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  1. Amusingly, I got stuck yesterday but swapping from FF to Opera fixed it, and today I also got stuck on going east, but swapped FROM Opera to FF. In the end it worked out just fine, so I'm glad. I took the nice option (not stealing flowers) and was SUPER happy to see that my tree perked up and is looking healthy again now, not droopy after my naughty boo-boo yesterday. Also, I have ham, but I can't feed the dragon either. I'm gonna keep trying though! <3
  2. Bummed out. I accidentally took the naughty option (holding down space to speed up text was a mistake!) and before I let the dialogue close I hit the reset...but it still seems to have locked that in. Romeo isn't reappearing, etc. Now my tree is all droopy. Sad.
  3. Does anyone know what happens if you don't water your tree every day?
  4. Probably not seen me because I haven't been on the forums in years, heheheh. Apparently before this month my last post was December 2012! I'm just recently getting vaguely more interested again.
  5. Eyyy I think I caused this thread! Or helped cause it, heh! How Long: Depends! I joined in '07, but I only really took notice after the '10 massive drop. A LONG time! How many seen: A LOT. I was here for the '10 drop, and honestly I've only seen like one or two since. But I also wasn't actively looking a lot. How many tries: I couldn't tell you. During the '10 drop I was at university, and I remember working SO hard to try to just get one leetle tree...sadly the internet was CRAP and all my efforts were in vain. Until just recently, haha!
  6. I just, after like what, five? Six years? Finally, FINALLY got a leetle tree. I'm trying very hard now not to cry at work.
  7. Day: 2 Location: Volcano (for some reason the lava wasn't displaying at work? Weird.) My dragon: Mint (CB) Visiting dragon: Grave Attempts: 13-13-10-3-7- A grave dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems mildly interested, but doesn't stay long. It seems she left to find a dragon with more shinies. 13-13-14-3-7- A grave dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems interested, but doesn't stay long. It seems she liked the collection of shinies, but left to find a dragon with more meat. I've tried assorted other combos, and so far found that... As low as 0-1-6-0-0 causes the Grave to appear and be 'interested' but wants more meat. At 0-6-6-0-0 the Grave becomes 'mildly interested' but want more shinies. The back and forth 'more shinies! more meat!' continues all the way to 0-20-20-0-0, with no perfect outcome. She seems not to give a flip about how many sweets/misc/magic items around there are, and I plan to fiddle with WHICH meat and shiny items I put on offer to see if that makes any matter. Maybe I just need to wait and hit like 0-38-40-0-0 or something...we'll see!
  8. I got my first Holly this year. I made an IOU trade for it long ago, in early spring, and nearly forgot! It was like a surprise gift, almost! Her (I hope!) lineage is long, but I really don't care. A Holly's a Holly's a Holly.
  9. Well, hopefully the Rosebuds pick it up a bit. My one did give me three eggs, so a multi-egg clutch is possible, at least. *fingers crossed*
  10. So far mine have all bred decently. I messed up on one pair (Rosebud, of course) and picked a 'refuse to go near' partner. Bleh! All in all though, this year's turn was: 3 Rosebud eggs 5 Sweetling eggs 4 Valentine (09) eggs So not bad. Not as good as my Christmas turn over, but eh! Eggs is eggs.
  11. So I spaced out and totally missed this release. I'm usually reeeally good at nabbing a CB pair (at least) on the first drop day, but with this one I just found out they existed like...three days ago. So I have two lovely CB Royal blues, and zero GWs of any kind. I intend to keep trying though, of course!
  12. For Christmas, my dragons gave me: Yulebuck, both paired with Terrae dragons: Clutch of 2 Clutch of 1 Snowangel: Clutch of 4 (With Frill father) Clutch of 1 (With White father) Ribbon Dancer, both paired with Frill dragons: Clutch of 3 Clutch of 2
  13. Whew, had perfect luck. Grabbed six and got a perfect 3-3 split. Thanks TJ! MOAR DRAGONZ.
  14. I left DC for a while and missed the hollies. I swore I never would do that again. Then later I DID leave again, and missed the main leetle tree drop. >_< And I'm sure various and sundry breeding/catching/abandoning mishaps.
  15. 11 to go here! I'm loving this, but all anxious to be done too so I won't miss any.
  16. If anyone still needs a catcher, feel free to PM me your info. I just got done with my first list of folks, so I'm ready and rarin' to go grab more!
  17. Yes Jord, you'd be able to get three new eggs. You only lock up when you have 4+ of either eggs or hatchies. Still happy to help people. PM me if you need a catcher.
  18. I managed to grab three of my four for myself, so I guess if folks still need help I could give it a try. PM me?
  19. God luck everyone! You can do it!
  20. I just wanna give a quick shoutout of thanks to lithiumpocketwatch. You're my hero today, and you made the holiday enjoyable for me. Thank you again for your help and kindness. <3
  21. I'm going to look into having someone catch for me too. It's a shame, but my on campus wifi just can't compete, heh. Of course I intend to keep trying for myself until I can find someone...
  22. ABeckett

    10 on 10-10-10

    Honestly all I can think when I see the ember dragons is Deathwing from Cataclysm. Hurry up December 7th!!
  23. I joined the forums December 2nd, 2007. My my member number is 1279. I've been here (quietly) a looooooooooong time.