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SEARCHING 2-3-4th gen checker val'09 from skywing, PM before breed!a9tzcj.jpg 4r9cw0.jpg oath8.pngsnowwhite.png2qx8hf7.jpgARK2-1.giflist for my dragon offspring!

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    my wishlists!

    OPEN for the moment
    1 -
    2 -

    THE IOU LIST OF The Magic of Pure Love OFFSPRINGS
    (2nd gen magi from alt arsani) http://dragcave.net/lineage/8Hikw
    OPEN (only 3 slot)
    breed of 03/01 - egg!
    next breed 14/06
    1 - miaou
    2 -
    3 -

    the "realistic wishlist"
    CB/2nd gen spitfires hatchies (if you want make me happy, gift me CB spit hatchies, better if low time!)

    the difficult list:
    2nd gen avatars from valentines, Xmas, halloween dragons (eccept '09 val)
    2-3 EG PB golds and silvers

    the "really difficult" wishlist
    CB or nice 2nd gen metals, expecially gold from Xmas and valentines

    3rd gen white with alt and common wintermagi grandparents
    3rd gen white with alt and common hearseeker grandparents
    3rg gen white from alt cavelurkers
    4th gen white with alt and common hearseeker and wintermagi grandparents
    4th gen white with 3 type of rosebud (2 alt 1 common) + valentine in CB (2 different pair to breed!)
    4th gen white with 4 type of snowangel (3 common + 1 alt) in CB
    4th gen white from all 4 colour of sweetling (list CLOSE, at the moment)
    5th white x all christmas (holly, yule, alt and common ribbon, 4 SA)
    5th gen White with all 4 snowangel and 4 sweetling in CB
    5th gen white with 4 sweetlings (the 2 alt, common and black), 3 rosebud (2 alt 1 common) and valentine in CB
    6th gen with all Xmas 08-09-10 and valentine 09-10-11 in CB 5th EG PB gray
    5th EG PB guardian
    5th EG PB daydream
    3-4-5-6 EG PB striped
    3-4-5-6-7 EG PB red
    You can see the complete lineages and the waiting list in my breed request page (see the signature)
    1) If you leave the egg arrive to 2-3 days to death with 0/0/0 stats or similar, you'll go in my black list and will not have other eggs!
    2) I breed for free, but you MUSN'T trade, gift, neglet, kill, bite or abbandon the egg.
    3) You can see the list and the day when I'll breed for you, so please, control the PM in the forum the day i'll breed for you and the next day. If you don't claim your egg in 24 hours, i'll give to the next in the list, and you'll go on the bottom on the list.
    4) Please, give a name to the dragons i gift to you.