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  1. My breeding has been teeeeerible lately :/
  2. Well... the cave is down awesome, and and I can barely be online at all today so... *joy*
  3. Gold and....... *lemme check* ... almost 600 dragons now woot!
  4. White & Blacks. I might actually try them with stripes next time tho, seems ppl are having luck with those pairings
  5. Oooh there they are! haha thank you
  6. Ok I feel really stupid but which ones are the extra popcorn garland and christmas lights? Cos I don't think I got 20 new garlands/lights? Or did I? *scratch head* lolz
  7. Hm well my Hollys probably, before it was my leetle tree Also concider my old pinks and frills rare now... and oh yeah mah zombie
  8. Not getting more CB silver and golds when I could! And also deciding way to late that I wanted 2 frozen hatchies of each, so now I only have one old pink htachie while all the others have 2, and it's annoying the heck outta me
  9. Aw I actually thought that would be the one thing us 08's would have to our selves, but oh well Love the adults btw!
  10. I've tried it many many times and never had a success, so yeah I never use it anymore, just cos it doesnt work for me, I think my pebbles hate me
  11. ronja

    2010-12-13 - Yay Updates

    haha true Btw it would be really cool if it said that on the 08 vamps "sired by Master Thuwed" or something
  12. ronja

    2010-12-13 - Yay Updates

    Hey now what about the Master? Or the Originals?? Huhhuh? ehe Someone has to be first If it's the chicken or the vamp I do not know tho Fiiinally I can rename my dragons woohoo!!!
  13. Didnt get any this year :/ Only have 4 tombstones now. Think I tried with atleast 10 dragons
  14. dont have the skull yet, but thats cool heh
  15. Wow I just noticed my leetle tree has changed (yes I'm slow haha) Awesome, it's so pretty! Gotta move it to the top of the scroll just cos of that
  16. ronja

    10 on 10-10-10

    LOVE the Ember dragons
  17. Males 246 / 250 females = 0.984 I'm quite happy with that
  18. Yeeeah I have quite a few, it's great, I love it! These are just from my golds: Arwyn Morphy Sir Arwen of Muraco's Legend Serperus of Lindon Melian daughter of Nerwen Granducifer Nanifer Muresre Nangilu Nangijala D'Alsea Arc'rai Dorkface Arrai Dorkface White Olympic Dawn Arrty Dorkface-Olympios This is probably my fave tho: William Turner VII I own the original William his name even goes DF Dorkface Turner I have many more but my copy/paste hand hurts lol
  19. 50 unnamed out of 427 atm... more than I thought but not to bad, I'm gonna name them all eventually. A few are unnamed for future song projects and stuff tho
  20. Wow a lot of new dragons on the complete list since I last checked, cool! Anyway my favourite has been on the completed list for forever and a day... and still is. It's the Feathered Raptor, I just love love it. Another oldie I want released is the Rainbow dragon Also wouldnt mind an army of Persian Blue, Sandbellys or Venom Spitters heh, those are just too cool
  21. Ah yes I remember back in the day.... I joined summer 08.... egg catching was easy, multi metallic clutches were common, no annoying limits such as freezing etc, the AP was filled with blacks and vines that no one wanted lol, the alt eggs were different, dragons matured at 3.5 days, naming was easy, papers and dinos had genders, TJ's scroll was vissable, the lagmonster, the datamonster, the pokemons and all that too of course... Aw I miss the good 'ol days sniff
  22. I have 4 adults and one hatchie, I'm also really glad I have them now for scroll completion