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  1. Oooh, the Night Sky eggs are really pretty oAo
  2. Yeah, i'm parked in the forest and jungle. 😛 Edit: Got 'em!
  3. Managed to get two Chill but still gotta find the pgymys. 😮
  4. Okay, those adults are just absolutely beautiful
  5. Oooh, they look so pretty!
  6. Excatly! I've missed actually having to *hunt* for the eggs!
  7. Ah man, i'm liking the look of this ones! The yellow/blue ones are really pretty 😄
  8. There's so many pink eggs! Eesh @_@
  9. >sees June release in the topic >automatically goes looking in cave Whoops.
  10. If they did, that's... quite the dedication.
  11. I thought someone was mass-releasing hatchlings on purpose...
  12. That was too easy, considering I picked my eggs up on my phone o.o
  13. I am so crap at Minesweeper it's not even funny ._.
  14. Aaaaand I have all the eggs I need already. I love the way the diamond egg looks. Also managed to grab an Aeon egg. Go me!
  15. It's taken me SEVEN years but... I have a full box of Shiny Crobats
  16. ...the hell is that? ohwouldyoulookatthat. Zubat eggs!
  17. It's been a while since I visited this thread. Hatched a shiny Noibat the other day. I'm looking for Shiny Zubat #24 but the shelter has no Zubat eggs... at all.
  18. Ohmygod. The adults are so beautiful! ;w;
  19. Well, I managed to catch the three I wanted. time to raid the abandoned page
  20. Which makes you wonder which vampire bit all those eggs in the first place.
  21. ...I had to go look up Paper dragons. I hadn't realised they were genderess now. (I have three with genders from like... 2008.)
  22. If they vanish tomorrow there's going to be so, so many angry people.
  23. Eeee, what pretty eggs. Can't wait to see what they'll look like.
  24. Completed today and hey, I wasn't sliding around like I was on an ice rink
  25. I managed to get through the day, but I was sliding all over the place... I slid right into poor Janus