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  1. Is this still in progress?

    Several teams have reached the end goal of 10 generations, but others due to slow breeding or inactivity haven't yet. The "Lineage Dragons" tab in the spreadsheet is a good summary of where everyone is. For example, I have a 10th gen from Team Leaf but I've only got one 9th gen for Team Flame, so I can't breed a 10th gen until we do trades with another not-yet-determined team.


    It would have to be up to the individual teams to come back and kickstart things into motion again. I'm tempted to figure out who is active that can breed me the missing 9th gen I'm missing...

  2. Neat pair! Desipis dragons are some of my favorite holidays.


    Meanwhile, I've got my sunrise ready to go, so fingers crossed it genders correctly and I can finally breed Shoukaed!

  3. As far as your time question goes, I think I finally caught up to the releases about two years into playing. Unfortunately, that was also five years ago when there were a lot less dragons. But, that was also with the scroll limit of four eggs, so now as you collect more, you'll be able to hold more!


    My advice would be to follow each current release from now on and make sure you have your desired set of those. Then, in the lull between releases, grab nice looking eggs that you don't have from the AP. There's a decent amount of CB's in there and the time is reduced, so you'll speed up the process at least a little bit. If you don't care about CB dragons then it's even easier.


    My own collection is only missing a neglected, and I'm inspired to try again since I try not to do a lot between halloween and valentines events, so prime time for experimenting again.

  4. I joined right during the guardian release, but I definitely was affected more by the summer seasonal release that came next. I couldn't grab a single one, and had to wait until summer came around again to get one! So I ended up getting all my other seasonals before getting those lol.

  5. Shoukaed Signodextra is all grown up and ready to be pedigreed! And my gold x sunset pair can breed again tomorrow, so I used fertility on both of them for good luck haha.


    And airaani, that pink has a lovely lineage! Certainly a hard one to come by.


    Edit: The couple bred!...A gold? Well, uh, not what I was expecting. I haven't bred a gold in ages xd.png They do breed AoC but I was looking forward to the sunrise. Maybe I'll trade it for some xeno eggs...

  6. Thanks! It's influenced female for a future pedigree so fingers crossed.


    My goal is to breed lots of avatars of creation (to balance out all of my destructions), so I wanted to make a pair that will help me out with that. I also really like how the 2nd gen lineage view for an AoC has different sprites for each of the dragons, so finding a dragon with sprite changes would also be really cool. I didn't find any hybrids I liked but then I found my CB Gold and CB Sunset who I could then breed for a Sunrise, and match colors really well with Thetalis and Aylis! I currently got a no interest but that means no rejection so this plan is full steam ahead!


    user posted image

  7. Edit: Btw, helix, would you like to go ahead and pedigree Helix, Pumuksa, and Ausdauer? They're eligible for a pedigree stamp.

    Oh hey, they are eligible. I can even go one generation further. It would go Helix, who is the mother of Pumuska, who is the father of Ausdauer, who is the mother of Parahanga, who is male. (I had a lot of even gens hiding on my scroll haha.)


    The best part is that they all somehow ended up Avatars of Destruction! laugh.gif

  8. I'm planning just a male and female pair of each type (for now), so they will either be an Alchemist or Alkahestrist, in reference to Full Metal Alchemist. They even break down into a neat pattern by gender and mana family, mostly by accident until I noticed the pattern myself haha.


    So far, I've got one Alkahestrist and five Alchemists on my hands biggrin.gif

  9. I imagine each of the new xenowyrms will breed by their mana types. Astrapi and Pyro will be destruction, Mageia and Chronos will be change, and Thalassas and Gaia will be creation. These lineages are going to look great if it's the case!

  10. At this rate I think I'll only be able to get one breeding pair of each color instead of two like I usually do. There are so many but they're all so great! I think these will keep me busy for a long long while.

  11. Had a fun color coordinated match for the nebula I was gifted from this thread but of course they refused. I hope I can find another nice lineage hiding on my scroll somewhere.


    And spring_dragon, I love that pyrope/tidal combo what a great match-up.

  12. August 2008 here! Got my first batch of eggs which all died, then got a second batch on the 26th and joined the forums on the 30th so those wouldn't die too. My oldest dragon is a skywing, a testament to how long I've been playing with pretty much no breaks. I still remember all those dragon eggs piled into RP forum signatures, I clicked on several of them, and the rest is history!

  13. After breeding ten spessartines before finally getting a skywing for my inbred project, of course the couple refused. sad.gif I feel bad knowing that breeding a replacement probably means getting another pyralspite, which means replacing the dragon that's been waiting around on my scroll all this time...