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  1. I *think* they mean the way we have 'ungrouped' in the main scroll filter, they want a filter to see all dragons that *are* in groups?
  2. Welcome! A lot of us are excited about the opening of the festival of eggs submissions.
  3. I saw two of those neglecteds in a hatchery the other day, I recognized your name, hehe. I love the new Aqualis so much that I've suspended my 'only messies' rule and am grabbing every one I see (well, in the AP at least) and I already have 10! That's halfway to my normal scroll-goal number, though I have a feeling I'll collect waaay more then 20 of these pretties.
  4. ER-timed AP finds: gone, enjoy! 3g Prizekin (Mageia Xeno) 3g Prize (bronze Shimmer)
  5. lol! 'La la la, just over here playing with my magic heart'
  6. That's been brought up many times, I'm not really a fan. Even if it only replaces the 'no egg' message, so there wouldn't have been a real egg anyways, people *are* going to get pissed at *finally* getting an egg and seeing that it's not fertile! I also don't think this should be a 'surprise' type of thing... If you want to freeze an egg, you should need to actually take specific action to do so. People who *don't* want frozen eggs randomly getting infertile eggs is really not going to help anything.
  7. Agreed. I'm not necessarily against a raised GoN limit, but honestly the whole 'GoNs are too limited' issue is very different from this topic. This topic is about being able to (somehow) keep egg sprites, in general, on our scrolls permanently. One breed out of hundreds should not interfere with that, and if anyone is really concerned about GoN limits in regards to this topic they should probably push for a limit-raise instead of pushing for a totally different suggestion to not happen simply because GoNs would be an exception. (Also, yeah, Sinos don't even *have* eggs or hatchlings, but that shouldn't stand in the way of egg-freezing either!)
  8. Oh my goodness please no. That would be horrible! Freezing would be soooo much harder and more complicated that way, waiting for timers to go down, interfering with scroll/egg limits, I really can't imagine anyone wanting *that* over the very simple limits we already have. As I've already pointed out multiple times in this thread, egg-freezing will no doubt have some sort of limit similar to hatchling-freezing, which is a maximum of 18 hatchlings frozen every 2 weeks with a Platinum trophy. Even if egg-freezing has a higher limit for some reason, there is really *no* situation where people could 'clear the AP' just by freezing. It's really just not possible, given how huge the AP backlog normally is and the relatively-small probable freezing limits. I agree with a 5-hour wait on eggs picked up from the cave, since we already *have* that 5-hour wait for them so it makes perfect sense to keep that. AP eggs don't need a cooldown when we'll already have some type of overall limit.
  9. The way I see it, if someone wants to freeze a GoN egg they can. Technically, they can. The limit on GoNs does mean that they'd have to prioritize between, say, having a frozen hatchling or a frozen egg, but it's not like it's *impossible* to freeze a GoN egg. I honestly don't see GoNs as a huge argument against egg-freezing being a simple freeze action... People have to prioritize and figure out exactly what they do and don't want with many different things in this game already, there is no reason they can't do that with GoN eggs as well. I also agree with this. Having *one* breed where egg-freezing might be an issue should not be a reason for not allowing egg-freezing for all other breeds.
  10. Well my Brutes weren't very cooperative but I sent 5 to the AP (along with a few other breeds).
  11. Agree completely with this. Egg-freezing really doesn't have to be such a huge deal. We already have freezing mechanics in place, I honestly don't see a reason to make egg-freezing so complicated and confusing when we *already have* perfectly good freezing capabilities in the game. Why can't we just use the same mechanics? Okay, so some people don't like the thought of a fetus being 'trapped' in a frozen egg forever.... They don't *have* to freeze their eggs. If anyone objects to egg-freezing on a moral ground, they can simply not use it. Same goes for killing adult dragons, smashing eggs, etc etc. Frankly it seems a little strange to try to use that argument when the game *already* allows you to outright kill your dragons. Human morals shouldn't enter into what a pixel dragon game does and doesn't allow. Just make it simple: A normal 'freeze' action on the eggs, the exact same way hatchlings have, with the exact same freeze limits as hatchlings have. That means that even a Platinum trophy player can only freeze 18 eggs every 2 weeks, that is not enough to make a huge difference in the AP, in ratios, in *anything*.
  12. Few random things... 3g Prizekin Random hatchling pack Blancblack (new release) hatchling
  13. Before this thread gets closed, THANK YOU to the spriters (and TJ of course!) for another awesome release!
  14. There are adults in the hatcheries!! My goodness, seeing the Aqualis in the hatcheries among all the other dragons really makes the bright bold colors stand out. Beautiful!
  15. The first Dino I've seen in days, of course I miss it. Wasn't even trying to catch it for myself, which only makes it worse because missing something for someone else feels even more disappointing.
  16. Woah, nice @blockEdragon! I'd never have the patience for that, lol. In the last week or so I have hit my scroll-goals with Aeons, Carmines, Coastal Waverunners, Fever Wyverns, Frostbites, and Seragammas! *dances* .... Although that means that nearly all commons are done, so going forward won't be quite so easy.
  17. CB hatchling packs: here and here gone, enjoy!
  18. I wouldn't mind a warning when you go to offer on a trade, it definitely seems like a lot of people simply don't realize the offer wouldn't be able to be accepted. I definitely don't want anything *blocking* an offer just because of that, there are plenty of situations where an offer that can't be accepted right away is still wanted, but a warning just to let people know would be nice.
  19. This. Is. So. Cool!!! I've actually had thoughts about that since I first started playing DC, if two-headed dragons ever have heads with differing genders. It seems like something that must happen at least every so often, with two separate heads/brains/etc. I *love* new releases that have interesting, new-to-DC descriptions.
  20. Woke up and went 'hmmm, wonder if TJ has adults yet?' and came to check.... WOAH. I'm honestly a little speechless, lol. I looove the Blancblacks, the contrast of the colors and the sleekness is beautiful.... But those Aqualis omg. Wow. Just... gorgeous. Yunno, I have a 'Shinies' group for the breeds I personally consider to be worthy of that title, which includes metals as well as Blusangs and a couple others, but there have been no new breeds in that group since it was made. The more I look at the Aqualis the more I think it really deserves a 'Shinies' title. It's simply gorgeous, and I really like that it's not 'shiny' in the same way that, say, Prizes are, it's very different but still shiny and sleek and omg. I really really really love it!
  21. Wow, that sounds awesome @hedy! Today has been fun in a 'this is unexpected and different' way... My peer support lady was going to take me and my dog to the park this afternoon, but it was *pouring* out. Like seriously, it hardly ever rains here to begin with but when it does it's mostly just sprinkles, so a huge downpour like today is very unusual. So of course we couldn't go to the park (I felt so bad, I'd been telling my dog all morning that we were going!), but she ended up taking me to Walmart for a few things, which was an adventure itself because people *really* don't know how to drive/act in the rain in this town.