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  1. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this code until after I had released the dragon (I would have kept her otherwise), but: Not pregnant.
  2. How long does the snow wars event go? Also, is there a post that explains what all the weapons do?
  3. I feel really dense, but how do we rotate objects like walls? I cannot for the life of me figure it out.
  4. The new red sprite looks great, but I'm not a fan of the new seasonals; they seem like they're missing a lot of the detail that the old ones had. Looks like the hatchlings aren't gender dimorphs anymore, either. Loving the marketplace and trading hub features. Thanks, TJ.
  5. Allll the flowers <3 (Scroll name same as my username)
  6. Gone, thanks Have: Female Omen Want: Male Omen Trade link here! <3
  7. @Nora Prom is overrated and expensive. Don't worry about it. There are also much better places you can go to dance I met my s/o of two years at a swing dance. My best friend just got engaged Saturday night. Yay, right? Not feeling it. Her boyfriend is broke, sometimes emotionally abusive, and they haven't been dating six months -- they don't even know when their "anniversary" is because they broke up and got together so many times they lost track. It's been the hardest thing for me to watch her try to date and "fix" this guy, and now he's gone and proposed (he half-assed it, by the way) and she actually said yes??? Knowing them, they'll just end up breaking it off at some point and getting together again, but it makes me so sad to realize she now gets to experience engagement as the same tough relationship dating has been -- one where she doesn't go a week without crying but at the same time always talks about how happy he makes her when he isn't being terrible. I'm really angry and frustrated. I hope she drops the ring down the drain.
  8. Of all the things to catch today-- I just got a leetle tree. ........... I have had an account with this site almost 10 years and I've never even seen one drop. I'm so excited
  9. I apologize if this has been asked before, but-- I'm doing the minigames over and over trying to get a particular piece of furniture (the Art Noveau Fireplace). Does each minigame have a specific batch of items that it can award you, or does each game have a chance to give you everything? That was poorly worded, but it's kind of late for me and my English is shorting out. Hope it made sense.
  10. Congratulations <3 I've had an account since 2008 and still have never managed to catch one. One of these days... Also, thanks for the response, ViperaUnion
  11. Alright, so, question -- whenever I redecorate my house in the minigame, if I leave the house and go back inside, all the furniture is reset to what it was before I edited. Is there any particular reason for that?
  12. Alright, I feel so dumb, but where on earth is the portal from the beach location back to the winter location (I forget the names, I apologize). I've been wandering around for 15 minutes and for the life of me I can't find it. There's one building that I can't go into (the doors just won't open) and I feel like that's it. Is there any reason I would be locked out?
  13. Woah, did anyone notice that the egg sprite with a large hole in it is a gif? Every so often, a little pair of white eyes blinks from the gap ........... Have the "hole" egg stages always done that? Edit: *Reads thread* Nope guess not. Heh. I saw the tail end of the blink animation when I scrolled upon my scroll page, and I was so sure I had just been seeing things. That's a very nice touch.
  14. All right, I have a question -- What on earth does this zombie come from? There's an image of it in this spreadsheet, but there seems to be inconclusive evidence, and it does not appear on the Dragcave wiki. I haven't seen a single one in person on the site.
  15. Took me a while to get the hang of this minigame, but now it's really hard for me to stop playing it. And I have homework to do...
  16. Finished the reindeer puzzle (finally... took me a while. I felt really dumb when I realized how to solve it ) So... now what do I do? Anything? Or does one puzzle come out each day or something? I wandered around the entire village and nothing appears to be happening lol.
  17. I have literally been disappointed by every sprite update this site has ever done Sorry spriters. Still no love on this end.
  18. Wellp, I wasn't able to get access to the internet all weekend so I haven't got any of these new ones yet. They look very cool though! Time to go prowl the AP lol.
  19. Oh god, the irony I gave a Mouseshroom/Sparkling Lava potion to a Crimson Pygmy named "You Were Different Yesterday" and he turned into a Royal Crimson dragon. lmfao
  20. Hahaha I'm late to this party. Happy Birthday to me! Forum name: Digipup Scroll name: Digipup Scroll: Click me. Birthday: September 7th. List: White tiger. 1. CB Gold (female) 2. CB Neglected (any gender) 3. CB Green Copper (male) Coppers don't count as metallics, right? If they do, I'm very sorry for requesting three 'ultra-rares' and will gladly change the list. Just let me know.
  21. I actually noticed the biome feature myself just this morning and thought, "Wait... has that always been there?" Nice addition, TJ, thanks.
  22. I'm not a huge gamer, but... Skyrim. Glitchiest, buggiest, most hilarious game ever. I've seen lots of weird things, but the most priceless is always the horsecart intro when you've installed too many mods -- the cart literally flies off the path and goes tumbling end-over-end at extreme speeds, rocketing miles into the air. The NPCs just keep talking like nothing is happening...
  23. Tobuscus (although his stuff has changed and become slightly less funny to me as late, I'm sorry to say), Jacksfilms, Danisnotonfire, and TheAmazingPhil.