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Happy to breed on request! Check my profile for lineages, or ask for anything off my scroll.jennigma.png

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    I'm happy to take requests to breed anything on my scroll that hasn't been reserved, and can broker a deal with my son for what's on his scroll: http://www.dragcave.net/user/zag .

    I want all my eggs to be loved, so will only make nice looking pedigrees.

    Here are my lineages; feel free to request:

    I've completed a "Pink Hart" 5G lineage with Heartseekers as the foundation sires: http://dragcave.net/lineage/QYsu6

    I've completed a "Magic Frill" 4G lineage with Magi's and Frills: http://dragcave.net/lineage/En63L

    I've completed a 5GE M Fall x F Red checker.
    1. Wolf's Bane

    I've completed a 5GE Red from Yulebuck foundation.

    I've completed a 5GE Winter X Moonstone checker, with M winters on the top and F winters on the bottom.

    I love tinsel and gold "fails" that are purple, sunsong, magi, or anything else that looks like purple or gold. I hope to weave them into my pedigrees in visually pleasing ways.

    Other IOU's:
    rikka_ashen6 gets her pick of two eggs bred from my scroll or my son's.
    PillowDragon wants a GW X Silver off my scroll; waiting for her to be ready.
    Grandmother_cathie gets one M Gold x F white 2G egg.

    Owed to me:
    Snowytoshi owes me one bred pink egg.

    Thanks to everyone who has been kind as I've been getting back into the Cave. I started keeping a list but took it down because it's just too long now to maintain! I never thought pixel dragons could be so much fun.