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  1. and what am I supposed to do here? can't pick anything
  2. that's awfull, build a lvl 7 fort, press f5 for refres a page, and it's gone. thanks a lot :c
  3. lol, no way someone else use my profile and phone then I make an offer, only if someone hack me, but come on, I haven't any interesting on scroll no! read first post - I accept a trade, and then close a window after succesfull note, and put my scroll to hatcherys, then notice that my egg is gone. I had 7 eggs, and all I wanted to keep i get it already, it's a bug but no one even care to see more for it, theme must be closed
  4. And? I need to click at abandon egg first, then enter my password (it doesn't saved on my phone) and then press OK. It's three points to get egg abandon!! How can do it accidentally? 0o
  5. How can I hit a settings button, if I'm wasn't at the egg page? I don't even have a page at history. Tell me please. No, she send me from computer, and I take an offer at the phone. It was CB silver, but if it was anything else it's still awful. It was a gift, and I still don't get why this is happened
  6. it's awfull, I havent even come to an egg page |: how else I can abandon it, if I didn't come there? I had 7 eggs while can handle 8, so it's not the point, I don't get it
  7. I contacted him, but not sure if he notice that :C deleted full link
  8. she said that egg succesfully transfered, thats all. no, it wac CB silver egg thank you, Ill try!
  9. how can I do it? course it's really weird... I think someone catch it already, but I will ask, thanks
  10. of course not. I really didn't go to the egg page, it's not even in my history!! how else I can abandon en egg? how can I abandon egg, if I wasn't on it's page? tell me please After I see a message about succes, I close a window and go to put my scroll to harchery (egg had a little time), and then I notice, that this egg doesnt shown at my scroll
  11. But I updated a page! And there was my nickname :C And this message, what I succesfully claimed an egg!
  12. No way, course after I saw a message, I close window and post my account at hatcheries, I didnt open egg page!
  13. Hello, yesterday my friend teleport me an egg, it was one way transfer, and egg have a low time. I open a link with teleport at my mobile, and notice, than I am not logged in, so I open new page, made log in, refresh page with teleport and then don teleporting to the end, have notice and The eggs/hatchlings have been transfered to your account successfully. and then I look at my list, theres no this egg! then I look at Log and find out that site is abandoned my egg! How can it be? Please, help, my silver is gone :c