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  1. Ketu felt the weight of his rider rest against this scales. At first he thought nothing of it because he didn't know Gwin was really passing out. That was untill he felt the warm blood running down his scales and the feeling of his energy draining from him with each second passing by. "Gwin...?" Ketu looked over his shoulder and gasped, "Gwin!!" Gwin's face was paler and he noticed that the blood was growing thicker because his scales were probably rubbing against his wound. Ketu looked back ahead of him worriedly, what was he going to do now? Slowly he made his way down back to the earth, trying his best not to drop Gwin when landing. When he did land he craned his neck and picked Gwin up by his shirt and placed him on the ground. "Gwin! Gwin, wake up!" He touched his nose close to him, passing him energy.
  2. (*shakes head*) "He could use magic, Gwin..." He sighed to himself. When Gwin almost fell off he grew tense, ready to catch him if he happened to fall. When he noticed that it was only a crow he relaxed a little, trying also to get the image of killing the dragon out of his head as well as the scream. He glanced down at where Norman and the dragon had been left and hummed deeply in his chest, "If I feel so bad about that, what will I feel like when we join the Varden and have to face the same thing again...?"
  3. Ketu shook his head to himself and walked forward towards the area he had dived down on the dragon and spread his wings. Norman said something to him under his breath and Ketu took off, the trees shaking under the effort of his wings. It didn't take more than a minute before he was gliding along beside the clouds, he took in a deep breath. It was a while before he spoke, "I'm sorry that happened, Gwin. It was the only thing I could think of. They could have found us a lot quicker through the air..." He looked back at him slight before back ahead of him, dodging small clumps of clouds before they hit his face.
  4. Ketu looked at Gwin, "It's the only way I know of him being less of a threat..." Norman crawled over to his dragon and held the tip of her head in his hands, eyes watering with pain. Ketu looked down as Norman glared at him, "She asked for it, young rider. It was better for her to go, than you..." He reached over and touched the tip of his nose to the rider then to the dragon, "I am sorry." Norman swallowed and the bottom of his chin quivered as he rested beside his dragon, "Just go. I will not follow..." Ketu hesitated and nodded, moving to be beside Gwin, lowering his neck so he could get on but avoiding his gaze.
  5. Ketu thought for a while and looked at Norman, locking eyes with him, "I do not know the reason for you swearing in the Ancient Language, but I do have a feeling you know what happens when you cross paths like ours." Norman paused and nodded, eyes closing, "I do." The dragon under Ketu thrashed a bit, snarling out threats, "If you touch him!! I'll- Ketu touched her thoughts with hers and the two argued though nothing but snarls and growls. After a while Ketu pulled back, "We should end this, Gwin. I do not wish to abandon the rider without his dragon. I'll have to do it his way though," With a loud snarl the female dragon fought while Ketu bit down more on her neck. "No!!" Norman thrashed under Gwin for a moment, till the dragon was gone and he stopped, staring at her with watering eyes. Ketu dropped her motionless neck and stepped off, head low to the ground.
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  7. The rider panted also and glared back at Gwin, "My name is not your concern." Ketu growled and gripped harder on the dragon's neck, the rider flinched at her distressed growl and the blade against his neck. "Norman, my name is Norman. I've been hunting riders bound to the Varden." His pressed his head closer to the ground to avoid the blade, "I was sworn into it." Ketu looked at the rider tense, then at the dragon. He was not sure what to do, "If we let them go, there is a good chance they'll come to kill us again. You can't break your promise once you're sworn in." He also regretted having to watch another rider die, but if it came to that, it came to that.
  8. The rider spun around just before Gwin could get his leg but wasn't able to block the next to blows. With a gasp he lost his balance and fell to the ground, his sword landing not but a few feet from him. With a loud yell he reached out with his hand at a tree and yelled something. A long branch lashed out at Gwin but before it could get to him a huge blur stopped it in his tracks. The boy let out a shout in pain, curling his back. The earth below them jolted as Ketu slammed the other dragon into the ground not far from them, his teeth lodged in her throat but not killing her. His sides were sliced a little and his legs shaking but other than that he looked fine. The other dragon was in no better condition. ()
  9. The boy gasped as Gwin's blade cut his chest, things seemed to go as slow motion as he backed up and glared at the rider. "Istalrí," he whispered, running his hand over the sword he had; it blazed red in a blue fire. Smiling he stepped forward and attacked again, this time aiming lower towards Gwin's stomach. "Do you know magic, young rider?"
  10. The boy smiled at Gwin while holding out the long blade. He slowly circled Gwin for a moment, staring at him as if he was studying his every breath. "Here me now boy, one will be dead before the sun sets." Before even Ketu would be able to flinch, the boy lashed out at Gwin, sword blazing. Ketu was getting lashed at also, with a loud snarl he flew into the air. "Time to end this," The other dragon's laughter filled the air as she followed him into the air, snapping at his tail and anything in reach. Soon they both disappeared in the sky, though their cries were both heard like echos in a cave.
  11. The boy smiled and walked sideways towards them, sword low to the ground. "I'm here to stop your quest young rider. You and your friend here."[/i] There was another loud growl from behind Ketu and the green dragon let out a loud roar, spreading his wings as a threat to whatever was behind him and to the boy in front of them. Now that he knew the boy's mission he was determined not to have him succeed. "Leave me and my rider be!" The boy looked at Ketu with a sly smile, "Oh, and you're going to stop me?" He looked at Gwin next, noticing him preparing to attack, "Ashi!" Before Ketu could blink a blood red blurr lashed out of the trees behind them, tackling him to the ground. Ketu gasped as he dodged lashing teeth of the opposing dragon and snarled soon lashing back violently. "Gwin!! He's a rider too!" He kicked the other dragon off and twisted just in time to block another attack, trying to keep the enemy from Gwin. The boy looked at Gwin and chuckled, "shall we begin?"
  12. Ketu remained tense but stopped snarling. For a moment no one talked, then a tall boy, not much older looking than Gwin, walked out; in his hand he had a long red sword and the handle was glimmering with a blue stone. Ketu raised his head, talking to himself, "I knew it!!" The boy spoke, "I couldn't help but notice your little fight at the town not a while back. When I saw your dragon I found a liking to follow you." He looked at Ketu then at Gwin, smiling a little in an ominous way. "While you rested I couldn't help but over hear you were searching for the Varden?" Ketu's eyes were darting around a little, seeming really tense about something, "Gwin, I have a really bad feeling about this rider. That sword he carries is..." He grew silent for a moment when hearing another low growl from behind them, that was clearly not human at all.
  13. Ketu slowly got to his feet, standing over Gwin just slightly as he was still lying down. "I hear something..." He knew it was something big though. "Can we just get out of here?" He backed up a little, turning his body to the side. "Don't move." Ketu became more tense at the sound of the male voice. He let out a low growl and faced it, his head low and teeth curled back in a protective snarl. "I'd call your dragon off it I were you," the voice said again. Ketu growled louder, seeming to know something and looked as though he was talking to the voice but not outloud. (^^ Just a momentary character fight.)
  14. Ketu laid one wing over Gwin's back but didn't touch him, just to keep him warm. He lifted his head and looked up at the stars as they danced in the sky, the fire beside them started to die so Ketu moved closer to Gwin so the flame in his belly would keep him from waking. "This might be the only time we get to rest for a while," he thought to himself. Sighing he rested his head next to Gwin and drifted off into a sleep. ~~ Ketu's eyes slowly opened at the sound of moving leaves. A flood of light came first, then shapes, then soon colors. Lifting his head, he looked around for the strange noise that had woken him. For a moment there was noise, then nothing. "That's strange," he croaked quietly, shifting himself. He felt Gwin beside him still so he tried not to wake his rider. Again the noise came, Ketu tensed a little so that he was still and his eyes snapped in the direction, "Who is there?" He expanded his mind to whatever was there. Nothing answered. Ketu let out a small hum when the noise once again stopped, it was indeed not something he'd come across before. It was much stronger. Ketu slowly shifted again. "Gwin... Gwin, wake up."
  15. Ketu shook his head slightly, "Your life will always be in danger, Gwin... As will mine and all of the Varden's." He knew that was not something anyone wanted to hear but it was the truth. "As long as there are others out there that want nothing but power and death, we will have to fight for our lives." He smiled a bit, "They wont be able to do so without a fight though. I'm going to laugh too when those soldiers come running up, expecting nothing more than a small fight. They'll get something completely different."
  16. Ketu looked back out across the lake before getting to his feet and walking over to Gwin. There he, again, lain down and blew a small flame on the firewood so that Gwin would have it ready. "I've been thinking about it as well. I'm use that the Varden could help us out a lot, not to mention we'd be around elves and other riders, dragons..." He folded his wings closer to his side and rested his head on the ground, "I think it's a good idea that we go. I just hope you know that we'll be training a lot. I've heard a lot about the dragons and riders at the Varden as well as the men fighting, they're very strong. They have a incredible connection with the world around them."
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  18. Ketu had swam back to shore and let Gwin off his back. "I'll be waiting," he said back to him while shaking himself clean of most of the water. He hated the fact that his pack was not going to be found again but at least they were both safer than they had been. Not to mention, Gwin didn't have a horse anymore so that was both a good and bad thing. Good as in Ketu would now be the main transportation, but bad because he was very, very noticeable to the eyes. When Gwin got back, Ketu was resting beside the water with his front feet crossed in a mature manner. His eyes were gazing over the water at the sun that was starting to set. "What are your plans, Gwin?" He didn't look over at him, "I've felt strong desires of you going to the Varden lately... Are you planning on joining them?" He now looked over at him, wonder in his expression.
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  20. Ketu looked over at him again, eyes widening when seeing the wounds. He growled a bit and sighed, looking back ahead of them while swimming, "When your energy is back to normal I'll teach to you a spell to get that healed. The way you use your energy will be up to you though. Some spells can seriously hurt you and even kill you if you're not ready for them." His voice was serious as if half expecting Gwin to make the mistake of using too much energy. "There are also spells that can make us stronger, as a pair. No one will mess with you again like that without a fight." His voice brightened up when he mentioned that his rider would be getting stronger. Ketu looked at the surface of the water, eyes narrowed as if thinking of trying something new. ('Tis is a long drive. ^^" Be safe DH)
  21. Ketu looked over his shoulder at him, "Man made arrows don't harm tough dragon scales." Smiling he added, "Only my wings and eyes. Which they would only get to see for a second before my teeth." He calmly glided over the clouds a few more moments before starting on his way back down to the earth, flying a lot calmer than he would normally. He flapped his wings a few times, a river was directly below him so the water was going everywhere as he landed in it. "I hate water but this is more comfortable... I'll be sore if I don't swim." He let his wings rest in the water as well as his head, though only Gwin's feet touched the water.
  22. Ketu nodded, "Gladly!" He quickly spread his wings and took off into the air, trying to dodge the arrows from hitting his wings. "Are you okay?" Worry was clear in his thoughts as he started to apply energy to him enough to where he could breath straight. There was shouting and cursing below and Ketu flew higher until they were in the clouds. Finally he straightened out and made it so Gwin could sit up or relax. He couldn't help up look over at his rider, red eyes swarming with concern and pain.
  23. Ketu took a step forward to catch Gwin on his side. Then with a snarl he lashed out with his jaws, grabbing the first man's torso and shaking him violently till the body was lifeless. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the second one start to run, Ketu lifted his leg and slammed it down on the man before he could go anywhere, crushing his body in a single motion. Ketu looked around quickly to make sure no one else was around before dropping the first body and covering Gwin's body with one wing, "Get on, Gwin." He turned his head to look over his back, archers were heading straight at them. Ketu turned around and roared again, this time a thick line of fire escaping his jaws and making the men stop on a dime and yell. Some ran, some continued to shoot. Ketu lowered his body enough that Gwin could slide on, while trying to shield them both from the deadly arrows.
  24. The picture came into Ketu's mind as well as a image of the attackers. Ketu's massive wings folded almost instantly as he angled him body towards the ground. Just then he saw them, in the ally, two men and his rider who was being beaten to a pulp. Ketu's insides bursted with rage an a loud growl exscaped his lips, soon it turned into a roar. He opened his folded wings and, like a parachute they stopped him from slamming right into the ground. He soon landed right at the entrance of the ally and moved his head right through it, his red eyes full of the fire that was swarming in his belly. He looked straight at then men before letting out another loud roar, this breath was steaming and smelt of smoke. When his roar was over he gapped his mouth showing rows of white, dagger-like teeth. He heard people behind him screaming and men yelling to get their guns but he didn't care. Not with Gwin on the ground. Speaking of Gwin, Ketu reached around with his neck and put his massive head between his rider an the men. He would attack right now but he was waiting for Gwin to get up and tell him. "Give the word and these men will me nothing but a memory." His lip curled again in a snarl.