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  1. Only problem is that you'd have to get dangerously close to said zombie in order to smash said brains in with said crowbar. :/
  2. Diary! I have finally found you. It has been months, years even...I cannot believe that this was first written the day of my birth. I'm shocked! I am currently watching 4 eggs - an Autumn, a Water, and two I do not know. That is all, diary.
  3. I was on a weird safari-thing through the forest on a camo dirtbike racing against groups of kids in my classroom. All I remember is that I was in a swamp and there was a giant fat crocodile and them Taco, who was in my group, was walking through the swampy muddy stuff while mysteriously not getting dirty and I was all "STOP IT WILL EAT YOU STOP STOP...whatev" and then she walked within a foot of it and then just turned around uninterested and came back up on the platform I was standing on. It was a pretty weird dream.
  4. So our dog was sleeping in my room, and I was downstairs on DC. My dad came home from work, walked upstairs, and shouted "WHAT THE IS THIS?!". I walk upstairs, and there's a little pile of greenish stuff. My dad goes to clean it up, and it smells TERRIBLE, so I go back downstairs. I come up again, and right outside of my bedroom, what we assume is our dog's diarrhea EVERYWHERE. In the bathroom connected to my room, she peed all over it. It was absolutely disgusting, and the smell... :X
  5. the frycook that came fron all that space or something? (sorry for the speling andd stuf, really bad migraihn, hard ti me reading and tyoing)
  6. I was laying under a mattress when my brother decided to body-slam me. My brother's 4 years older than me. I began to freak out when I couldn't talk lulz. I don't remember how old I was, I was just what, 5? 6? 8? >:U
  8. I watch my brother play it all the time. :U It's pretty cool.
  9. I recently caught my 3 month old kitten curled up asleep next to our pitbull-german shepherd-rottweiler-other stuff mix. It was cuuuuute. (Yes, I accidentally woke him up. He feel asleep afterwards, though x3)
  10. This is our new cat, Mellow. :U He was 8 weeks old when the pic was taken, and now he's about 3 or 4 months old and he's gained a few pounds, so yeah, he's bigger. o3o We thought he was a girl when we got him, but then we took him to the vet's and the vet was just like "YOUR CAT HAS A DICK :U" And yeah. He's epic winsauce kitteh.
  11. Depends how large the catapult is and what you launch. Launching kittens at zombies is useless and a waste of kittens, unless by kittens you mean rabid coyotes. That might work.
  12. Actually, a knife isn't all that useful against zombies, though it would be great for wilderness survival. Just think about it; you have to run up to a bloodthirsty zombie, sit a ew inches away from it, and saw off its head with that knife while it can to whatever you want to your helpless, defenseless head. Stabbing probably isn't enough; you need to absolutely DESTROY the brain, 100%. Guns and bombs are your friends.
  13. Pokemon: Empoleon Pose (Normal is best): Normal Kind of Change (Fusion, Recoloring, Changing Appearance or Something): Fusion~ If fusion, what Pokemon to fuse with: Gardevoir If recolor, what color to change with: If change appearance, what to change: Any other requests or things to say:
  14. http://www.snopes.com/horrors/food/tacobell.asp orly?
  15. Wolves? Way too over-rated. Only seen a dead coyote before. :U No wolves for CT.
  16. Drowning, suffocating, any space smaller than an elevator. without any opening large opening that I can crawl out of. Also, vomiting. I also can't go in water over my head. Which really sucks because I'm short.
  17. What is it? All I see is two birds, in a nest, yeah, what's so speciOH GOD WTF IS THAT OH GOD KILL IT KILL IIIIIT
  18. That's what I did today. It screwed up the bubbles, but that meant moar splashing fun for me~
  19. lol I just took a bath~ I prefer my lavender-scented bubbles and rubber duck hippie. 8D And sliding around, splashing, swirling.... I lurves baths! I usually first quickly shower, and then bath.
  20. My brother started listening to them when I was 4 or 5. Oh the memories... But yeah, I like Green Day.
  21. Oh wow we're from New England lol. Shrimp. How much can you eat in under 5 minutes? My record in an entire tray.
  22. Yeah... I find BBQ sauce disgusting. :/ I think ribs would be okay without it.
  23. I really don't like ribs because they dun smell good. D: Plus I don't like the stuff put on them. D:>