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  1. I love digimon! When I was younger I watched the show. Then I got World Dusk and man that was a good game. I'm sure I heard a lot of people saying the digimon game for the Xbox 360 is really bad, though.
  2. But that's the same as last time.did you do ANY doing while I was getting my muse?
  3. I think we all got it! D: EDIt: guys I can only go on the Internet on weekends now. I can check in on things on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday, but don't flood my with pages. I mean you have a right to. But I'm going to be regularly asking for recaps nowadays.
  4. I didn't change icons? It is one big forest. I think.
  6. Sure. While I'm regaining my muse anyone can play my duds.
  7. Okay. I'll borrow it in like a week. I think after Busch Gardens I'll be like, "IM DYING FROM MUSE GIVE ME THE COMPUTER"
  8. D: but I want motivation! I WANTT ITT!! Hey does anyone have any muse I can borrow? :3
  10. No it's not! Well, I'm gonna get a break from writing anyway when I go to Busch Gardens in a week..
  11. Butbut I'll feel so bad if I just stay inactive D,:
  12. I sort of feel like leaving cause I lost my muse D: I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!
  13. Lilacshine Lilacshine spotted Dawnstar and quickly got up. "Anyday now, I think." She mewed, starting to groom her pelt. "How are you, Dawnstar." The marbled lilac(I think) asked her leader.
  14. Yeah I know I messed up. I was mixed with Palkia. I swear I had seen a pink Dialga.. But..
  15. Nitidus "Hey, Roseanna. Weren't we going to visit the cave.. Or something?" Gosh, she said she wanted to go and zones out. Eh, dissecting something would be more fun. he thought, but he would do what Roseanna said. "Come on, slow poke, flying race!" he said before flying off to the cave. He was flying rather slowly, to let her catch up before he zoomed to the cave. After all, it wouldn't be fair then. I wonder what happened. he thought. After all, if you leave, when you come back, there's always SOMETHING that has happened while you were gone.
  16. Herrero Why aren't you alive? I thought you were alive! How can you be so sure a snake won't get me? Okay, now was she sarcastic? Mint couldn't be dead! If you aren't alive then how can I trust you? What if you're like that demon spirit that was inside Roseanna, and you're going to get a snake to bite me? He asked, scared. If Mint was dead, then how could he trust her? Besides, he couldn't see her.
  17. Herrero Herrero frowned. But why can't I smell you? What do you mean, USED to? Also, I can't play. What if a snake gets me? Wasn't Mint still alive? He wouldn't know, since he didn't hear Favian announce her death. Miss Mint, aren't you alive? He asked her telepathically, confused. He had talked with Mint a few times, and she never played, but now she wanted to?