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  1. Saved all my potions for today, and I'm glad I did! It was so fun giving everyone proper costumes. xd.png Still trying to get scroll locked with the new release, one from each biome plus an extra to round it out. biggrin.gif


    edit: Aw yes, the 3 am maintenance drop is always the best one, because it gets people distracted and you have less competition clicking on those eggs xd.png My best strategy!

  2. I like the idea as well! I bit a red to turn into a vampire yesterday so I still feel a little bad taking that BSA out of circulation haha. Plus I've been meaning to breed my pair of bright pinks more regularly to share those lineages.

  3. Got the stage 1 hatchies I wanted all frozen and ready to celebrate Halloween. And I did some vamp biting too, 5 of 6 turned and stayed on my scroll while only 1 killed the egg, which seems like some pretty good odds! Next up: waiting for the release and some zombie resurrecting.

  4. I naturally gravitate towards even gen lineages, why is why when you introduced the Pedigree thing I had a ton to add retroactively xd.png If I wasn't such a stickler with breeding my GoN's a spiral with Nhiostrifes would be really neat.


    edit: My plan for the surprise fifth sibling was successful. We now have a zombie Signodextra in our midst! A shame it doesn't show in progeny lists, but I love it nonetheless.

  5. I figure editing posts isn't useful, so I'll post again for this next one.


    (Alabasta Baca) + (Red Fireflies) is potion #722. It only affects Shadow Walkers.


    edit: (I realize this is a bit contradictory lol) If anything the potion numbers may be generated like teleport links, constantly increasing as more are made. Just my observation so far.

  6. (Leech) + (Rainbow Water) is potion #604. It also seems to only affect Spitfire, Anagallis, Bright-Breasted Wyvern, and Purple Ridgewing dragons.


    Perhaps also collecting the dragons the potion can be specifically used on would be helpful? (Must find a skywing potion soon...)

  7. I think you're confusing a kill slot with a scroll slot? The kill slot is taken up for two weeks, and a killed egg takes up an egg slot on your scroll for 24 hours (I've lost my fair share of bred eggs because of forgetting that). I'm actually not sure if a hatchling does the same, particularly because I almost never hit the growing creatures limit. If it does keep a slot though, it is fairly likely to be exactly 24 hours.

  8. I found this extremely funny for some reason...xd.png


    But if the poor dragon dies forever, the code will be gone D:

    Yeah, I know! That's the part that's really holding me back. Maybe I'll do it if one of my evasions fails again today.

  9. Got two kills and three evasions so far, but at least the kills I did get are the ones I'm most looking forward to convert to zombies.


    I also can't decide whether to kill one of my lunar heralds who's rejected all of her mates so far, because I gave her a neat name based off her funny code. Plus I get a volcano tombstone too...so undecided DX

  10. Bred the first of two 6th gens for my nhiostrife/skywing checker! Now I just need my last CB pair to cooperate and give me a skywing to get the second half moving.


    On another front, it has been impossible breeding a hellhorse out of a pyro xeno to continue this line. Back in august they gave me a pyro that I froze, and then bred a whole lot of nothing until today when I got...a thalassa?? I don't really need it so if someone wants it, just grab it from here.

  11. Good question. I think I'm all set with the four you've posted on the front page (thanks!) so I don't think there's gonna be much movement of breeding pairs in my case.


    I do conveniently have a post on the first page, so if you ever want to organize it differently I'd be down with that. smile.gif

  12. user posted image

    Scroll: Gauge

    Breeder: helix9

    Signodextra: Any Direct Signodextra

    Reason: n/a

    I'll get on it! And you just made me realize that I have no specific pairings actually spelled out on the front page because they used to all be Forerunners, which I've stopped breeding once the new ones were introduced.


    Shoukaed x Teridax is mostly meant for me to keep, and now that I have the 4 siblings I wanted (plus a surprise 5th which I have...plans for) I probably won't breed them again. But! I do have official mates for the 4 siblings that I could have as my "official" breeding pairs. (Fun fact: the mates are all creation-aligned dragons!)


    Kabusha Signodextra x Stark Contrast Alloy [lineage] (most prolific so far)

    Atdzimis Signodextra x Oxfessab [lineage]

    Izgrev Signodextra x Mynkhou [lineage]

    Ilunabarra Signodextra x Quantized Spirit [lineage]


    I'll breed you Kabusha first, and it'll be yours if it's an AoC. If not, I'll go through the other three and see which one gets lucky. happy.gif

  13. These two refused. :/

    Ugh, what a gorgeous lineage! I'm disappointed right along with you.


    I had yet another Lunar pair reject (I think the fourth now?) after getting 3/4 of the bronze eggs I needed. I'll have to get another CB because I don't want to keep shuffling couples around hoping for no refusals. DX

  14. The very first thing question that came to mind was covered by the restrictions, and with both of those in place I think it's a pretty solid idea.


    The time added would have to be at least 3 days, to allow eggs to hatch without incubation, otherwise it probably wouldn't alleviate anything. For people with the max scroll limit, that's seven more eggs out of the AP which should definitely help unclog things.


    On my end, it would certainly help with making sure breeding requests are spaced out in case people don't accept the teleport links right away.

  15. I'm unsure why the sunrises/sunsets would need any tweaks, since they've already had their updates and I love their new neon/glowing looks and poses. I've always been a fan of their color palettes and wish I had more.


    Otherwise there aren't any that I specifically want to pick on, but I'm sure I'd love the changes on any of them. Then again, after armying skywings for so long, I can't help but want to see something really lovely for them. Not dimorphism though, I love having an entire page of my scroll with just a single sprite on it. xd.png

  16. I put together some lovely 4th gens I came across in the AP to make a couple of 5th gens. I have this lovely skywing that I was able to make because of an incorrect gendering. I won't be able to continue the checker but it's still quite lovely.


    I also have this great gold checker with skywings and ridgewings. I'd love to collect more 4th gens of the non-gold breed in gold checkers, particularly other blue or purple dragons. So if anyone is feeling generous... xd.png