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Requests for CB Golden Shimmer are closed!




1. I only keep a list for 2g Prizes. I do not breed 2g Prizekins on purpose, please do not contact me to request those

2. My 2g Prize waiting list has 5 spots on it. The list will open up only once everyone has received their eggs. I will announce the list's status(open/closed) in my signature. If you message me requesting a spot on the list when the list is closed, your message will be ignored; I don't reserve spots on future lists.

I have a "one egg per person per list opening" rule. If you already have an egg, you are allowed to request another on a future list, just don't request more than one egg at a time.

3. When requesting a 2g, please include which partner you would like the Prize from in your first message. If you mention multiple potential partners, I will put you down for a 2g from the partner that you mentioned first. Messages where no partner is mentioned will be ignored. Please keep in mind that my Prize is a male Gold Shimmer.

4. I would prefer to receive your side of the IOU(or at least a part of it) before I send you the egg, however this can be negotiated for trades involving CB Metals. 

5. If the Shimmer doesn't produce an egg after 3 tries, I will put you on the bottom of the list. You will still get your 2g and will still keep your spot, but this helps me clear the list somewhat faster as some partners are more stubborn than others and can really "block up" the Prize for a long time. 

6. Once I have the egg, I will send you the teleport immediately. I will keep the egg on my scroll for a maximum of 3 days, after which the teleport will be cancelled. Your "payment" will become null and void, but you are welcome to try to join a future list.

7. If the egg/hatchling dies on your scroll, I will not replace it. There has been a lot of viewbombing lately and it is your responsibility to keep it safe as I simply cannot do it for you!