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  1. Username: elynne Number: #12,728 Join Date: 3-September 08 oh hey looks like I already filled it out, I'm a Master
  2. I bred my Red Army yesterday. I'll breed my magi and pinks, and my blacks and undines too in case people are alt-hunting. also, some lucky bug is going to grab a silver egg off the AP...
  3. yep, it's working for me again!
  4. connection timed out while I was afk, and now the page won't load at all.
  5. nope. sometimes I breed something and then change my mind on keeping it. sometimes I breed the wrong pair accidentally. I only mass breed my reds, which I'm pretty sure nobody minds. and these days there is no time when the AP is empty, ever. so... nope.
  6. I decided to start a line of Spirit Ward x Nhiostrife. now I need LOTS OF CB EGGS *flails*
  7. still TOO WARM. cooling down a bit, though, and hopefully will rain a bit later this week.
  8. for whatever it's worth, I know (personally by name as friends, not "have heard of on the Internet somewhere") many (a dozen I can think of offhand, probably at least a score more if I try) people who identify as transgender and otherkin. cause and effect are difficult to determine, but I suspect that the feeling of "not fitting in" can find a variety of outlets.
  9. I'd love a hybrid... but I wince every time I see the balloon/seasonal hybrid, because I personally can't stand balloons and don't have any on my scroll. and if the balloon/seasonal hybrid is released, balloons will become hard to find. I should probably just hitch up my drawers and grab some balloons while the grabbing is good.
  10. when I first joined the AP was usually empty. no really. so my first four eggs are all CB--black, storm, and vine, which turned out to be an alt. back then there was only the one biome too, so just getting an egg at all was something of an achievement... /shakes cane at kids these days and their overflowing AP
  11. *grumble* got egglocked with misclicks. now have to wait five hours to clear space to try again. GRUMP.
  12. do what I've been doing, Gryphonic--taking eggs off the AP to hatch and release. it's something to do, keeps your egg slots full with things you have no problems chucking if a new release comes out, and prevents the temptations to breed/hunt for things you actually want to keep. >__< I currently have *one* egg that I actually want to keep on my scroll, the rest of the spaces are full of AP orphans...
  13. hmm... no release yet? maybe there won't be one for July?
  14. it's raining it's raining IT'S RAINING YEEEE
  15. two grilled cheese sandwiches! NOM. and then a bowl of cereal for dessert.
  16. my Red Army is marching! to the AP! RED EGGS FOR EVERYONE (and a few pinks and undines)
  17. oh my gosh it's been so nice and cool the last couple of days! and it looks like that'll continue right up to this weekend, when we're hopefully going to get rain! yesssssss
  18. I'm always amused by people "poking holes" in Otherkin beliefs who wouldn't do the same thing to every other religion/spirituality/belief system in existence. there's two kinds of things in the world: "objective reality," which is the universe of things that broadly speaking we can hit with a stick; and "subjective reality," which includes made-up, abstract concepts like love, justice, beauty, truth, spirituality, gender, money, ownership, etc etc; and "quantum reality," which is a whole other thing that is probably more real than everything else put together which would be great if anybody other than quantum physicists understood it. given this, why is it any more (or less) absurd for a person to believe they are spiritually nonhuman than to believe that they're going to a "better place" (or that they will continue on as a conscious being) after they die, or that there is an omniscient being that has been running the entire infinitely large universe for billions of years and yet actually cares whether you eat hot dogs on Friday? I find the easiest way of explaining my Otherkin-ness is by saying that everybody makes up stories to describe how they came to be and who they are; mine just happen to be "more imaginative" than usual. most of the time, I just don't bring it up at all, unless I know that I'm talking to someone who is likely to be at least receptive to discussing the idea, because the endless knee-jerk "lol ur crazy" reactions get tedious after a while, and because there's only so many ways you can hide bodies before the authorities start to notice I mean wait what.
  19. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: elynne http://dragcave.net/user/elynne Forum Name: elynne Dragons releasing/released: Bright-Breasted Wyvern Bright-Breasted Wyvern Bright-Breasted Wyvern Canopy Canopy Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner Dorsal Dorsal Dorsal Dorsal Dorsal Gold-horned Tangar Gold-horned Tangar Guardian Harvest Mint Mint Mint Mint Neotropical Neotropical Neotropical Neotropical Nocturne Ridgewing Ridgewing Ridgewing Ridgewing Ridgewing Spitfire Spitfire Storm Water Walker Whiptail White White
  20. a Wildclaw dragon. velociraptor shape, opposable thumbs, feathers, and ability to fly = WINSAUCE
  21. elynne

    Z Project

    found a 2nd gen Ridgewing with the code zp1Fa on the AH. free for taking! claimed!
  22. yeah... back in the Bad Old Days, if somebody wanted to give you an egg/hatchling, you'd set up the URL to "grab" it with the code for what you were after and arrange a countdown with the person doing the giving, and when the time for the drop came you hit F5 repeatedly like a bunny with an itchy foot for a minute. if you were lucky and quick, you'd more or less automatically "grab" the egg before anybody on the AP could see and click on it. if you weren't... somebody lurking on the AP got a lucky find. sometimes you could come to the forums and say "hey I missed this egg, if you have it could you please send it to me?" or "hey I found this egg that I'm pretty sure was intended as a trade, did somebody miss it?" but that was pretty rare and relied on goodwill all around. so yeah... it was *risky*. imagine somebody willing to gift you a CB gold egg, getting set up with the URL, clicking it until your finger sprains, then checking your scroll and seeing IT ISN'T THERE, and when you look up the code it's on somebody else's scroll and they won't reply to messages. spiteful viewbombing was pretty rampant... so yeah, I HEART Teleport. best thing implemented on DC since the AP stopped blocking cave drops. (and let me tell you about *those* Bad Old Days...)
  23. I am releasing these to create destruction! Scroll Name and Link: elynne http://dragcave.net/user/elynne Forum Name: elynne Dragons releasing/released: Albino Albino Bright-Breasted Wyvern Coastal Waverunner Coastal Waverunner Dorsal Dorsal Gold-Horned Tangar Gold-Horned Tangar Gold-Horned Tangar Guardian Horse Mint Neotropical Neotropical Ridgewing Stone Storm White