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  1. Saw the sprites in one of the posts at this thread. And now i am willing to do anything to get a 2nd-3rd gen one. I want one so badly!
  2. a CB gold. how i got it i don't know, but oh well. I bursted with happiness when i got it!
  3. I'll grab X, and the first thing i will do after getting Fennekin will go rushing to check if i find an Eevee. WANNA GET THE NEW EVOLUTION.
  4. Yay! At least i will have a chance to participate in a raffle this year! Like always, HOLLY, HERE I GO!
  5. gugu3

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *swipes all of Anniepimm's silvers* All mine.
  6. gugu3


    Need more achievements ASAP. just so i can get more explorations available.
  7. gugu3


    Yowie. Guardians' task 4 is HARD
  8. gugu3

    Swipe A Dragon!

    *Takes that cute Alt black hatchling away*
  9. Unconfirmed if April's Fool or no. XP STILL. Suspense D:
  10. I put my email there to see if it wasn't a April's Fool joke. Will keep checking. xp
  11. I want that V-Create Rayquaza event comes to USA, I can get it from Brazil right here AND MEW2 TOO! X.X Omg, i want a Female DW Torchic (if possible) with HA Speed Boost. I WANNA TORCHICS WITH SPEED BOOST D:
  12. i got Hevil for a thunder, VOM7I for a CB Harvest (Looks like vomit O_o) and Sn1xx for a Fog.
  13. 14,712 Yay, got my fav number!
  14. They are dropping ONLY at Alpine. No more place.
  15. I am really wanting to know their names, but as long no one became adult... We gotta wait :s
  16. They are permanent, no limits. But a pain to get 1. x.x
  17. Golds like to troll me: 3 golds. Clicked 1 thrice. Result: No gold for me. D;
  18. Relieved i got at least 1 blue in 100- clicks.
  19. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW..... HOW CUTE!!!!! Loved them <3
  20. Yeah, i agree with the limit of 2 of each egg at least today. -It would reduce lag -It would give a chance to the other persons to get these -It would also increase the chance of who didnt get a single of these eggs catch at least 1.
  21. Now i know what made the alpine biome stay with 146 ppl...