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    Holiday mates
    -2nd gen green copper from alt sweetling
    -2nd gen gold from Aegis
    -2nd gen pillow from Aegis
    -2nd gen bright breasted wyvern from ribbon dancer
    -2nd gen red copper from ribbon dancer
    -2nd gen gold lunar herald (f) from caligene (m)
    -2nd gen magelight (m) from pumpkin (f)
    -2nd gen daydream from pink sweetling

    -3rd gen moonstone from ribbon dancer
    -3rd gen silver from ribbon dancer
    -3rd gen gold lunar herald from ribbon dancer
    -3rd gen tan ridgewing from rosebud
    -3rd gen silver from arsani
    -3rd gen gold from heartseeker
    -3rd gen silver from grave
    -3rd gen moonstone from rosebud
    -3rd gen spring from rosebud

    -2nd gen purebred yellow undine
    -2nd gen purebred alt black
    -3rd gen tinsels and shimmers from pairings I happen to like and lineages whose names I happen to like

    *I prefer nicely named parents/lineages.