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    So far, due to rabies among Twitards, I have received: . 20 books to the head, and the number is steadily rising . A near-sprained ankle . A backpack to the face . A cat to the face . Threats from a 12 year old girl who threw ninja stars at my brother due to also being a weeaboo who stole her parents' money to send them to her best friend's house so her best friend could give the stars to her . Gotten cussed out multiple times . Attempted stabbing of leg using pencil during Spanish class . My best friend dumping me . Way too many slaps, kicks, and so on . A destroyed pair of pants . Pushed face-first into a pile of mud . A very large portion of my toenail chipped off And it's not like I'm all "OMFG I HAET TWILITE IT R STOOPID U SHULD GO REED SUMTHIN GUD 4 1S LOL". I calmy state that it is not my favorite book series, and goddamn people go insane. I'm scared.
  2. Where do I find 'em? I've only got 1...
  3. Okay, guys, listen. STOP. POSTING. GROSS. PICTURES/VIDEOS. This is for SCARY things, not disgusting things. Mod Posted Rules All pictures, links, videos, etc. must comply with board rules. No excessive gore or violence or the such. If you wouldn't show it to your grandma or a teacher, best not to post it here. If you are post a picture or video link where the page has comments, take a quick look through them. If they are all inappropriate, find another way to post without the comments, like by finding the video elsewhere. Otherwise, please post the link broken. Ie, don't post: http://www.youtube.com/blahblahblah . Post: youtube.com/blahblahblah so that people can't just click and be brought to comments that may be potentially inappropriate. If it is just the comments that are inappropriate, please use youtuberepeat (just add "repeat" after "youtube" and before ".com" in the url). If someone asks you to link something, please go back and do so. It's just common courtesy. If a picture stretches the page, please link it. Don't be afraid to give warnings for your links. It's highly encouraged. You don't have to give away what it's about, but posting "gore", "bright lights", "gross" whatever is a common courtesy. You're here to thrill each other, not scar each other. Gross =/= scary, but it is more likely to be inappropriate. Hello, this is The Scared Thread! The scared thread is basicly just the place to post everything scary. Including: . Videos . Pictures . Stories If it's not scary, for the love of god, DON'T POST IT. Screamers count as scary. Though my poor, weak, weak pansy heart does not appreciate it. So yeah. Start. ALSO: DON'T post spiders, because unless you have arachnaphobia (sp), they aren't scary. Speaking of phobias, there are a ton of people are severely arachnaphobic, and that's just pretty mean. Gore and blood alone isn't allowed, and it's not really "scary". Just disturbing. I'd post a few pictures right now, but google images sucks and loads forever. >:U
  4. I'm going to describe my last dream last night in 10 words. Zim. Manatees. Lasers. Zombie Hamsters. Glitter. Demetri Martin. Glitter paint. Use your imagination with that one.
  5. UniCreatures is dooooown.
  6. "What do you mean poison hemlock is poisonous?! It;s totally not!! I'll show you!!"
  7. I have a bunny. <3 He's purebred. His name is Dutch. Cuz he's a Dutch bunny.
  8. I had a dream where I had a sexy party with a kid I barely know named Bobby and a DJ named Fart. o_o
  9. The Beatles. Only they can write trippy songs about living magicly under the sea while breathing and running around with octopi in its garden. Better known as 'Octopus' Garden'. They have a varied tastes. Rock 'n' roll, the blues, jazz, phsychadelic, children's songs... Oh, and Ringo Starr was the conductor in Thomas the Tank Train engine. (I always want to call it Thomas the Tank Engine...)
  10. I hate several cats. Most of all, Hollyleaf. She crushed Leafpool and commited suicide because her parents loved each other, even if it wasn't true love. She's also insane about the warrior code and is a murderous * simply because Ashfur was going to say exactly what she said a few days later. Basicly, Hollyleaf is a two-faced, whiny, bratty, insane, homicidal hypocrite. I also hate Leafpool. She's a , pure and simple. She mated with the first cat that did her a favor. You can't blame her for being sad that her children hate her and want her dead, but she pretty much shrugged it off and simply said "BRB not guna b a med cat anemor lol". She didn't care that her children, her clan, and every other clan was dissapointed and hated her, and Firestar was now ashamed and that this was all her fault. Leafpool is a traitorous, nasty, back-stabbing . Firestar annoys the hell out of me. He's a goody two-shoes. He has no weaknesses. At all. And he's the all-powerful messenger of Starclan and takes the duties and traits of every cat in the clan. I'm sick of him and I can't wait 'till the day he dies. He's a perfect, annoying, ultra-powerfull goody two-shoes.
  11. Real name: Purple female, no kids Real nick name: Red female, 3 kids Username: None Nick name: White male with 4 kids
  12. Yesterday night - I was at my grandpa's house, and it was colonial times. He was famous in our town for killing chickens. I was with my cousin, and it was her birthday even though it was winter and her birthday's in August. So we walk down the street and suddenly it's summer and in modern times except where my grandpa's house is, in which it is a colonial winter. So we go to this sweets store and there's candy everywhere! And we order and ice cream cake. When we come out, there's random little stands everywhere selling cakes and the people in them were screaming 'No! Don't go in there!! Come here instead!!!'. But we continue on and suddenly there's a desert with a barbed wire fence. Except... it's in a motivational poster. And about 20 hobo kids were crouched around it. A noose suddenly appeared and started swinging. So my cousin (M) and I go and stand up, watching the noose. A kid whispered angrily to us 'No! Crouch down!'. So we crouch down with the kids, watching for about 30 seconds when the motivasional poster (it read: 'NOOSE. Because suicide is epic.') exploded. We were all safe, though, because we were crouching and the blast didn't even touch us. So we go back to the sweets shop and there's about 3 kids crying. We go see our cake and it's terrible! Same with all the other cakes!! So I took a picture to post on Cake Wrecks, and then the dream stopped and I had another dream. (You have about 5-10 different dreams every night, you know!) Last night - I was with BFF and M, and we were at this indoor amusement park. But the only ride there was this tower with giant teacups spinning around at the speed of a rollercoaster and barely balancing on the side. So BFF, M and I go to a giant bench surrounded by tropical plants (but no flowers D:) and we hang out with a bunch of kids at our school. So my aunt L calls us to go on the teacups, and we agree and suddenly a giant walrus half of the size of the 300 meter tall tower. And only M and I go on the teacups. BFF dissapears, and the walrus and aunt L watch us from below as the ride starts spinning. So we're on it for a minute, and then we climb down on the swirly red stairs that appeared out of nowhere, and the walrus randomly appears on the top and follows M and I down the stairs. Then we leave the building, and I had yet another dream. I think M is in all my dreams now because she went back to California (across the state) last week and I miss her terribly. :<
  13. Okay, so, I was in my room when suddenly a beam of light shined down through the ceiling onto my floor. A big red button was in the center of that sparkling, glistening gleam of yellow light. Soooooo I pressed it. THE revolution 9 kept on playing over and over, and I started shaking. My eyes were bulging and red, and I began to rip out my hair while screaming 'FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU'. Then suddenly the button floated up and a straightjecket flew from under it. It was glowing blue and the blue glow was incredibly sparkly. Well, the straightjacket wrapped itself around me and squeezed me like a boa constrictor. My face turned red-violet and I started running around the room as I turned into a chicken. Then I turned into an ostritch (in a straightjacket) and swallowed the button, causing me to sing Revlution 9 for eternity. WTF? ._.
  14. Revolution 9 is making me feel high now. D: YAY I DON'T NEED DRUGS ANYMORE NOW I JUST NEED BEATLES FOR MY INSANES AHAHA.
  15. Are there any freaky songs that creep you out til you shat brix? I am listening to this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HQal-lJrSLI GOD HELP ME PLZ ;A; Share them plz.
  16. Oh mai. My pink dragon looks like a dead scary fish with squares on its back. ;~;
  17. Octopus' Garden. I'd like to be, under the sea, in an octopus' garden, With you.... ... and I don't know the rest of the god damn song. That's the part that keeps on replaying over and over and over...
  18. ._. Warriorcats.com is the official damn website owned by Erin-FREAKIN'-Hunter herself! Off-topic: Kinkajou... is that Princess Fernypoo the acara as your avatar? :0
  19. Oh, no. Humans are taking over the land. They're killing all of the animals. Then they started planting new and better plants. Then? They put in more animals. More food!!! Catty says that they're building a 'conservatory'. I don't know what that is, but it sounded good. Until they found us. After that, they wrecked our cave!!! They even got rid of the remaining rocks!!! And then they buolt a replica made out of concrete!!! What gives? Now they're putting sticky bad-smelling stuff through the land, with these big yellow monsters. At night, their eyes glow with cold hatred, and they have large black paws. Humans seem to climb into their bellies, and through their back ends, they secrete the foul black goop. There's another type of these beasts (in which I call Stenchbeasts, because they smell terrible and artificial) that have a large arm, bigger than its filthy black paws.... on its back. It uses it to dig up earth wherever the other type of Stenchbeast goes. Catty's saying that they're making this a nature ride. She says it's at theme parks --places humans go to have fun-- and they drive the Stenchbeasts on the Stenchpaths (what the stenchbeasts are making with the black sticky stuff. I call it Stenchwater). Except the uses really weird words, like "dump truck', 'cement mixer', 'car', and 'road'. Yesterday night, Silverstream, Cherrii, Cockel, Relish, Sooty Boots and I went out to see if the Stenchbeasts slept heavily. We sniffed it, and it didn't wake up. Then, out of nowhere, Cherrii began pounding on its snout!!! And it didn't wake up!! Then he invited Silverstream on top of it, and there they fell asleep. I flew up onto its snout. It had no scales or fur, was cold, and incredibly hard. But the full moon helped lull me to sleep. At around 7:00, though, after everyone had fallen asleep on the Stenchbeast, I was awoken by footsteps approaching from the forest. I knew the No-wings were coming, so I woke everyone up and we flew back to the cave. Maybe these changes aren't so bad after all.... - Utsukushii Ryu
  20. NOOOOOO. Everyone just lost the game, period.
  21. Parchment is what the dragons use. And feathers. And charcoal. And berries.