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  1. So like, I'm leaving this RP and DC in general. Honestly, coming here just feels like a chore and this RP just isn't interesting to me anymore. Since it was really the only thing keeping me here, I don't have a reason to stay.
  2. Riff Off: Mickey/Like A Virgin/Hit Me With Your Best Shot/S&M/Let's Talk About Sex/I'll Make Love To You/Feels Like The First Time/No Diggity from Pitch Perfect
  3. Avatar: 3/10. It's not really much to look at Name: 1/10. It's just a bunch of letters. Signature: 2/10. It's wayyy to bright/
  4. Avatar: 3/10. It's not really much to look at Name: 1/10. It's just a bunch of letters. Signature: 2/10. It's wayyy to bright/
  5. i really hope that wasn't a passive aggressive post about me because i'm not even doing anything.
  6. I don't think we could ask them to change it or start over, especially since I don't think the OP is coming back...
  7. I honestly don't know, to be honest. It might be school or it might be something personal. I don't really think it'd be a good idea to talk about it though. Ah, I guess I could take over the OPing while he's gone. I mean, if he's not coming back, I would probably be the next person in line to take it up. I could just make a post saying that it defaults to me because I've been here the longest. We do need more members though, I completely agree.
  8. I don't think he's coming back. I used to know the OP personally and something happened that it probably keeping him from coming back.
  9. i want mcdonald's, reba dale's, a hamburger, and taco bell.
  10. Avatar: 4/10. It's alright? Signature: 2/10. There's a lot of conflicting things in it// Name: 5/10. It's cool/
  11. "Alright," said Czech smiling slightly. He looked between Cairo and Denmark and nodded. Standing, he turned and began walking to his hot tub, tugging his shirt over his head as he did so. Before he could slip off his jeans, there were voices at the door. He motioned for Prague to go let what he thought were more nations in, but Copenhagen went to the door instead. Suddenly, about eight people entered his house. Six were women, who went to the wide opening in his house to dance and to his kitchen. His jaw dropped and he looked at Prague, who was giving Copenhagen a rather nasty glare. Czech wanted to be mad, he really did, but there was a young Japanese-looking girl with her white-haired friend. Shrugging, he went up to them, speaking slowly in Czech so they would understand. Seconds later, both of the girls were hanging from his arms.
  12. "Uh...Um...No, I think I'm fine," said Czech, going back to the living room. For a second, he had forgotten that he had allowed Cairo to get water. Still, he was dazed by all the weird stuff going on. Someone brought their pet and then Copenhagen made a suspicious phone call. The latter worried him the most, but it probably was no big deal. Nothing was going to happen, he was sure. He took a seat back to where he was, while Prague, for some reason, opted to sit to a adjacent to the couch. Sighing, he shook his head, completely confused as to what was up with everyone. Huffing, he looked around at everyone, "Hey, when we're all done eating, does anyone want to get in the hot tub?"
  13. I don't understand??/ That's noe even the genre that station is/?? i????
  14. /clings to fellow T&B fan tell me more *w* how far in are you who's your favourite character what are you guys rp'ing Reply Link
  15. i really want to talk to her about that bacon thing omg