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  1. ayyy got my 2 CB hollies~ Albeit, over 27 hours later since I completely forgot about Dragcave, lel.
  2. Ayyy this skin looks good~
  3. I definitely enjoyed the game. I felt like I was playing the Pokemon games and it was really fun. Some minor bugs and glitches but that still didn't bother me. What I don't understand was how people were still having trouble even playing the game and some people stuck on some puzzles. Sure, the character would get stuck in a corner and not move, in which I consider for that to be a bug, but usually a restart would fix it and worked like a charm after completing it. And the puzzles were remotely easy as well. Game worked fine for me on chrome, firefox and opera, in which I am happy for lmao.
  4. Same problem I had. Restart the game and re-talk to everyone. Should work.
  5. I spoke to everyone and nothing happened.... So I reloaded the game and had to do everything all over again (speaking to everyone) and Perl finally came. Got my shiny new badge.
  6. I just finished today's adventure, visiting the temple and all that. I go back to the game to look around and now Steve is asking me to visit the temple again, as if I never completed it. I don't have to do this again, do I? I mean, it was relatively easy so I didn't need help.... Just wondering why I have to go through this again, lol.
  7. Holy crap that adult looks legit. EDIT: Seriously doe, that adult.... Looks really awesome. Props on the artist!
  8. Is anyone experiencing a bug on Day 8? Every time I push the snowball up in the 2nd 'row', I move up into the corner to push it right and the character gets stuck there, infinitely moving into the wall and I can't move. I've had to restart 3-4 times now because of it.
  9. AMAGAD those adults are precious.
  10. Wow, these are hella pretty. Props to the artists~
  11. I was 12 hours late in grabbing the eggs so they'll be hatched in some hours... THEN I CAN GO BACK AND GET MORE HARVEST DRAGONS.
  12. I have 24 items... That's all of them, yeah? EDIT: Yep, seems I got them all in one try. Sweet~
  13. Tried to summon and wasn't successful. I have such bad luck.
  14. Caught 4 coldfire eggs, 3 frostfire eggs. Now to wait~
  15. A bad wow in what happened. Not saying any more about that, however. But I do thank TJ for handling the situation promptly.
  16. The colors on the Glaucus are just GORGEOUS!
  17. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Jemindra I'll start hitting other folk.