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  1. Use it on neither. They were both pretty easy to catch (for me, at least).
  2. ...does Marshal have blue teeth? ._.
  3. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU I just caught Terrakion in a regular Pokeball. D: I ran out of Ultra and Great balls, and for the lulz, I threw it. All I had left was a level 10 Pidove, too. omgwtfbbq
  4. ffffff I really want a female Snivy but I'm already so far in my game. ;-; I'll get a Ditto later. I need to get through the 8th gym, anyways.
  5. lol my team sucks. I really need to grind most of my 'mons. Serperior (Smugleaf) - 47 Victini - 41 Munna (Cherry) - 15 Pidove (Blackberry) - 10 Panpour (Dew) - 15 I'm at the 8th gym. :'D
  6. I think it's a bearded dragon. :U
  7. Btw, do you want a male or female? And do you care about the level? :U
  8. Nrrrrrgh I have 5 Pokerus Ralts in Platinum but I can't transfer them to B/W yet D:
  9. ...how DOES trading from D/P/PT/HG/SS to B/W work?
  10. How do you get Zorua and Zoroark? :C And yes, I have the Celebi and shinies that were recently given out. I cannot figure out this game it is very confusing ;-; Also, I'm at the ice gym. ffffff I hate ice tiles.
  11. I would suggest relying on fire-type moves or using something other than Pignite. :U
  12. I use my Victini as an Emolga killer. He always outspeeds them. :U
  13. Mellow was the 'calmest kitten of the litter'. :'D He likes to completely destroy everything in the house, especially faces and toilet paper.
  14. I can make the most inhuman sounds ever. :|
  15. ...there's a 96% chance that my cat is plotting to kill me. o^o
  16. Joining, definitely joining. I have a pit bull - german shepherd mix :<
  17. Oh my god ;A; That's horrible
  18. I like dogs better. -shot- I love cats so much. <3 Especially hairless cats - they look so fuzzy and cute 8D
  19. Snow...everywhere D: It's melting a little, but then it snows again. ;~;
  20. Oh yeah, Beauty and the Beach, where James had...inflatable boobs. The Legend of Dratini was also banned because Jessie, James and Meowth had guns and were holding someone hostage D:
  21. I really don't like Digimon, I don't know why :/ Pokemon is awesome, though~
  22. We're going to get a foot of snow today. c: So happy
  23. ...We were supposed to get a blizzard. But then it went around my town. The towns next to us got around a foot or two of snow. FUUUUUUUUUUU---