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  1. Portal 2 is so freaking amazing. The ending made me cry |:C
  2. King Ramses' Curse? That episode is awesome.
  3. How do you download the Eeveelutions? D:
  4. They have the catch rate of an Onix. :V
  5. ..FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF I'm going to be gone when the Eevees come out :< wat I do
  6. FFFFUUUUUUUUUU I still haven't beat the Eevee game :V what do I do
  7. I searched and nothing came up. ... what else do I say? Courage the Cowardly Dog is the best show ever. Period.
  8. FINALLY, I can transfer my Gen IV Pokemon to Black. I have a lot of starters o-o Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Turtwig, Chimchar, AND Piplup. Anyone want one?
  9. MY TUMMY HAD THE RUMBLES THAT ONLY HANDS CAN SATISFY [/off topic] [/caps] I had a pet newt named Mr. Wiggles :'D I found him in my yard with Taco. He died yesterday :[ He was the awesomest newt ever, though...I also had baby mice. They didn't last long... Oh, yeah, we have baby mallard ducks. We started out with 8, and all of them died except for 1. So then we got 8 more and left the survivor with them...all of them died except for 3. So now we have 3 little teeny babies and one huge duck 5 times the size of them. We think that he's a serial killer.
  10. I have a friend with an accoiunt, she says that it's not working for her, either :/
  11. I give up...the Befriend A Pokemon game won't even load anymore. :/
  12. I've been trying every day ever since it came out :'D I've tried IE and Firefox for it. ... Should we make a seperate topic for this?
  13. ...I would be glad to take it OwO The Befriend An Eeveelution game cheats. I swear to god... >:I
  14. I got to Level 4 of the Eevee game. I was 5 blocks away from beating it. 5. Blocks. And I lost. >:I
  15. Aaaaaaaaaah Game Sync you are being very confusing. This is what I've been doing for the past half hour: Global Link: Dream World is currently accessible Tuck in a Pokemon with Game Sync! *goes on DS* *hits Online, then Game Sync* Game Sync: *spends 5 minutes connecting to internet* ... Game Sync: GAME SYNC TAKES A DAY TO RECHARGE AND IT R OUT OF ENERGY D: Game Sync: YOU WILL NEVER BEAT MEEEEEE *shuts off DS* *goes on Global Link* Wash, rinse, repeat. What's wrong with my DS? :< EDIT: opps accidentally deleted post
  16. I've tried about 10 or so times every day ever since it came out. :|
  17. I give up...I STILL can't beat the Befriend An Eeveelution game. [/epic fail at life]
  18. ...I would be happy to take any of the mews, hacked or not. >.> <.< *poofs away*
  19. y u have no Invader Zim :< I voted for Pokemon. :U
  20. I give up on Befriend A Pokemon. ;-; goddamn third level
  21. I hate this game. SO. MUCH. >:U I can't even get past the third level asdfghjkl;
  22. The Cynthia part? A trainer in Undella Bay says that.
  23. "Click! The sound reverbrates." mhmmmm...look, a plate! "A dull sound came from far away." ...what? Wait, more plates! "A dull sound echoed." Woooah so many plates and stuff that can be sold for a lot of money! "The dull sound is close!" OH MY GOD I ONLY NEED ONE MORE PLATE! It's right over he-- "IT'S A TORRENT OF WATER" FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-- I hate it when that happens. :I EDIT: "What? Did you come to see Cynthia in a bathing suit?" ...what?
  24. ...I wish N would come back. :C I wonder where he went after the whole Ghetsis thing.