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  1. Yeah. That. I really don't think this suggestion would make much sense, or do much in the first place. Alts like Blacks/Vines/Undines can't be included because they are intended to be rare and already have some sort of mechanic due to that rarity.... Same goes with Ridgewings and Dorsals. Gemshards and Nebs I'm unsure about, not sure if they have different rarities for different colors. But yunno, in general, 'alts' are mostly *supposed* to be more rare than the other type. And, in my mind, they are also *supposed* to be a surprise, where you don't immediately know what type you will get.
  2. I've been struggling a bit lately and it's frustrating. When I took that medical leave from work, it was because of super-high anxiety that kind of made life horrible. New meds, plus increasing some meds, plus therapy, and the anxiety is nearly non-existent now. .... So of course now it's the depression instead of the anxiety. I haven't had a full-out depressive episode in approx two years, but I know the warning signs after dealing with it most of my life. It's frustrating and upsetting to even think about. (And I have started and stopped this post multiple times now, feeling like it's not worth sharing or something...)
  3. I was getting ready for bed just now and decided to refresh the AP a couple times before shutting down my computer... Wow, good thing I did, I got 3 Aqualises in the span of like 4 minutes!
  4. That's a fairly negative option. We could also just disable breeding for anyone who breeds over a certain number in a certain amount of time. Or send mass-bred eggs straight to the wilderness instead of to the AP. There are plenty of super-negative things that could be done to 'fix' the AP, but I would hope that most people would rather compromise and attempt to think of suggestions that wouldn't hurt users as much. (just in case someone mis-reads my tone, I am *not* actually suggesting those negative options!)
  5. Do nothing - Full support, my favorite idea, etc. Limit by species - Think this would do more harm than good, actually. Limit by breeder - I could kinda-sorta support this, but details need to be ironed out. Limit by last dropped player - Uh, not sure how this would help? Lower time of eggs abandoned repeatedly - This one I can kind of get behind, though there would have to be some limit (plenty of people don't like un-influencable-timed eggs)... Right now the AP is sitting at 3d 5h, so there really isn't much time to be lowered without getting lower then BSA-timed. The void - Nope nope nope.
  6. Today was pretty good, took my mom out to eat this morning and we both had a lot of fun. And a lot of food, lol. Rest of the day was nice and relaxing (ie, lazy).
  7. Just grabbed *five* Aqualises from the AP, all in roughly 10 minutes! That was fun!
  8. I've been seeing this intermittently on mobile, most of the time the menus seem to work fine for me but every so often it's like they aren't recognizing my 'click' or whatever. I've seen it the most on view pages and lineage pages, the AP and biomes don't seem to have this problem (for me at least). (On Android 6.0, if that matters.)
  9. I have no proof, but I believe TJ may have made some sort of change to how quickly views can accumulate. I hatch my ER-timed eggs with three hatcheries open and refreshing, one of them refreshing every 30 seconds if I'm in a hurry, and I've definitely noticed that they don't seem to get as many views as fast as they used to.
  10. Almost exclusively collecting Aqualises right now, the first non-Aqualis I clicked in days was a red Dorsal and the only reason I even clicked it was because the same one kept appearing in the AP... Turns out it's a super-messy 36th-gen! Awesome!
  11. Wow, that's beautiful! There are a couple alts in there I don't think I've ever seen, wow. Impressive.
  12. I'd like a reminder please! (Maybe this time I'll actually bother to do it? Oops?)
  13. Surprisingly this little eggie sat in the AP for multiple minutes before I picked it up... Anyone want to adopt a 2g Gold? gone, enjoy!
  14. I very much support that idea. It isn't biased and does not put random limits on any breeders, it's changing the AP itself instead of punishing players. (Pretty much what I've been suggesting all along....)
  15. Yup, I remember a few months ago I checked DC on my phone in the middle of the night (while I should've been sleeping...), I hadn't even realized the raffle winners for that month had been drawn, just a few hours before, and was confused as heck to see that notice that I'd already qualified for the new raffle (due to hatchlings becoming adults in the middle of the night). As soon as the old raffle is over the new requirements are up and ready to be conquered!
  16. Congrats to all the winners! Nothing for me again, not that I expected different. *munches a no-win cookie* Selfishly, I'm loving having the Coast requirement again. I'll be able to enter the raffle as soon as a few hatchlings grow up! *pets Aqualises*
  17. The raffle just reset, that's why. You raised the Coast dragons for the July raffle, but then that raffle was over and apparently the new raffle has the same requirements. I just checked mine and it shows the same, 0 raised even though I'd already entered July's raffle. At the bottom it says 'Sorry, you were not selected as one of the winners in the July 2019 raffle. Don’t forget to enter this month’s raffle!', so yeah, it's now August's raffle.
  18. Spent almost two full hours refreshing the AP (while waiting forever at DES) and didn't see a single Aqualis. It's weird how they work, seems like either 5+ Aqualises show up within a few minutes, or nothing at all for long stretches. (*crosses fingers that complaining here will turn my luck around!*) edit: Wow, that worked fast! Just grabbed an Aqualis from the AP. Thank you bad luck thread!
  19. @Arwen17 I believe they 'reset' after a full month, so for example if you view them today it would count again on August 29th... That said, I'm still unlocking zombie sprites and I normally wait at least a day or two longer just in case.
  20. Very well said! I too spend much of the day in the AP (I have no life...), and I'll totally admit to getting annoyed by walls sometimes because hey, what else to do with my day besides constantly refresh the AP? But my personal frustration with the AP does not in any way mean the AP needs to be changed. I mean, I'm also frustrated when all I find are 2nd-gens, but plenty of other people love 2nd-gens. For every single 'I don't like this' reason, there *will* be others who do like it.
  21. 3 and a half lines of the AP are currently showing 1day 20 hr eggs. That's *most* of the AP showing ridiculously-low-timed eggs. This seems to be getting worse instead of better.
  22. 24 growing things, nothing growing up for 6 hours. How does this keep happening? I used to be better at staggering egg hatching so I wouldn't get locked like this.
  23. I just double-checked and it seems it's not showing me as logged in anonymously either? I was pretty sure I was, but just to make sure I logged out and then logged back in, making sure to check that box... 15 minutes later I checked my profile and it says 'Just now' for the 'last visited'. @TJ09 is there a way you can check to see if the forum is actually logging us as anonymous, or if the anonymous isn't sticking or something?
  24. I've only seen 2 Aqualises in the AP all day, and I somehow missed both of them! In my experience they normally don't get picked up super-fast in the AP, so it was surprising to see that 'already taken' message.
  25. *squee!* Omg that head is just adorable. I love when spriters show extra sprites/sketches/etc, I think the bigger stuff can add so much when it comes to how I see the regular sprite. Those eyes, for instance, while barely visible on the sprite, here they are vibrant and they really draw my eyes to them.