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  1. I don't even bother *really* trying to get the V-day eggs out of the abandoned pile. Actually, I don't bother to try for ANY egg out of the abandoned pile for just that reason.
  2. I feel like I got one of the first ones! First one I clicked I got. I can't wait to see them hatch! Happy Halloween everyone! Stay safe AND DONT FORGET TO BE AWESOME!
  3. Find the dining room. Search the dining room. (Upstairs from the ballroom) @Rockin' On So you're missing the chicken and what? You have the dog thing in the parchment? The the chicken has been hinted at above on the page, check my previous post (Highlight~)
  4. Does anyone know what time zone the staffers are talking about with the times for Halloween? I want to make sure I can get some of these halloween eggs! Also, if they don't drop in every biome, that would suck, because all of us would be going after three (or is it six for the holiday drops? Why do i think I read somewhere that TJ added an extra line for holiday drops?) different eggs in ONE biome.
  5. What those that are missing two items might be missing is the chicken and the parchment guardian. To get the parchment guardian, go into the living room and investigate the flash, using the dead rat from the basement, lure it away and there you go. In order to get the chicken, go all the way down into the basement, then go all the way back out to the path, and continue on the main path.
  6. Just go up the spiral staircase, its scary, but you can do it!
  7. The green thing is that suspicious flash in the Living Room. Remember that thing on the parchment?
  8. Do you have *everything* else? if so, go back to the garden and follow the noise
  9. No guide as of yet, that I know of. I'm sure someone has one in the works, though.
  10. One of the special people, I believe... Sif? I cannot recall, said that eventually the badge will be clickable to show you what you've collected.
  11. What *I* did was: Once I finished the main quest, I went all the way back down to the basement, then all the way back out, then continued down the main path. I'm not sure if this is the only way to do it, but its how I got it done.
  12. So, like I thought, once I found the candle, I got everything else. Also! Since people seemed to be asking for it, I saved the final scene, so if anyone wants it, shoot me a PM! To those searching for the dragon head: Have a sword? Wasn't there some rustling in the garden?
  13. Tried that, first time it didn't say anything like that. When the cave goes back up, I'll check again. However, in the meantime. I'm passing out. My head is killing me from thinking about this so much... (and, maybe, it being three in the morning.)
  14. Thanks for the tip, when it goes back up, I'll check. Go get some sleep. Most people who are "on call" are medical professionals, aye?, so get some good rest.
  15. Last I checked, there was nothing there. I went there several times and all I saw was go upstairs, go downstairs, look over the banister, go through the archway and I believe there was a go outside option? If not, then it was only the four.
  16. Have you found the library yet? If so~ Highlight: Go up the spiral stairs, and go up to the bookcase, examine the bookend to be brought to the laboratory. Don't be afraid of the valves, and don't forget to examine everything!
  17. I can't help but wonder why no one's helped me, while people are crying over the little green guy sittin' on the parchment. I'm looking for the candle, and the black key, along with a whole mess of other items that I'm sure I'll find once I get a hold of those two.
  18. Hm. So I was proven wrong. Seems that someone had to get annoyed to get the proof to be posted. I did see before that someone was asking about the chicken, and asking for proof. And I am still looking for a candle. I've been through the house several times, I can't seem to find the first key either. Can someone PM me and help me out?
  19. I don't believe there's a chicken. And I can't figure out where to go from where I am. I can't explore the floor above the balcony, even though it says I picked up a candle from the balcony, I can't find any of these... ghosts or owls people are talking about. And especially not that rainbow chicken. How does one get that little creature guarding the parchment to bugger off? I have a bloody sword, why can't I just poke the thing away?
  20. Grah! Been going around in circles looking for some sort of light so I can investigate the upper floor. Of course, I only have 28 items. And I seem to be missing a key... is there two?
  21. Looking for the stable light so I can investigate that upper floor. Can I get some help?
  22. Are we allowed to ask for help? I'm kinda stuck, and I have no idea where to go...
  23. Siril the Loyal {Dark myst pygmy} and Adara the Blunt {Hellfire Wyvern}. Both of whom are going to become stars in a fanfiction I hope to actually get off my butt and write... Cheetos has writers block. He dislikes writers block >>
  24. So. How does it work exactly? Clearly the nursery is just that section being refreshed with new eggs and the views are calculated, but what about the ER? I love this. I'm not on any forums that allow the eggs, so this is really helpful for me to get the views necessary to enjoy Dragcave. Thanks for your hard work!