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  1. I would love a full 24 hour drop of new eggs! It would make it so much easier for those who play the game with busy lives. Usually drops happen while I'm sleeping and I can catch in the morning. When I woke there was no new eggs dropping, by the time I saw new eggs were dropping they were mixed in with old eggs. I managed to catch the pygmy eggs but haven't seen the one with 'the other worldly chill. Right now I have other demands of me so I only get a little time on the computer each and every day I work 40 hours a week, I have a 7 month old Border Collie cross pup that needs lots of exercise/training, I have a Mother who had a mild stroke and needs more help around the home so basically after 5 AM (PST) I am not on the computer much.
  2. This weekend I am doing a mass breed of my Red, Orange (Magi), Pinks and a few of my shiny dragons. I have already abandoned an alt vine and some other BSA eggs. There may be some other dragons I breed over the weekend to abandon as well.
  3. Well people breed what they want when they want, even with the planned mass breeding of rares to send nice things to AP -you know you may be lucky to find your holiday lineage in what is dropped. Also, before the mass rare breed there were numerous people breeding rares anyways - as I'm sure they always do because when ever I am in the hatcheries I see no shortage of rares -shimmers, tinsels, gold and silver. So, when people aren't mass breeding they are still being bred as everyone plays as they want. I find my rares might give rare eggs nicely for a while with one mate then you don't get any switch them up and you might get rares again. Getting a rare egg from breeding is a bit like playing the lottery to win a rare dragon - some are lucky and may get two or three of them, others unlucky and don't have any.
  4. There will be about 14 people joining me in the mass breed if rares. Hopefully with that many should be some nice stuff.
  5. This weekend I and some others plan on mass breeding some rare dragons and abandoning the eggs to the AP. By rares I mean shimmers, tinsels, silver, golds, coppers, magmas, Ice, thunders etc.We planned to breed and drop over Saturday and Sunday but time zones being what they are some might be bred on Friday. Happy hunting people.
  6. Just went hunting for Halloween eggs, unlike past years where the Halloween drop seems continous ( almost always eggs in all biomes ) I saw nothing -just about 8 minutes after 4 PST. I waited for the 4:10 drop and eggs appeared but briefly because everyone was snatching them up and there was quite a bit of lag, I was able to catch one egg but if it stays like a regular egg drops catching is going be difficult before the eggs stop dropping when Halloween is over.
  7. LOL it is possible I know I abandoned a hatchling shimmer recently I forgot to influence it while in the egg and so abandoned it, couldn't recall if it had gendered or not when I abandoned it. If it wasn't gender someone else may have picked it up hoping for the best.
  8. I have about 10 more eggs to find but it has been a long day and I'm very tired, (up since 4AM worked for 8 hours very physical and demanding job) sleep is calling me and the eggs are slow to show up so yes, this year probably won't get all of them.
  9. Looks like this may be the first year I don't get all the eggs oh well. I was able to get about 25 or so on Sunday. Yesterday and today had to work so not much time on the computer and those eggs don't seem to show up that often at least for me seems to take around 15 minutes for most of them, and I can't spend the rest of the day on the computer getting the last.
  10. Ramica

    Star Wars

    Wild dragon flying- Fortune86 is correct Anakin had been in races before. We are shown only a little of Luke's training -how do you know how much time has passed or hasn't passed - through the force the future you will see, the past old friends long gone Yoda tells Luke.Plus while Luke went off to fight Vader he doesn't win he suffers a humiliating defeat, the friends he goes to save must come to save him. In ESB we are shown Luke is impatient, impulsive. Being good at one thing and showing you have weaknesses and faults is not Mary Sue/Gary Stu it is showing real character. All of us have our strengths and weaknesses. Yes, in scavenging I am willing to grant that Rey learned how to defend herself and how to fly certain ships or things about them, she may even have learned a few languages granted. But the Falcon had been sitting there for how long - surprisingly in one piece in spite of all the scavengers. For intense flying the Falcon takes two people Han/Chewie. Lando/Chewie. yet Rey gets in and does it all by herself. Everybody notices a Mary Sue and in TFA Maz and others kept going whose that girl? they notice her. Rey knows one of the hardest languages in SW galaxy to speak Shriwoonk ( or however it is spelled- the language of the wookie.) Rey's weakness, the only thing we've seen of weakness, is longing to know who her parents are/waiting for them. That is a Mary Sue kind of weakness. She does something on the Falcon that get's Han's notice - this is similar to showing up established character. The Knights of Ren weren't really in TLJ and barely in TFA. The ones Rey and Kylo fought were more Imperial Guards ( the ones all in red) who seem to act as bodyguard types for the leader, ROTJ had them for the Emperor. I didn't think much of the new Admiral or what ever she was myself, she knows she is dealing with a loose cannon who might not obey orders - isn't it far better to let him know her plan so he doesn't go off. Then when it is revealed Pol is made to feel like a dumb ass instead of her being told anything. Not to mention in the new SW theme of making these supposibly strong female roles they also seemed to undermine almost all of the Male roles in this movie. SW has always given us strong male and female roles. I mean we have Pol who can't follow orders and made to look like an idiot for the new admiral. We have Hux who is made to be a joke/idiot/buffoon in TFA he seemed to be a confident/competent officer of the first order, in this one I was left wondering how he became an officer. Luke who is hermit, grumpy and willing to betray and kill his own nephew. Dj who betrays Rose and Finn. The only lead male who wasn't touched was Finn. Yet we are given Rey (strong female character) New Admiral ( strong female character - she sacrifices herself but who cares we hardly know who she is ) and we have Rose ( ordinary strong female character). Instead of developing Luke's character further into this grumpy hermit they should have spent the time developing the new characters. I found the 2 and half hours too long and too predictable at no point did the movie surprise me. I kept hoping it would get better and it didn't. I mean the whole Rey/Kylo/Snoke is almost copy paste from ROTJ, with a few changes Luke/Vader/Palpatine right down to Palpatine/Snoke showing Luke/Rey your friends are in danger. Of course being the middle movie Kylo must stay on the dark side and Rey on the good. Wow no surprise there. Leia/Han go to Cloud City meet up with Lando/Rose/Finn go to a Casino city and meet up with Dj bet you DJ betrays them oh look he did no surprise there. I mean if Finn and Rose were just going accept any hacker/coder couldn't they have found one closer to the fleet. I mean they didn't get the one they were supposed to. I couldn't be entertained by this. For a movie that says let go of the past they borrow too heavily from it, changing just enough so it isn't an exact retelling of ESB and ROTJ but enough of both that it is easy to see where it is going and what may happen next and that is why I didn't care for it.
  11. Ramica

    Star Wars

    I saw the Last Jedi and didn't care for it granted there was some things I liked but overall the bad outweighs the good for me. GOOD: - Loved seeing Carrie Fisher in her last role. - Loved the way Mark Hamill played the grouchy/grumbly hermit he did a great job of it. - I liked the Porgs and the Crystal foxes. BAD: - very predictable movie far too much of ESB and ROTJ so I was sitting there going this will happen and it did and a lot of it was simply because it had far too much 5 & 6 in it that I was able to see what was coming so little or no surprises. - Bad writing: The writing itself is bad - from the opening scene joke Hux and Pol. The movie seems to change even things that were set out in TFA so it switched some things around instead of going with what was established and losing continuity TLJ is NOT a stand alone movie but the 2nd in a trilogy and it should have a flow. One scene with Leia and one with Luke wasn't just bad writing but bad fanfic style writing - the Leia one I might be able to shrug off but not the Luke one, because the Luke one was so out of character; yes, I know people change but I can't see Luke doing that at any time for any reason! - Little or no character growth. Yes each of the characters grew a little but their characters seems shallow not fully developed and therefore I can not feel anything for them, they feel more like a rough draft/bare bones of what a character is/should be then real characters. In all SW movies of the past we were given characters that grew in each movie, and as each new movie came out the characters grew and more defined so I could relate to them. Rey: Is a Mary Sue the worst sort of character to be written in the writing world - most writers are told to AVOID Mary Sue/Gary Stu characters at all costs. A Mary Sue/Gary Stu is a character that is good at everything, can show up established characters, everyone notices them. They might have a flaw or weakness but it is something like clumsy lost parents don`t know who they are. In TFA Rey could fight well, speak multiple languages, fly well - did something on the Falcon that got Han`s interest, everywhere she went people were going who`s the girl. Her use of the force with no training all spoke Mary Sue character. Granted she could have spent some of her time on Jakku learning languages etc but the use of her force abilities was really too much too soon. I was hoping to see her made less of a Mary Sue instead she still is her weakness, I don`t know my parents I`m still good at everything. The most torn she seemed was between listening to the dark or light side of the force how predictable and boring. Kylo Ren: Someone who has a fan boy crush on his grandfather, has tempermental 2 year old temper tantrums in TFA. IN TLJ he grows a little but still seems prone to temper tantrums. I can't take a bad guy seriously when he throws hissy fits. He is just a joke. Pol: TFA Hotshot pilot maybe a little sarcastic. TLJ he might have leadership qualities but he may be willing to throw away lives of those who follow him. I knew more about Han before ESB then I know about Pol at the end of TLJ. Finn: About the only new character who was fully defined in TFA and he grows a bit in TLJ - of all the new characters he is the one I can relate to the most because his character has had the most attention to it. All in all I was disappointed at this movie and feel it is the worst of the eight movies.
  12. Yes I just caught my 2nd CB Holly during the last hourly drop. One less person hunting the hollies now.
  13. Was just there at 4:09 (PST) in holiday area and saw no drop for 4:10. Don't know how I will ever catch a 2nd CB Holly when there are no drops suddenly.
  14. One of my bred Hollies ( I don't have any CB yet) and a bred silver as well as all my other eggs are getting views/etc without putting them anywhere.
  15. Have 2nd gen Aegis from f silver and enraged Aegis has a cool code. Want; A blood swap https://dragcave.net/teleport/eb08a1e62b0ba4eb68306d733103f30f
  16. I am looking forward to having two CB hollies on my scroll so far no luck catching them but there is time, if time starts running short then I may ask for help, after all almost everyone wants Hollies and while limited to two, there may not be enough for everyone to go around this year.
  17. I got it from the Alpine Biome it is a common purple ridgewing egg so it isn't like someone should be disappointed because they wanted it and were hoping it would be tan. The code isn't anything too fantastic/interesting to make it wanted for the code.
  18. I have one egg that is definatley being view bombed at the moment. It is a CB purple ridgewing egg so,no breeder following the egg worried that it won't get the views. It is at 5 days and 3 hours. I usually don't put my eggs into any hatcheries until they are at 6 days and 18 hours or so, yesterday was rather busy so I haven't put it in anywhere as of yet. Normally when I do put an egg into sites I just use two of them Silvi's Lair and Valley Sherwood. Not to mention my hatchlings all seem to have more as well. I do have the not accepting aid on. The egg has over 4,000 views all ready and over 700 unique views. Dragons I raised around Halloween are all under 3,000 views as adults. My hatchlings and this one egg are all ready over 4,000.
  19. I didn't get any zombies this year but I have gotten them other years.
  20. Have: 3EG Caligene X Gold dragon Want: Unrelated blood swap https://dragcave.net/teleport/e46f53e486878fd63f15edd5d4ef2d7c
  21. I have one sitting alt black for those who may need it https://dragcave.net/lineage/pB6kP
  22. Really? Really? It is NOT Fair! Excuse me for saying this but since when is life fair? Raffles are random things are generated randomly which means that sometimes one person might be extremley lucky and get multiple wins others may be not so lucky and not win for months/years whatever. When the tinsels and Shimmers were given out once a year I never got one. Even though I participated, however I refuse to say that's not fair I should have one and those that win should give others a chance by having a cool down. If I am meant to have one I will get one. Not to mention never having an alt sweetling or my once tri coloured wings of my Xmas 2009 dragons were changed to solid gold forever when there were complaints. I still have not gotten a second gen shimmer/tinsel/holly oh well maybe one day I will. I could say it is NOT fair! I don't have these things, but I won't because I feel if I am meant to get one I will. It will come to me when it is my time I can be patient, and if I never get one maybe it wasn't meant to be. Not everyone can have the same things, even if you want them. I am not a millionaire, I do not make lots of money in my job, such is life be happy with what you have. One of your choices stop the raffle. You know when people complained about people winning more then once in the yearly draw, TJ stopped giving the prizes for competing in the yearly event. We all had to do without because so many complained. So you would essentially, punish everyone so no one can win more then once, not to mention those who haven't won will now never have a chance. You know I prefer one chance once a month. I play the lottery every week too telling myself I never win but I can't win if I don't buy a ticket. By entering the raffle I have at least a chance maybe when the time is right I will get that prize dragon. It's my birthday this month maybe I will be lucky, and maybe I won't still can't win if I don't enter. Stop the sour grape/not fair bit, I'm sorry but if you want to say what's not fair in life save it for something important - not for a game, which is supposed to be fun.
  23. I've never had a book published, I have had a young adult fantasy book turned down numerous times but have such hopes for it, it is one of my favourites that I have written. However, I have had some short stories published if that counts for anything. I had a short story published in a book put out by the SPCA in British Columbia Canada -the book was titled How I learned to speak dog and other animal stories. The other story published went into Chicken Soup for the Soul one of their dog story ones called I can't believe my dog did that! I also was one of the winners in a writing contest from a magazine where you had to write about why your city/town was one of the best to live in. So, I have been published.
  24. Yesterday while breeding some of my Game of thrones quote lineages I got this little Seawyrm Pygmy egg that has Tyrion Lannister quotes https://dragcave.net/lineage/FEAst
  25. Gifting metallics I have two silvers and one gold egg to give away would prefer to give them to someone with no eggs/dragon of that colour. Please PM me and provide a scroll link. Have 5 eg Silver egg, 8EG Silver egg with spriters alts, thuweds and holidays in lineage. gold is 3rd gen. Gold and blusang lineage.