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  1. My tinsel just grew up! Literaly as soon as it hit below 4 days I refreshed and there she was fully grown. Athena Thuwed c:
  2. Interesting idea youve got there :V who knows it might actually turn out being pretty good. I probably will use a charachter with two different spells in each had or a sword in one had spell in the other. I havent really considered what type of armor yet.
  3. El3m3nt? Well let me think......... At the time I was thinking of Element skateboards then I though about a backwards e so I put a three in place of each e and thats how I came up with El3m3nt :V Also cause I was actually thinking of the different elements at the time cause I was gonna make my forum name something that had to do with wind or lightning.
  4. When the zombyapocalypse happens(cuase we all know it will) My friends and I plan to find a tree and stay in that tree. And then just snipe till we run out of ammo ad have to go get more :V
  5. Glad to see that people are as excited as I am. I cant wait for Skyrim and Get Pwned that would be hilarious! *Just having a casual conversation with someone* *boom dragon destroys whole village XP* I cant wait to see what other types of shouts theres gonna be :V
  6. I have an Hp downstaris which Im using right now. And a mac upstaris but we need to get a new one :V
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    I didnt manage to get in so Im just gonna have to wait till its open to the public. I dont know what house im gonna be in either Gryffindor or Slytherin hopefully but idk I have charachteristics that would make me a good fit for either house :V
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    Video Game Music.

    Passion/Sancturay By Utada Hikaru! used in most if not all KH games
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    recently read a hilarious manga! Clean Freak Fully Equiped it was pure gold! i loved it so much! Its one of my new favorites.
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    I read the first one. It wasnt bad but Its just not the book for me. It lacked the action that I thought was possible with the type of book. I feel that it could be tweaked a bit more to attract more male readers like myself. No im not gay.......:V
  11. Rick Riordan, he is truly a fabulous writer.
  12. Emma Watson, and Cassadee Pope!
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    Portal 2

    I saw it quite a while ago. Not on this thread considering this is my first post :V It was quite entertaining I just wish there was a bit more to it.
  14. I absolutely love this idea it looks like it will be extremely useful in the future for users of DC.
  15. My Tinsel still hasnt gotten sick is at 5 days has 3759 views 904 uv 65 clicks. It should be growing up around sunday night/monday mourning c: EDIT: My tinsel gendered female :V
  16. Thats terrible! Why would someone do that? SO far my tinsel seems to be progressing fine it hasnt been sick and its getting just enough views but not to many.
  17. My Tinsel is at 5 days 23 hours. Im hoping that it will gender soon in the next day or so.
  18. That 70's show and South Park.
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    Cool! i was beggining to think no one on DC liked dubstep glad to see a few others do to!
  20. My hellfire wyvern just grew up c: making it my first!
  21. Ive got 5 articles of clothing that are KH. A shirt with the KH2 game case picture on it. A shirt with the KH2 instruction book cover One with sora mickey goofy and a heartless on it with the name in the middle. A shirt that has the eyes of sora the face of mickey the face of goofey and the face donald on it. Then theres my heartlace necklace :V
  22. My silver tinsel hatched while I was doing my first days worth of homework! I had it fogged all day along with my other eggs and hatchlings to prevent them from getting sick while i'm not here to supervise.