteds for the past half an hour - seems they have kinda sorta dried up - at least for me. I AM locked at the mo' but just wanted to see how many were still dropping. Anyone else notice this? The ones I DID manage to snag today will be fogged for, like, forever til they can hatch PURPLE!! I do wish Corteo would weigh in at the end just before the thread gets closed with the real info on these and take pity on those of us who aren't into this kind of puzzle-solving. OK, this last 5 min, I saw one in the Coast..
  13. Are any of the new ones still dropping? I went to snag some more and haven't seen a whisker.
  14. Are you automatically entered into the Raffle just by breeding and Abandoning?
  15. I nabbed this little 3gen even perfect checker and love it! Thanks for breeding it, HeDy! And I LOVE the code of that egg! https://dragcave.net/lineage/mHopc
  16. Dashed in to see if perchance there was a drop, there was, I went to the Alpine (the only Biome with anything in it at the mo'), snatched a bunch of Windy eggs. Came here to find out the eggs supposedly dropping were 'Glassy" ones and "oily" ones. What the hell???? I'm locked with Windies and can find no mention of them. Huhhhh😦?? ETA: Ok, just saw all the stuff at the top of the page - sorry
  17. My husband's Red Tailed Wyverns don't show their Breed on their description page - why?
  18. I've managed to get 3 of the 4 breeds and in five hours will have two from the Volcano to swap for two Coastal ones. NICE looking eggs and babies! And just LOOK at all the birthday goodies we get!! Kinda sad about my old Reds though - Happy Bday DC!
  19. Lookie what I got - three tries, one disintegration, one Revival (smartalec), and THISS https://dragcave.net/lineage/A5Bs
  20. Ha had,. that's kinda cute. Virtue is its own reward.
  21. Gee a whole two minute drop?! Are the fives at least happening?
  22. I've forgotten how long a fail-bite egg lasts on your Scroll and ties up an egg space. Help me out?
  23. Have a Vampire dragon BITE any CB egg. ETA: I'd be happy to Bite one for you but I'm locked.