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  1. Hey all, I'm back and I'm so, SO glad that Thanksgiving is behind us now (happy Thanksgiving btw, to everyone who celebrates it). I work in a place that prepares holiday meals for people, so you can guess how crazy it got this past month. Anyway, I've got some finished commissions to show for my absence. Here's RainbowTheAlbinoServal's costumed Marrow hatchling. VixenDra's cuddly gryphon characters! And a couple of spooky Grave dragons for DarknessDragon197! Commissions are re-open!
  2. Cori


    Moira is so much fun to play as. I see a nerf looming on the horizon because Blizzard can't let support players have nice things.
  3. Update for my three commissioners! Your sketches are not quite finished yet, and I apologize for not getting them out within the week I told you. I'm finally getting a break from work soon, so I'll get the sketches out to you as soon as possible.
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    The new support hero, Moira, isn't even out yet and I already love her. Also, there's a new animated short: 'Honor and Glory', featuring a young Reinhardt. It's great.
  5. Where is your light source on that armor picture? The structure of the armor seems fine but you don't seem to be shading with any light source in mind, and that will flatten your drawing.
  6. Happy Halloween, folks! Boy, am I glad that I decided to take October off--a lot of crazy stuff went down, and I couldn't even finish Inktober. But it's a new month now, and that means that commissions will be re-opening! Get your requests in while they're available!
  7. This stuff looks AWESOME. I am very much a fan of your art (and the subject matter ).
  8. Happy tuesday, all! I figured now was as good a time as ever to share my Inktober work so far. I'm following along with the 'official' prompt list this year, so I'll be posting the prompt word along with each drawing. Day 1: 'Swift' Day 4 and 5: 'Underwater' and 'Long' Day 6 and 7: 'Sword' and 'Shy' and Day 9: 'Screech' I'm not posting certain days because I don't think they are quite appropriate for this website. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good month so far!
  9. Hello all! Happy October. I've got all three of my commissions finished--actually, they were done sooner, but I didn't put them up in the thread yet. So here we are! A green firegem for Deja! A dakotaraptor for RainbowtheAlbinoServal And a Carina headshot for 888888 Commissions will NOT be re-opening this month, because I am going to be devoting all of my draw-time to Inktober! I will post some inktober-related art in this thread from time to time. I intend to get all 31 drawings done, so we'll see how that turns out. Cheers!
  10. All three commissions are accepted, and that means commissions are closed again! I'll be contacting my commissioners regarding their requests shortly.
  11. *wakes up with a snort* NUH!! Wow, has it really been almost a month since I last posted in here? That wasn't intentional at all, but I guess a lot of things happened over the past few weeks. At any rate, all three of my commissions are now finished and it's time to show them off in the thread! First up, I've got a sad, sad cat-critter for RainbowTheAlbinoServal: Next, a pair of snuggling dragon-critters for VixenDra: And finally, a Soulstone dragon for Ghost: With that, commissions will be re-opened! I hope this update was worth the wait
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    I am extremely Not Good at Lucioball.
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    I find myself picking D.Va and Lucio most of the time because most folks in quick play only want to be DPS. Even when you pick your character first and ask for a healer, no one seems to care. I don't mind too much since I'm good with both (I am also looking forward to D.Va's reworked mechanics, though I'm sad that they're nerfing defense matrix), but I also have a lot of fun playing as Reaper and Mei. And Sombra...and Pharah...I also like playing Mercy but I'm not as good with her as I am with Lucio. It seems to me like people who only have one or two mains aren't really playing the game right, because you're meant to be switching characters to counter the opposing team. Has anyone watched the latest shorts, Junkertown: The Plan and Rise and Shine? They're both great. I want Mei's pajamas as a skin.
  14. Ghost is on the commission list! PM me when you get a chance and we can discuss the payment further. And with that, my commission slots are all filled up! I've got a full work week ahead so things might go a little bit slower than they were before, but I'll be keeping my commissioners updated on the status of their art.
  15. VixenDra is on the commission list now; I'll send a sketch your way within the next couple of days. Feel free to PM me to discuss the payment
  16. Yeah, that'll work just fine. I'm egglocked at the moment but I should have the free space tomorrow if you wanted to send them over.
  17. Added you to the commission list! I'll send a sketch your way within the next day or so.
  18. I'm tired of messing with this so I'll just put it here for everyone: You can find the full-size version on my tumblr!
  19. My deviantart page has been abandoned for a long time, so I don't think you'd find anything on it other than some Naruto fanart and maybe some stuff from my high school art classes.
  20. I think your coloring is my favorite aspect of your artwork, especially the atmospheric yellow lighting in your first drawing. Your hands and hair are also quite nice. If you're accepting critique, I want to point out that the torsos on your humans don't make much sense (mainly between the first picture and your KoiBoy). The KoiBoy's pecs are really small, and those abs are really large and wide. For the semi-realistic piece, the breasts look lopsided and one looks smaller than the other in a way that is not suggesting 'perspective' to me, which is what I think you were going for. I'm also not sure what the piece of clothing covering her breast is supposed to be--if it's meant to be shiny and stiff like armor, or if it's supposed to be the same kind of cloth as the bottom part of her shirt. It looks kind of like a brassiere but it doesn't seem supported from either the top or the bottom and the shading of each breast doesn't match. re: the colors on your dragon piece, I think the orange and blue variant is much more visually interesting. The red and brown version looks almost monochrome in comparison.
  21. It's from a game called Tales of Symphonia, it's a JRPG from like...2003? I've played through it quite a bit. That picture is pretty accurate as far as each character goes, lol.
  22. You like drawing skulls a lot, huh? I like the aesthetic of skulls too. There are a lot of details on a skull that you can miss if you try to draw one from memory, so I'd recommend looking at pictures of skulls on google or something. Bird skulls are especially interesting.
  23. Thanks! Always happy to hear when people like my artwork. Also hello I am back from my camping trip. I drew some things in my sketchbook which I will now share with everyone: Some things spotted while at the campsite: jumping fish, lots of dragonflies, a single cloud peeking over the hill, and...a horse. Just wandering loose in the camp. He always loitered near one specific tree, which my friends and I decided he was in love with. An attempt at a design for henna. This one was my second attempt. I didn't like the first one much. My friend challenged me to come up with a new OC for her on the spot, whom she named Theremis. I do not know what a Theremis is, other than this one that just started existing. Now that I'm back and recovering from my very relaxing vacation, I can start taking requests and commissions again. Looking forward to hearing from people!
  24. Heya, folks! I've got a couple finished things to show off today: I've got a wolf sippin' on an iced coffee for Kyath the Dream Worker! And I've got a magical, grinning Script dragon for TCA! I'm going camping for the weekend so I won't be available to accept commissions, but I will see you all on Monday!
  25. Yeah, you can go ahead and PM me the link if you want to!