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  1. Wow, I can't believe its been 9 years already. So excited!
  2. This is all really awesome, and really exciting to see
  3. Happy April Fool Though I must say, it would be rather neat to have a way to see what dragons you have vs what you're missing/the total counts....
  4. This looks like it'll be a lot of fun, and the eggs are lovely
  5. Awesome to see, congrats you guys!
  6. The description of the hatchling is just so adorable, really want to just give it a hug.. I can't wait to see the adults
  7. The eggs are lovely, and I'm enjoying myself sending flowers to random people... Its really fun
  8. I think the new eggs are lovely, and '"m really enjoying the gingerbread house decorating.
  9. All the changes sound wonderful, really looking forward to them
  10. The hatchlings look amazing, I can't wait to see the adults tomorrow
  11. I'm really excited, the new eggs look lovely!
  12. I really can't wait and am quite excited about this
  13. I want to be a Scroll Helper! Forum Name: Xiocite Scroll Name: Xiocite Scroll Link: http://dragcave.net/user/Xiocite Dragons you can't/won't give out: None come to mind Anything else?: If anyone wants me as a helper, feel free to send me a pm. I do have trouble catching CB metallics, or other really rare dragons. However, if you don't mind second gens for things... I (likely) handle that. Please name, and I don't mind freezing.
  14. The adults are so beautiful. Cant wait for mine to grow up
  15. Really excited, and hope I can catch them
  16. I'm glad to see this, actually. And, I actually like the new skin a lot. Will it be around for longer, or is it just temporary?
  17. Congrats to everyone, though!
  18. They're lovely, and very brightly colored ^^
  19. Cute story today, and the ornaments are lovely Hard to pick what to decorate with, though
  20. Oh wow, I love the dragons sprites, they're beautiful!
  21. Feed pet 1,500 times (766/1500) Overall stats of 400 for Anguineous (starting at 230's)
  22. Really looking forward to this