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  1. I have a question maybe someone knows an answer to this and maybe not: I went to TJ's take and leave an egg link and noticed there was no eggs so as I sometimes do I bred some nice eggs to leave there, ones I am sure people would like (shiny eggs). An hour later I check the eggs I bred are all gone but there are no new eggs, in fact there are no eggs in there at all. Now it is possible to leave an egg and not take an egg but the site I believe is designed so you can only get an egg by leaving an egg. So shouldn't there be three eggs in there of some kind, since I left three eggs? I
  2. I talked to everyone around town square and nothing! I have talked to all people and dragons more than once and still nothing. I have reset to start the day again talked to everyone and nothing. I've heard Pearl is supposed to show up but I haven't seen her.
  3. Ramica

    Star Wars

    I have been a long time Star Wars fan almost since the movies came out. Saw the Force Awakens today. Yes in many ways it seemed like SW 4 but like A new Hope it is laying down the start of the story and I think J.J Abrams and Disney wanted to give a feel of something familiar to start people off on. If this continues in telling the same old story over and over then I will not be impressed. I agree with Rey and her force abilities but as nepenthe.cartharsis pointed out there are a lot of things we don't know fully. We don't know Rey's story or how skilled she became scavenging and c
  4. My current bad luck getting the wrong eggs for two lineage I'm working on for checkerboard pattern. I want Dark Myst pygmy and they give crimson flare or no egg. I want Seawyrm and get misfit. One day I will get the right egg for now it is patience and perserverance.
  5. I have been working on a few Game of thrones even gen quote lineages and was able to breed this girl this week http://dragcave.net/lineage/rDUX0 bringing two of my lines together.
  6. I spent a lot of yesterday searching in alpine for Xeno eggs didn't see a one. Alpine is the only biome of Xenowyrm I need I have two from all other biomes. I am hoping to trade for the alpine ones, but it seems few others have seen the Xenowyrm eggs in the drops. If they are there, then I clearly, am not fast enough to get them but then again I don't even see them.
  7. Ramica's Personal Lineage Projects All fields marked * are required. *Scroll link/forum name: Ramica Game of throne Lineages *Breeds of dragons involved:Doing three different lines one black, one Hellfire, and one of two sets of Pygmys. Even gen up to 6 gen. *What are your goals for this project?:To follow quotes from the books or tv show up to 5th even gen then breed the black line to hellfire for 6 gen. Breed the two 5th gen pygmy line to each other for 6 gen. How can others help? At the moment got the help I need for these lines. Are you willing to help
  8. Dewhooop dewhhoooop
  9. swipes the Pillows to hide in her flock of sheep.
  10. I miscounted the number of eggs I had and bred a pair of black dragons for a lineage quote I'm working on and of course egg abandoned. Hoping I can get it back and worse comes to worse, try again next week.
  11. If I mass bred my pillows I could fill the AP with them alone. I have over two whole pages of pillows on my scroll. I prefer if someone is looking for something in them to PM me and I will breed them then.
  12. Pity I didn't see this before, as I might have joined in and bred a few. Stripes and seasonals I can still breed. Of course I have a lot of pillows -an army of them so would not wish to breed all of them and I tend to call all my pillows sheep because they remind me of sheep. So, if anyone is looking for something in pillows. PM me and I will breed it. I have many nice lines and lineages. PB and non.
  13. I did not breed brutes rather I bred other things to break up all the Brutes abandoned, gold, silvers, stripes, shimmers, tinsels, blacks, reds, pinks. Being as I have had work my time to hunt egg is limited last night I noticed the same brute eggs -over 10 sitting in the AP page for a bit of time so in the spirit of things I grabbed them and Vampire bit them. At least I felt it was the spirit of things - I come to bury Ceaser not to praise him. The brute eggs that became vampires were grabbed quickly I managed to get quite a few vamps and two embryos killed. I did keep one vamp egg fo
  14. Yet another year I get to be a fantastic loser that makes the winners shine so much brighter There must be losers so there can be winners so losers - or future prize winners - pat yourself on the back remember the fun of playing and know not everyone wins the lottery but it is fun to dream For the winners Congrats to all of you! I'm sure it has made your day, week, month, year! So happy for each and every one of you.
  15. Have Silver 8 gen stairstep Silver egg from silver and Purple http://dragcave.net/lineage/cWoJP Trade - Would like a 5th gen Pillow thuwed ( or lower would be nice.) -Something nice surprise me. Has been Traded.
  16. Dumb laws in Canada. - It is illegal to board a plane while it is in flight. -Comic books which depict any illegal acts are banned. ( Canada must have boring comic books LOL!) _ In Alberta when released from prison it is required that you are given a handgun with bullets and a horse so you can ride out of town. - It is illegal to whistle in Petrolia Ontario. - It is illegal to set fire to the wooden leg of a wooden legged man. - In B.C (British Columbia) it is illegal to kill a Sasquatch. (bigfoot.) - The City Guelph Ontario is classified as a no-pee zone.
  17. I want a both choice as I love dragons and unicorns equally. Years ago I even wrote a story around unicorns or one unicorn and a dragon that became her friend.
  18. I've used Ouija boards. Heard some scary stories or problems involving some of them. Most of the time yeah it is just a game and don't put much stock in it. But there are times, that you just have to wonder. Now with Ouija boards one person alone should not play with it - always more then one. But my dad used to be able to get it to work on his own. There was one time a friend of my mom's was on the phone talking to her and she said she had lost a ring, well my dad had the Ouija board out and mom said ask it where so-n-so ring is. My dad did ask it and the ouija board spelled out exactly