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Moonlifefire is Currently: Not feeling well "The time that we have. if it is weekly manga then we have one week. If it is life, then it is until you die. You wonder how great you can make it durning that time. That's why we can't slack off. To make it greater whether it's life or manga, you do need the conceit of thinking that you can thing it off as well as luck. But what's most important is effort." ~Shujin from Bakuman

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    CB Gold
    2 CB Silver Eggs or Hatchlings(Not Tinsels).
    More Vampires.
    More CB Alt Nebulas.
    Chicken Eggs for my Baby Chick army. >.>;;
    More CB - 3gen PB Vines for Lineage Project.
    Mate Ideas for my Shadow Walkers(Mosly want a Silver for my Male).

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