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  1. To be fair, I don't find it that strange that people would ask "what happens next", even though I thought TJ's post was pretty clear about what happens (I mean, it flat out says you collect them, and the basket fills up with eggs, which is what happens, so even if people did not understand the post at first, seems it would make sense after they watched what happens). But, given the history of the site, it makes sense that people would speculate if something else was going to happen (other than the fact that a brief reading of the thread would show that the question has already been aske
  2. Yes there is a present for us for sure, getting to keep these eggs and our basket
  3. Hmmm let's see, I was told this was a 2 day event unlike any other and when the eggs popped up I could "Click on them and they'll go in your "basket." Everyone can see your basket, and the more you collect, the more full your basket is." Seems to me this event is delivering exactly as advertised so far. Thank you TJ and all the spriters for fun and something a little different. Also if it has not been decided yet I hope we get to keep the baskets and eggs too- or eat some candy out of the eggs
  4. why don't you just use your own scroll?
  5. Hm I am assuming I can post then edit to get the information because I am not sure where else to look other than by posting... *edit to add* success! Member No.: 12,849 Joined: 4-September 08 (yeah yeah I know I could have looked up an old post of mine, but I was being lazy)
  6. My friend (who played virtually from launch and used to be the leading lock on our server) just launched a message board for WoW refugees http://www.withoutwarcraft.com/portal.php personally I still play on occasion, though I can go for weeks without, but of my 3 70s, only 1 is at 80 so far (and two of those 70s got to 70 just days before WotLK came out). Though a place for people to convene when the stop playing sounds interesting, quite a few good people I have met on there and it's nice to keep in touch.
  7. Why is the plan evil? (or did I just miss the explanation in the thread somewhere?)