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  1. So many things to be stared at in awe! Thanks for all the new dragons, the memories over the years, and for all the hopes and dreams of what is to come!
  2. I like the new holiday dragon....of course I missed it's release, so I'll get my hands on eggs next year.
  3. Darn, I was so busy that I missed the drop. Maybe next year I'll get some good hatchies from this years brood.
  4. I just summoned my very first GoN! It took forever, but I've done it. Congrats to all others as well.
  5. I managed to get 5/6 eggs that I wanted out of the drop, so that's a start. I just have to wait to get a free egg slot again so I can at some point snag that 6th egg that I wanted to get. But three eggs, wow!
  6. My neat fire 'n ice lineage finally paid off: Yay!
  7. Y tu Brute - I figured it was appropriate for a Brute dragon. MoreCowbell - Great Name & Lineage for a family of Fever Wyverns.
  8. I'm about 100% positive...because I'm a Star Wars Nerd, that the egg planet is Alderaan. But it is awesome nonetheless.
  9. I absolutely love the Glaucus Drake Hoarder banner. All your banners are really quite good.
  10. Hmmmm.....to pick between an 'bright' Pink and a Frill??? I love both dragons about the same, so it's actually really hard to choose which I'd bring back. I suppose if I had to bring one of the two back, it'd be Pinks, because they make for some really cool breeding partners with other dragons.
  11. I've always loved the midnight release....because I am awake at that time, but 1pm I'm usually asleep. Oh well, I'm sure I'll still get my hands on the new eggies.
  12. Thank you TJ & spriters for the new eggs, they're beautiful.
  13. Just had a few hatchlings grow up, earning me my gold trophy! Also, I've started doing my own breeding for a change, so far it's gone better than I expected.
  14. This sweetling! Absolutely my best valentines catch.
  15. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Can't wait to see what these eggs hatch into, and to see what my garden grows.
  16. Lovely days are fast approaching. This deserves a huge SQUEEEEEEEEE! I can't wait.
  17. I name all of my dragons anyways, so why not take the oath, just to further cement me naming my dragons. I, Bloodless Soul, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  18. Congrats to the newly selected winners!
  19. Congrats to the winners! Not I though.