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  1. You're right to anticipate shouting. Tons of people will never notice this thread, the same way tons of people didn't notice the gold thread, and that's not even considering the players who don't use the forums at all. Everyone will notice when the dragons get an update, though. The forums are too disjointed from the main site, is the problem. There needs to be a newsfeed or notice board or something, so that attention can be brought to stuff like this.
  2. No, I have all the decorations. I just didn't get around to actually doing anything with them.
  3. Absolutely! I'm not so happy with my tree anymore, and I didn't get around to the wreath at all. I'd love to be able to fix both of those issues.
  4. I mentioned before that I do like the new gold sprites, but they're just barely too different from the originals to really be the same dragon. Again, my three big issues: New sprite is missing the belly scales Original sprite had unique black-and-white eyes, new sprite has boring, overcommon "shiny " eyes New sprite looks snide and cold, whereas the older sprite had a more neutral expression If those three issues could be addressed, then I would have no problem at all with the new golds. I have relatively few criticisms for the other sprites, all of which have already been mentioned.
  5. Amazingly, I can't think of anything to say about your planned changes. It might be because I'm not as fond of the darkgreens as I am some of the others, but your first three proposals sounds great. I'd like to make suggestions about dimorphism, but I don't think I can accurately do that without seeing the sprite in question, so I guess I'm SOL there. I do have one bit of input on your unplanned changes: I think the alts should get a new hatchling. Primarily, it's because that sprite shows up under four different dragons in the cave, and it actually matches only one of them. And That's Te
  6. To reiterate my earlier statement on dA: ♥.
  7. I have a blue stripe, magma, and thunder right now. Interested? http://dragcave.net/lineage/URWA http://dragcave.net/lineage/sOqq http://dragcave.net/lineage/n1de
  8. You say this like it's something bad. I'd murder someone to get that much accessible lava. That right there is a magnificent obsidian-adorned palace in potentia.
  9. You probably heard one of the , I'm guessing #1 or #11. They play from unlit, enclosed spaces, so you may have an unexplored cave below your house.
  10. Whack some blocks out of the roof to let sunlight in, wait for skeleton to burn, reclaim house. Alternatively, make a stone sword and some leather armor and bumrush it.
  11. That doesn't mean I shouldn't want to collect them. And, in all likelyhood, a lot more people than us will want to do so as well. It would be good form to make that an actually reachable goal.
  12. This. IMO, there should never be any badges that are unobtainable by current conditions, or badges that are mutually exclusive. There's enough exclusive riff-raff in the cave already. Enough with the collector torture. 0_o
  13. Especially since many people's first eggs die due to inexperience.
  14. What does scroll tidyness have to do with this? If implemented, it'd probably be as a link at the top with the rest. Do you think those links qualify as clutter?
  15. Customsort is a pretty kludgey way of getting that information, not to mention it doesn't give detailed stats like number of adults.
  16. I did scroll lock myself on 4/1. Know what I got? Three freaking nebulas. e_e Know what else? These aren't commons. I spent the last fifteen minutes hunting for new eggs. I saw nearly every egg that went through the cave. I saw a grand total of five MM eggs. Three fell flame, one speckle, one sunlight. Compare that to the at least ten each of water walker, balloon, and strange markings.
  17. Remember the last release? You could do one thing during the last release that you can't do during this one. Actually pick up one of the new eggs. It'd be nice if we could, you know, get one of the new dragons. Wouldn't that be cool?
  18. My question is, why isn't the solid drop still going? They haven't even been out a week and already they're less common than half of the dragons in the cave. The demand is too great for there to be so few of them.
  19. <-- Gold hatchling <3s easter. :B
  20. Just letting you guys know that the eggs do show up in the DSi's browser. I'm set for an all-night egg hunt in bed.
  21. what there is a bird in my basket what is this I don't even
  22. It's been seven minutes since I found my last, so nope.