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  1. Just saying fuzzbucket but apply for sainthood because your either full of (how do I do the censorkipz thing? it s cute) or a reborn saint. "Hate the sin not the sinner"! "no need for revenge"! your either an angel about to grow their wings or have lived a privileged life that all I can do is envy. My interest in debating further is lost, but just a word of advice, from a personal bad experience on this very forum. Do not assert yourself so indefinitely as to infallibly understand exactly what someone has wrote, especially over the internet no less. In a previous incident months ago, I did the same thing and after a heated discussion ended up being warned and received a 3 day forum ban. It comes as no surprise to me that the mod responsible has since left or has had their powers revoked seeing as I was in (admittedly scathingly) the right, but nevertheless, over the internet one cannot be absolutely sure how someone writes or means something. Be careful with whom you try to dominion over by asserting your own views, I've learned my lesson but you can be sure many others out there have not.
  2. No truly evil people? Your hope for humanity far outshines mine. I'm not a paranoid freak or something, but humanity is most likely 2 more world wars away before I think we hit any form of utopia and I can truly believe there are no evil humans. Also, where did I say, or even allude to, irrational vengeance. My standpoint was entirely open to the interpretation of the reader and I in no way leaned toward a specific emotion. You may be blinded vengeance, I myself would be filled with bloodlust, only to satisfied when the perpetrators heart ceases to beat, but I ask that you avoid skewing what I wrote, which again I say is open to individual interpretation. @fuzzbucket You read to deeply into the question. I asked "Can you look anyone dead in the eye, bear your soul before them, and say you don t want ANY form of revenge?" My use of "ANY" does not linearly correlate with death which I admit take my question a bit off topic. However, if your saying that revenge in any form even jail time is wrong, then you simply love no one and don't care if they are hurt or worse. I apologize for over projecting myself, but again, if someone precious to you is taken, there is no way that you would accept nothing being done. About the Buddha and the Dalai-lama. They are both enlightened minds and probably two of the most brilliant minds on the planet. However, no matter how dis-attached one makes themselves in the journey to enlightenment even they are still humans. Great figures like these and others have, in the face of great grief or turmoil, stepped down from their positions in order to pursue what they thought was right. I won't say vengeance is human nature, because that is only true in the weak among us, but I can say that sometimes a choice of seeking even a mild form of vengeance is the less of two evils. Finally someone said "a vengeful and angry justice is an empty one." Perhaps I am just more cynical then most, but I will leave that for others to ponder. To me, justice is only empty when a non guilty party is involved. Calling justice empty for, in some cases vengeance, is an affront to every police, judge and victim ever on the receiving end of an atrocity.
  3. I was in the midst of a philosophical peak of understanding, and then I tried wording it and being politically correct became to much a pain in the, well you get it. Anyway, allow me to be the devil s advocate and ask, why should I, or anyone else for that matter, have to bear the burden or a murderer or socio-sadist when they have already uprooted some poor innocent's life? I'm very aware other country's deal with these things in some rather uncivilized ways, but a "death penalty" per subject of this section, I am to assume is being debated from a higher standard of living area like Europe or America. ---To my point, put yourself in the perspective of a hypothetical victim scenario for a moment please. You just had your family butchered, and because we are, hypothetically, dealing with someone far beyond the system's ability to "rehabilitate", let s pretend the sicko committed such a horrific thing while forcing you to watch, or even take part? Can you look anyone dead in the eye, bear your soul before them, and say you don t want any form of revenge? ---Of course not, Buddha and the Dalia-llama themselves could not say that, without utterly soiling the names and spirits of the now dead. Can you yourself, truly be satisfied, with letting that sick man or woman being allowed to live their entire life, even if it's behind bars; when he/she denied your loved ones the right to their lives? ---Honestly, maybe you could. Maybe you do have the forgiveness of a saint and maybe you do have such a passion for life, that you see great wrong in killing the person responsible. However! In choosing forgiveness, you force the burden of that perpetrator's existence onto even more innocent victims. That evil person who took your family, they will not suffer, they will not repent, they will simply live their days until their body finally gives to deaths natural embrace. They will be given three full meals daily. They will be given shelter from the elements. They will be given time to see the sun, as well as exercise and sport equipment that even some UNIVERSITIES for crying out loud could only dream of. Sadly, this world we live in revolves around money, and all I just stated, that s a lot of money. Worst of all, it comes almost standard with every institution in the US and if research proves true Canada. That killer now has everything they need to live as long as their body will allow, served to them. They don t have to pay for it anymore; in fact, your victimized a second time, because YOU have to pay for it. Let me sum up the way I see the death penalty/system. and for everyone s sake after all this text I will keep it simple. Criminals are given too much. In some cases, even the mercy of allowing them to live is more than they deserve. Morally, is it correct for us to assert ourselves into the realms of creation and destroy another human being in the name of justice? I can t answer that. However, (and since I am flirting with it anyway I will use a biblical reference) when Cain killed Abel, God administered punishment. Murder DESERVES punishment without exception. The problem is not that we destroy each other in the name of justice. The problem is that sometimes, when mercy is given to the obviously undeserving, thanks to our system, justice is in the end destroyed, and evil lives on to perpetuate itself. EDIT: Reviewing previous posts it seems many us, me included, are being swept up into the fluctuating ideals that SEVERITY of the crime decides death or life. Not to be a brat, but returning to the true subject of "If a death penalty is right or not?" How are we to know? Killing the scum does benefit us all, but as I said, in doing so we are asserting ourselves into the realms of creation. Are we wrong for killing a killer? Are we more or less wrong for making innocent people support he/she for the rest of their lives? I still say the problem is not the concept or a death penalty. I say the problem is society's concept of PUNISHMENT has become soft.
  4. How much have I missed in my downtime from this game? *deep depression* and tikigirl May I suggest Malwarebytes It s like the ultimate free malware elimination software
  5. Hypocrites! always hated them and forever will. It's hard to not be one yourself, but not impossible.
  6. Even that article does not red light it. it says it's going to be a difficult project, which everyone has known since project speculations began. Ya see, the major issues are square enix knows exactly how much is riding on this undertaking. I mean very the foundation of the current company as we know it. They are going to take a considerable amount of time and money in doing this because they know that if they take this step and fall down....(make a ****py remake)....it could spell a quick end to close to 35% of their loyal customers. I cannot find it again sadly but i was browsing gamefaqs and I found a posted video with ain interview featuring the creator or one of the other remakes. I think it was the guy who re-made FFIII. Anyway he confirmed the project was green lighted. the trouble is as I have already said. It's going to take a ton of time and money. They almost need to remake the game from the ground up. Also it is difficult to find people willing to take up this task because if the project takes place and the people are not satisfied with the results. Sqaure Enix will be characterized with the failure of a once classic titan in the game world. Also I have heard of a contingency plan. It may also happen that if they chicken out of a re-make; a sequel will be made finally answering the last questions people seem to have. Personally, I have no idea where they could possibly go, but if they can make a decent sequel then I guess my desires for a remake could be curbed for a while.
  7. Geez I wish the international version had been easier to attain and play. Until Penance I could call myself an undisputed ff master. I played all of em and knew everything. However I never played the int version and never beat Penance...so yea I know all, but that. I also know that the green light for an FF7 remake has been given. Final monetary preparation is being taken care of by the sales of ACC (which has a sweet new Omnislash MASTER VERSION scene) Anyway as soon as ACC is available in your countries please pay for it.
  8. pwning cactus was fun...I think I maxed all my GF's in about 2 hours
  9. Oh yea you can get eden from Tiamat I forgot......I prefer getting it from ulitma weapon thats why you also need to attempt to piece together Lionhart....as long as you have that you are godly
  10. Yea ten sure did lay it down....After finishing the sphere grid the game though did become a let down... Unless you had the international version. Penance was by far FF's most surprising boss fight. Though in ff12 beating Yiazamat was more epic. I took down Yiazamat without intermittent saving in 4 hours. 10 million health...no stops...no heals....I truly needed a life once this boss fight came to fruition
  11. forgive me been about 5 years since I have last played yea after entering lunatic pendora then you pretty much have thrown down the gauntlet. See if you can make some good magics from the bountiful items you have by now. I know card Mod gives some sick items that can be turned into quakes and ultima's assuming you have those production abilities. It's most likely though that your pretty far into the doom already......Did you at least get doomtrain? hes a half decent hidden GF in which battles of all kinds can become so much easier. The meltdown spell is a good second place to him. I miss this game lol
  12. I know the enemies level with you, but it still helps or at least for me it always does. Anyway when junctioning properly your power increases per 10 levels will be more than noticeable among your adversaries. hmm now sorceress adel and Lunatic pandora...disc 3 sometime shortly after the tech city. Hmm after beating adel I think you get sent to space or something...Either way quite shortly the game is going to be very fast paced and before you know it you will be trapped in ultimecia's universe and her creepy castle. I admit I made that mistake once and yea restarting was the only alternative to 100 percent the game. You can beat the final boss without everything. beating omega weapon though is another story
  13. nah 8 is pretty forgiving. Just level for about an hour and find some stronger magics to junction to your stats. Also always check different magic types as Life in elemental defenses will prove far more fruitful than in status defenses. Just steal the SeeD test answers offline somewhere and make sure to get all the GF's and you can recover from just about any mistake. and @firewing I am excited for FF13 though if I had a ps3...my main reason for having it would be GT5
  14. I did not like 9 one bit and blitzball isn't that hard to figure out.
  15. FF7 is the king of the old saga Final Fantasies. I count the old saga as all FF's before the bulk of the game was HQ 3D FF8 set the stage for the modern saga. and sadly with the exception of FF10 no FF has been as good as 8. Though I still feel 8 was better than 10. If I had to pic best overall. In all honesty 8 wins...However if FF7 is ever actually remade, it will be an instant and immortal gaming classic. No questions asked waiting for reviews on FF13. looks good but has some apparent frailties that I want to here some information on before I drop the hammer
  16. jeez it been almost 2 years....I am pretty sure it was like this Storm (Tempestas addo) Water (Serpentalia daughter of Oceanus) Pebble (Terra Frendo) ---shoot I forgot skywing (Steph the Skydragon Queen) Stone (Brihaldo the stoudt sentinal) and my next 4 were purple vine pink magi I know mint was last because for the longest time I found it hard to nab one....now jeez they are everywhere
  17. chocobos are awesome I love the theme...I also may be attached because ff 7 was the first game I ever played....they cool