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  1. hah, in trying to frantically grab one of the new pygmies I instead grabbed a Kyanite pygmy by accident. and now I'm egglocked, and I don't want to abandon any of the eggs I already had... just gotta wait for them to HATCH ALREADY o_______o eta: the colorful one kind of looks like it's wearing a fruit basket.
  2. heeee, aw Wilda. now to try again--I'm curious to see all the different possibilities!
  3. maybe that's the end of what's available today? or maybe Mordred is just... dangerous to talk to. o______o
  4. sheesh, talked to Mordred and everything goes black. I guess he ate me. RIP
  5. I've been away for a couple of years--have there been new releases monthly-ish for a while? and if so, approximately when in the month do they get released, or is it too random to tell?
  6. yay! time to go add my dragons!
  7. hm. yeah, I tried adding my eggs, and so far all I've got is a blank green loading page--no, wait, there we go: " Failed to connect to Dragon Cave. Either DC is too laggy, or it is down. Please try again later."
  8. rather belated, but I caught a lovely Dark Lumina with an unusual arrowhead lineage a little while ago and wanted to thank @Sannois for it! (I hope I figured out how to do the name link correctly, heh...)
  9. okay... I don't know if this counts as a "solution" but if I click to battle a specific person, instead it immediately gives me a random opponent. I don't know what's going on... but I guess this works? sort of?
  10. sometimes it takes a *really* long time for "Random Battle" to load; most of the time, I just get the spinning compass and nothing happens. is it just me, or is this happening to others?
  11. I'd just about decided that it's not a glitch for me because I'm level 50 and maybe that's max level? but there's no roof for the gingerbread house, so I don't know if it just wasn't made, or if I haven't gotten to the level to get it, or ????
  12. ah-HAH!! thank you, that worked for me!
  13. I now have the ability to build lots of items in Snow Wars, but there are items I can't access to build because the scrolling only goes directly from top to bottom with no way to stop in between. which means I can access the first eight items, and the last eight, but if there's any in between that they zoom past and I can't click on them. currently (at level 38) that means I'm only missing two rock options in the Environment section, but I'm pretty sure that's going to make more things inaccessible the more I play. there's no slider bar that I can click and drag, and I can't just drag the menu down to show the items that are being scrolled past.
  14. ooooh, thanks! okay, I feel better about it now.
  15. I've got like nine cannons, used them all hitting both walls and other cannons, did not destroy a single one--just did 1 hp of damage to each thing, then couldn't hit them again. GRUMPH. at least I seem to be getting xp from other people attacking my fort.
  16. can anybody else hit damaged objects? if an object has already been damaged and I target it with my snow cannon, nothing happens; the object takes no damage and my cannon doesn't grey out like it's been used. this means that I have to do a *lot* of random battles looking for objects that haven't already been damaged--and also means I have no way of destroying objects, because my cannons seem to ever only do 1 point of damage.
  17. how many ingredients are there? it seems that the ingredients are biome-specific, but I'm getting piles of the icicle things from Alpine and nothing to mix it with. if the dinosaurs looked like they do now the rest of the year, I'd be collecting them SO HARD.
  18. I grabbed a couple of mints from the wall'o'mints yesterday to incuhatch, but when I went to look at the lineage for this one I SCREAMED AND CLAPPED. I just finished reading "The Annihilation Score" last week, so I immediately got the reference! thanks so much, 42! I didn't influence the egg, so I'm not sure if I'm going to end up with a Bob Howard or Mo O'Brien, but either way it's going to be the founder of a whole line of Laundry dragons!
  19. ugh... looks like I'll have to wait a while before getting *anything* out of the biomes. oh well, back to the AP for me... (and I've already bred two silver lunar herald eggs so I ain't really complaining )
  20. I've still got my fingers crossed for a new hybrid of some sort. there's so much room for pretty hybrids...
  21. it's taken DOZENS of CB Nebulas for me to learn the difference between the Nebula description and the Silver description. :| good thing I like Nebulas...
  22. thank you, Dragon_Arbock! I already have a name picked out--Shiny' Swoobat--and now I want to play Pokemon again!
  23. Djwty, a.k.a. Thoth. otherwise, the offspring of Dionysus and Hypnos. I have crazy-vivid-amazing dreams, and Dionysus has... a very interesting portfolio with a lot of other stuff going on, including gender-bending.
  24. I need to decide what I'm having for lunch. teriyaki chicken or grilled bacon & cheese sandwich are my primary choices. but, when I put it like that... yeah, I'm having the grilled bacon & cheese. it's like a BLT except without the LT and with C... so it's a BC?
  25. I've been getting a weird thing lately--one of my eggs will get sick, just one. I fog it for an hour, it's fine. not rares--had it happen to a seasonal, a Howler, and a Hooktalon. I've been using the same sites I've always used. I doubt it's deliberate, but I'm darned if I can figure out how it keeps happening. increased views on hatchery sites because of the ongoing Lunar Herald release, maybe?