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  1. Mmmmmmnomnom. Meat. I absolutely LOVE steak. As rare as it can get without poisoning me. Shrimp is a close second. I absolutely LOVE shrimp, not giving that up. Bacon's somewhere up there, too, because it can and will clog up your arteries with pure awesome. And what type of person doesn't like chicken, turkey, and hotdogs? I don't really like anything else though. :/ All other seafoods smell TERRIBLE and I can't get them near my mouth. Meatloaf is disgusting, along with pork and ribs. Bologna and other lunch meats are too plain. Never tried lamb or venison, or anything else, really.
  3. PC FTW. I looove it. <3 I tried using my friend's Mac once. HAET. I couldn't do ANYTHING on it, and for every link I clicked, it was all "OH SH** THERE MIGHT BE A VIRUS ON THIS WEBSITE! DON'T GO THERE! WE WON'T LET YOU! D:<". No, Mac, Google does not have a virus.
  4. Everyone has seen ZIM Eats Waffles a kajillion times and heard somebody shout "GUESS WHO MADE WAAAAAAAAAAAFFLEEEEEEEEEES!" even more. ._.
  5. ... I'm also a unicorn. I BELONG HEEEERE ;O;
  6. But I would also love to watch GIR shut of permanently or Dib get AIDs so....:/
  7. I wanted to see ZIM die. ;o; I'm a horrible ZIM fan. ._.
  8. Saw that script many months ago. o3o 10 Minutes to Doom would be cooler.
  9. YAY Cuz that's the only thing I can draw. ._.; Sorry it's bad, my little 11 year old fingers have a very hard time using Paint on a laptop.
  10. oh god I have a knew scariest song. So I took Kagome, Kagome - and already creepy as hell song. Then I reversed it. I'm uploading it to Youtube~
  11. Teto and Miku kick ass. <3 I love VOCALOID. Lovelovelove.
  12. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=S...=0#entry4145899 Ohei here eet ees.
  13. I like plot 3 the best. o3o It looks really cool.
  14. EXACTLY what I was thinking. It could be about Operation Impending 3? YES! And The Great Assignment! 8D DIBS ON THAT! ((no pun intended >>))
  15. ...Mine has red eyes. I find it strange how in every IZ fanfic, everyone has a screwed up/abnormal SIR unit just like GIR. It gets annoying after a while, yus. :U
  16. I can imagine my SIR unit... SIR: I do not not respond to the commands of others than my master- *shuts down randomly* Me: FUUUUUUU- My SIR unit is normal, except it randomly shuts down at times. :/
  17. *stares* *stares some more* *has a heart attack* That is AWESOME.
  18. F is for fire that burns down the whole town, U is for uranium, N is for no survivooooors.... -shot repeatedly-
  19. Not for me. :c Nick will PAAAAY if they're lying again.