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  1. I was looking for nhiostrifes in the alpine and suddenly almandine pyralspite! But there was no way I was ever going to get it because I don't have my mouse with me right now and I hate my laptop's trackpad. Best chance I've had in a while and I set myself up for failure xd.png But the sighting gives me hope for a later opportunity.

  2. I think I can understand why older players do not like change. I think I can understand nostalgia even if that means keeping around sprites with weird anatomy. I understand a bit less the bird part, in particular because what is best for the bird should be taken in consideration ***. In the same way, TJ is taking in consideration what is best for DC.

    If people really wanted nostalgia...there's always the pre-fog dragons from waaay back when.


    user posted image


    Recognize any? xd.png

  3. except with 100% less broken necks.

    I laughed a little harder than I should have when I read that. Once the holly update comes out, I'll have to make a banner. "Now with 100% less broken necks!"


    I'm actually excited about whatever "including (but not limited to)" means in TJ's post. Sometimes the smaller updates are what really make a dragon look refreshed again. And always more dimorphism!

  4. I'm in the same boat re: lots of projects. My plan is to have two males and two females from Shoukaed, a male and female pair of avatars of creation, a sunrise, and a sunset dragon. But out of the four siblings only one can be pedigreed (Kabusha, who already has been). I'm still excited for the other ones of course.


    So far I've got Atdzimis, his AoC sister, and Izgrev the sunrise sister. Fingers crossed that I get a male sunset soon to finish the family!


    Meanwhile, Kabusha really loves to breed nebulas, so I've got the lovely Therum Signodextra after the autoabandon mishap. Maybe I'll try to collect one of each color xd.png If anyone's interested in nebulas that I get extras of, let me know, because I want to breed an AoC out of them eventually and I'm afraid it'll take a while.

  5. Wow, well first I hadn't even been keeping track of how many dragons I had in total, so 2436 hit me as a big shock (that's a lot o' years!) with 2017 as adults and the rest frozen. And 1,706 have at least one child, so that's 84.58% of adults. Probably because I try to get a mate for everyone but then only breed them once, lol.


    As far as children, there's 3208 out there, so 1.59 per adult. And the one with the most children is my CB bright pink with 68 between two mates. I think she's definitely one of the few old dragons I have that I still breed, otherwise its just lineage projects.


    hooray cool stats!

  6. "more mundane method" referring to the breeding of dragon/GON and "magical creation" referring to the summoning of a GON egg by the combined might of Fire, Ice, and Storm? I just wanted to be clear here.

    Actually that's a particularly good detail to point out. A GoN is created by the force of Trio dragons coming together to Summon one with their connection to the elements. If we're going to be extra technical, a GoN's ability to "channel the forces of fire, ice and lightning" (from their description) means that they should also be able to summon a GoN by themselves, aka with just ONE parent, like vampires. Therefore, there should never be a situation where a GoN x GoN pairing breeds a GoN, because that's simply not how they come into the world.


    (I wonder if having a GoN increases your chances of summoning another one, in the same way that having several magmas/ices/thunders increases the probability? That would be an interesting suggestion by itself, along with letting your current GoN's also have access to the Summon BSA.)


    Breeding Avatars really shouldn't happen either, as it was previously mentioned that they don't have an elemental affinity. I mean, they even refuse a handful of Valentines dragons, and several breeds can't ever breed any type of avatar because they're neutral. If Cassares are neutral, GoN's are even more neutral than that! It would be sorta neat if they did but it would feel a little strange. If it ever did happen, I also think it should be random.



    tl;dr: no to breeding GoN's, noncommittal hand-wavey shrug at breeding random avatars

  7. Locked with my blue heralds until midnight PST, so at least I'm not being tempted with open slots. And if there isn't a silver drop I'll finally get around to breeding my projects that have been halted since the release. xd.png So either way, a win-win in my situation.

  8. The timing was pretty impeccable on my part, since all my bronzes just grew up in the past hour and freed up my scroll. laugh.gif It looks like the indigos are dropping in big cave drops like the past two as well, so that's a good sign for the future silvers.


    Thank you all for keeping track of this information!

  9. I must agree with your point. Furthermore, things changed quite a bit in the meantime, so, no offense but, for a new user like me,  the suggestion sounds a bit... obsolete...

    Right there with you. When I think "ascension" I think of the lovely skywing sprite that existed and how much I wanted, and still want, to have them as part of my army. But thinking of it as just one sprite is clearly missing the point. It brings a lot of baggage with it too (spriter permission? lineage annoyances? eligibilities? BSA's? etc.) so there seems to be more than one way to make people much more unhappy than happy. After all, there were so so many less dragons when it was first implemented. I think we're all plenty occupied with the ones we have available now (xenowyrms anyone?).


    I think I'd be happier at this point to expand the things we do have now (like moon mechanics, mana rules, and of course the encyclopedia) instead of adding something as big and unsure as ascension. Maybe we can save the idea in our collective back pockets though. At its simplest, distilled center, I do still really like the idea of the oldest and wisest dragons to have that "mega-evolution" look to them.

  10. And I need to find another 5 gen to continue the current lineage I have going with Tharanu's descendants, and then a 6 gen, and then a 7th... probably have all of those on my scroll somewhere too, or at least halfway to that point. (And once I get to seventh gen I could possibly breed that dragon with a Bloodscale... ah, wait, Bloodscales are two-headed. It would be interesting if TJ ever removed the breeding restrictions and let us play around with what would happen if a regular one-headed would breed with a two-headed...)

    If you need something high-gen, I have a big collection of even gens for just that occassion that I can breed for you. I can breed any pair in this lineage, though they're all fairly random breeds so if you don't need anything specific I can help you out. I may have some stairs and arrows hiding somewhere too...


    Meanwhile, please welcome Kabusha Signodextra to the family (and pedigree-able, yes?). biggrin.gif I was so excited to breed him that I lost the egg due to being scroll-locked, but the lineage includes the other two kinds of shimmer prizes and one of each color of nebula, plus they make avatars of creation! You can see why I was so happy about it, haha.

  11. After the multiple pros and cons, I'd say that as an old user I'm pretty neutral on the subject. As in, if it wasn't implemented it would be business as usual, and if it were implemented I'd join in and get that second CB Yulebuck I never grabbed.


    Either way, I would start wanting to see more CB's in circulation once 2nd and 3rd gens became harder and harder to find in the AP. You can point at the way the HM prize Hollies have helped out that population in a noticeable way, even in small quantities. But even this year, I was able to scrounge around the AP for a 2nd gen Val '09 after grabbing some even 3rd gens. So as the years pass, I'll probably start liking this idea more and more.


    As far as the idea of "limited editions" is concerned, I always think about CB Vampires. You can get a CB Vampire at literally any time of day by biting any CB egg, so there's tons of them. But what makes those very first ones special, like the two females I own, are because they say "Egg Stolen on: Oct 31, 2008" and have four-digit codes, two things can can never be obtained again. It's proof that I was there and got them, and that's special enough for me at least.


    Implementation-wise, it really depends on where the site wants to go in the future. Something like the store makes a points system seem the most logical, or a super-BSA-for-ALL-the-dragons kind of game would have all the holidays work like Vampires (can you imagine? laugh.gif). Looking at where the cave is right now, this suggestion certainly fits the best with the existing biomes.


  12. Shoukaed bred a lovely avatar of creation! I was gonna let it gender by itself since I wanted a male and female sibling pair, but then I found an amazing mate hiding on my scroll so the baby is influenced male. I won't say which so as not to jinx my chances since it was an AP catch and a rejection would make me very sad.

  13. Makes sense. In that case I'd like to add my records:


    I would like to suggest a new category!


    Name of category: Breeder with the most "X" dragon

    Explanation (if needed): Armies are a great way to show off your devotion to your favorite dragons!


    I would like to set a record!


    Name of category: Breeder with the most skywings

    Number of Dragons: 681

    Evidence: my scroll


    I would like to set a record!


    Name of category: Breeder with the most nhiostrifes

    Number of Dragons: 122

    Evidence: my scroll


    I would like to suggest a new category!


    Name of category: Longest purebred even gen lineages

    Explanation (if needed): A dragon whose lineage is both even gen and only one type of dragon.


    I would like to set a record!


    Name of category: Longest skywing PB EG lineage


    Evidence: see above

  14. Are the records from the last thread going to be transferred over?

    I was thinking the same thing. Lots of people have put records in this thread but it's closed due to inactive mods. I'd love to have an active thread again, but in case some of these people don't know about the new thread I don't see why they can't be moved over.