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  1. Journal- Today an army of reds burnt down the forest. I lost the rest of my pages of my journal. I'm so upset. Lava Quake attempted to burn them. The purples and pinks rounded up the eggs and hatchlings (though one of tgem, Blaki was burnt by one and died). But SuuniSunii and ROFLcopter II survived. Meanwhile, Josh, Ebonii, and SpriingBraik also survived. Rojoho, Leapingsoul, and DoubleTrouble helped them out. Meanwhile, the SkyWings divebombed them with dung and the whites treated all wounds. The Vines covered all the enternces and a few reds with vines, though they were all scorched and turned to ashes. The fogs made a HUUUUUGE rain storm, nd the guardians guarded the egg, hatchling, frog, freezer, and breeding tunnels. The blacks attacked, the greens made an earth quake and hurled boulders at them, the magis hexed them, and the splits waited in caverns before attacking. The rocks just managed to sit there and fought. Me and Silverstream gathered seeds to plant. The vampires bit the eggs and the waters splashed. The mints ran . The seasonals also ran. The frills scared them off. Such a tough day... ~ Utsukushii Ryu
  2. I like Riverclan. Swimming cats = epic. What clan should I join as Wildflower?
  3. Ooooh. Confuzzled for a moment. Anyways, I either voted Leopardstar or Crookedstar.
  4. Crookedstar was killing kits before they were away from their moms. In the field guide, it said Crookedstar tried to kill Yellowfang and killed his own father. I voted Leopardstar.
  5. Yeah? Well ERIN HUNTER'S WRITTEN Firestar's DEATH SEEN! =D Yaaaay!
  6. She said "F*** the world..." and turned into an emo lil brat.
  7. Berrystumpytail is scawy. .______. Firestar = FREAKIN' DIE ALREADY!
  8. I don't see it... Oh, well. *goes off to ask for permishunz to make a purple dragon plushie*
  9. Who sprited the purple dragons? Because I need permission to make a cute lil purple plushie. PURPLE POWER!
  10. Typo'd 5 times in a row? With the sam typo? COINCIDENCE TI3M!!!!11!1!!
  11. Ravenpaw's mentor was Tiger'claw'. I'm not calling him what he becomes anymore. Who's Barely, anyways?! I don't know what series you're reading...
  12. I hate Firestar, Scourge, Tigerstar, Hawkfrost, Midnight, and Berrynose. But I'm starting to like Tigerstar...
  13. Dear Journal, The frozen eggs hatched. So did the good-smelling one. Ayways, you know that spoiled lil brat, RIP? Well, she's raising an egg. It's a black egg. Something gives me a bad feeling about this... Utsukushii Ryu I've decided to raise an egg. Why? Well, I normally wouldn't raise a whiny little brat. But I'm gonna teach this one the truth, not how to grow food and that crud. How to fight, and how evil my father is and his silly little 'Utsukushii Retardu'. ^ I think RIP is about to die...
  14. Okay, here are my suggestions: Vine: You attempt to view the egg/hatchling, but there's a thicket surrounding it. Guardian: You attempt to view the egg, but just as you approach it, a bright blue dragon jumps out of nowhere and swings a large metal shield at you. You quickly run away. Black: You attemp to view the egg, but it is hidden in pitch black shadows.
  15. *goes out to buy a bunch of lavender satin sheets* I'm SO gonna make a purple hatchling plushie. *takes out two yellow pieces of yarn*
  16. Here's a few of mine. Neglected: You attempt to approach the egg, but suddenly your vision blurrs and you feel as if you are going to puke out your insides. Better leave it alone! Vampire: You attempt to approach the egg, but as you edge near it, something snaps out at you! It;'s best to run now! Autumn: You attempt to approach the egg, but as you edge near it, you're pelted with ginger eggs! Ewwwww! Winter: You attempt to approach the egg, but when you edge closer to it, you're pinned down by icicles... Spring: You attemp to view the egg., but it is covered in bright pink blossoms. Dinos: You attemp to near the egg, but wait-- there's dinos over there! Aren't they extinct? Yeah, they are! So how are they there?! As you tilt your head in confusion, a dino sneaks out from behind you and grabs the egg. Silver & Gold: You attempt to view the egg, but a bright light blinds you. Pink & Purple: You attempt to view the egg, but it's surrounded by pretty flowers. Red: You attempt to view the egg, but your pants catch on fire once you near it.
  17. Hi! Okay, so, I decided to give my silver hatchling a journal. Give your dragon a journal and post some pages from it here! I just found three pages of my silver's journal. The only three. Here they are: I don't know why, but when I hatched, I didn't feel the warmth of the other eggs. But I did smell something dead... and I was freezing! Faces were looming over me. A crisp, cold wind began to blow, and out in the distance was a lonely, sad howl. No one was paying much attention to me, though, only those two rotten, dead, smelly, frozen eggs next to me. Suddenly the faces turned to me, and I was lifted up and snuggled. But those two eggs gave me an eerie feeling... Why were those two eggs still there? Urgh, the cave smells like a group of buffalo died five days ago! The eggs were still frozen, too. Suddenly the 'faces', which were now discovered to be adult dragons and a calico cat, began to speak. "Catty, I think it's about time you threw those rotting things away!" A black dragon growled. "Put it up to your ear, though, you'll hear brea-" "No way I'm putting that thing close to my face! And if you don't get rid of that thing, I'm gonna do it myself!" "Listen." The cat growled, arching her back and un-seathing her long, sharp claws. "I raised you. If it weren't for me, you'd be dead right now. This is my cave. I'm your owner. You listen to my directions or I'll be the one getting rid of a corpse! You are not to touch those eggs at all. Got it?" Her fur settled as the dragon nodded, slowly backing away with its tail behind its back. "Good." Woah. Tough love, eh? Well, this morning I woke up to see a crack in one of the eggs. What a surprise, it isn't some stupid old decomposing corpse. Throughout the day, tons of activity is going on. So here I am, carefuly observing them. I've grown to like these lil eggs, though. They're so mysterious... And if anypone touches them, I'll send the family to attack them. When I woke up, a purple dragon was observing the egg also. A few minutes later, a pink dragon joined her, along with another purple. A few hours later, they left. I heard the first purple adressing some other dragons, probably for a hunting trip. I nearly had a heart attack when a skywing dragon swooped in with a white dragon following it! Then a vine dragon slowly crawled in and wrapped his vines protectively in a domeshape over the two eggs, along with a light green one. And guess what? He's still there! Every few moments, a storm dragon feeds him. So then a guardian decided to help by guarding the eggs-- and me! So then about ten minutes later another white came in to check up on everyone. We're all healthy, though. And now as I write this down, a black dragon that everyone's calling either 'Bandit', 'Boo-boo', or 'Bandit the Cat' is watching the eggs for any updates. That poor lil guy's still watching my vampires... *wraps her tail around all of her eggs and her single hatchling*
  18. Oooh, I'd love a Skywing plushie!!! Cute and awesome 'twould be.