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I Have all breeds eccept Neglected and zombies. I have adults and hatchies. Feel free to peep in my scroll if you need to see dragons for your encyclopedia! 
https://dragcave.net/user/Ilune Willowlef
I'm searching for 3rd gen "PB" or checkers from alt event spriters (complete list in my profile). I can breed some or breed uncommon and rare dragons, If you can breed them and want to trade, contact me please! (before breeding)

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    I'm searching for this dragons - or the 2nd gen from alts!

    2nd gen (i'd love skywing) from blue val'09 <-- THIS IS MY DREAM DRAGON
    3rd gen from common and blue mistletoe
    3rd gen from common and black heartstealing
    3rd gen from peaced and enraged alt red aegis (or 3rd gen from peaced common and peaced alt red aegis, plus 3rd gen from common enraged and alt red enraged aegis)
    3rd gen from common and black alt mutamore (I would prefer diamondwings)
    3rd gen from black witchlight (I would prefer spirit wards)
    3rd gen from common and gold Snow + 3rd gen from common and green Snow
    OR 3rd gen from gold AND green Snow
    3rd gen from common and alt blue wintertide
    3rd gen from common and green erador OR 3rd gen from green and blue erador
    3rd gen from alt exalted pitfires

    for the 3rd gens from common and alt ancestors, I'd love checkers or same-breed parents; I can breed an adeguate mate from common and deliver as hatchie!
    I can offer 2nd gen from silver shimmers, some 3rd gen saltkin, other uncommons and breeded rares.