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  1. Quiet happy cry in the corner cause Ion was so dang cute and wow this may just be a cute lil dragon valentines game but thanks y’all involved for the clearly nonbinary option... and making them super cute and sweet to boot... I almost forgot about the new eggs today, can’t wait to see what these lovelies are! Please be some sort of bouquet dragon...
  2. Gorgeous egg! Can't believe I've been doing this ten christmases solid now, the DC Eve Release is a well and truly cemented tradition at this point for me xD I'm just gonna go bed now, I'm sure the snow bugs will be crushed by morning xD
  3. Aggressively forget every single egg description so I'm essentially starting back at square one with identifying these things |D I just want my Zyumorphs man...
  4. Sits down Takes a very, very long drink of water power ranger dragons I'm screaming... I hope they have some kinda summon-esque BSA these are beautiful... please let there be a megazord dragon... (Sadly I don't have like. Any yet... |D Always miss the drops..)
  5. Raises glass of apple juice /happy birthday DC and dear lord those are beautiful new vamps ;;u;;/
  6. Ahaha.... oh man Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Deep Sea dragon Age: Adult Kill date: 11/15(16 EST)/17 Kill time (ET): 12:50am Revive date: 4/15(16)/17 Revive time (ET): 12:51am Zombies visible: yes Result: zombie Dragon link: https://dragcave.net/lineage/4zCOu Easter zombie serpent....
  7. I forgot all about the changes to Zombies... figured I oughta give it a go |D Reporting Zombification Attempt Breed/type: Hellfire Wyvern Age: Adult Kill date: April 1st, 2017 Kill time (ET): 03:07am Revive date: April 1st, 2017 Revive time (ET): 03:07am Zombies visible: Yes Result: Zombie Dragon link: She had a really fitting name too! Surprising for a 'eh what the heck' try, but I'm not complaining!
  8. I'm by no means a code hunter, but I picked up possibly one of the most fitting codes for a Witchlight dragon... MewOS This lil' dragon meows that's it I don't make the rules. ... or it's a code wiz that makes an OS based on Mew...
  9. It's probably primarily based on this thing with a helping of traits from other sea cucumbers/slugs thrown in to get a nice mix Also Alola Raichu is a blessing ;u;
  10. I can't believe I've seen the rise, decline, extinction and revival of two whole breeds... aND NEW ZOMBIES THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Halloween's gonna be a bloody mess but gonna be worth it! Happy 10 years, and here's to 10 more /throws Decaraptors to celebrate
  11. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah these are gorgeous!!! <3 Gonna need so many, such a gorgeous concept and art too <3
  12. Aaah man... if these are some kind of prank, then they're one of my favorites, they seem like cute little starchildren dragons <3 (Also I'm screaming luck is playing one heck of a prank on me... I've picked up 7 mistake eggs and only one of the new ones, and in attempting to bite/repulse... I wound up with 6 Vampires in a row, 5 of which stayed this never happens |D Usually they all die or are repulsed)
  13. So ah Over the last couple... years, really, I've been really questioning my gender and all and over the summer I've officially come out as nonbinary-- closer to agender the more I roll with it (because hey over twenty years of trying to be a girl do leave an impact whether one likes it or not |D), but for now I just prefer going as nb \o/ Taken a major preference to they/them pronouns/neutral titles and the like, though I'm still fine with she/her for pronouns as well \o/
  14. Ahhh dangI feel awful ;n; I have trouble keeping the timing of the dialogue/etc and keep hitting space to advance dialogue and instead make a bad choice... PLS DRAGONS TAKE BUFFY BACK I DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A CHANCE TO READ ;n;
  15. Seem to be in a minority so far, but I am very pleased with the Silver update... soft fluff & they actually look metallic, about time there They always just looked like a really dull gray to me before... & the splits are gorgeous, very nice work
  16. Actually, her VA is Alexia Khadime, the Janelle rumors were simply rumors :c But hey, we've got an Elphaba!
  17. I still think that was an animation error myself Like... why would the bubble suddenly just transform the cluster like that, y'know? Ah well, we'll see (And I don't have any Gem breeding projects, but I do have a few of the SU songs on my scroll! There's Lapis Lazuli, Love Like You, and Giant Woman ^^)
  18. When it comes to gem theories, at this point I look more at actual design than meaning At least... I mean peridot is a stone of forgiveness, transformation and new beginnings and the like; jasper is a stone of protection, grounding and reason, sugilite is for stability... I do think it's worth noting sardonyx can come in a sort of white/green/black-brownish banded variety too. What if we've known her all this time? (Granted, the gem there itself doesn’t quite match, but then again lapis lazuli is generally veined with white and flecked *tho honestly I'm still hoping for Lapis to regenerate with freckles someday*, and jasper is banded more often than not; and their actual gems in the show are very much not like that And yeah I know the title card they gave us had orange/red, but honestly who’d put it past the crew to do a little misdirection~)
  19. :') we're gonna die a third time
  20. Lapis i'm comin' to save you ;n; Just ugh that episode /hurt/
  21. February 6 --for neat shared birthdays, I've got Rick Astley, Bob Marley, Ronald Regan (aaand for fictional characters, Mewtwo 8D). Interesting events: 1840 – Signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, establishing New Zealand as a British colony. 1952 – Elizabeth II becomes queen regnant of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms upon the death of her father, George VI. At the exact moment of succession, she was in a tree house at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya. And... uhh.... some blizzards and earthquakes and floods... |D
  22. !!!! Who's ready for another Stevenbomb?! Hiatus ends on June 15th, start stocking up on the tissues~
  23. Steven's really just not the combative type though, in my opinion? At least, not right now; I feel he'd want to focus more on learning how to summon his shield reliably, rather than go for swordfighting (especially when the sword is like half again his size And as said, the sheer trauma over what happened last time, I'll be impressed if we don't see him have some little freakout come Sworn to the Sword). Connie however, has shown a little more interest in this sort of thing... plus, with her getting the sword and if Steven gets better with the shield, this smells like a setup for an amazing Stevonnie appearance in battle~ and in sillier news who else has seen Happy Peridot/Head Peridot? I feel almost blessed to witness the birth of that meme
  24. First realized I wasn't straight? That... was probably when I was about 12-13ish? It kind of started... funnily enough with getting Final Fantasy X-2, which is a fun but fanservice-y game and... yeah And in general I was just kind of... ??? Finding people were just. Kinda hot and there wasn't anything incredibly consistent to it. I also kind of experimented with things in rp/character making, basically 'well okay maybe she likes this ONE GIRL but it doesn't go anywhere.....'; and I grew up with... 'it's okay to be that way but I really hope none of you bring home a girl'. ... for the record, I didn't actually come out to myself until I was about 18, and even now I'm still sitting here trying to figure out exactly what the heck I am |D (at this point, I just really prefer saying I'm queer because that's what sums everything up the best).