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  1. I haven't even started the game yet but I can tell there was an incredible amount of work and love poured into it! Thanks so very much to everyone who made it possible!
  2. Hmm, this is fairly compelling. I noticed right away when the limit for non-CB holidays was lifted, I was keeping my own bred 2nd gens to freeze. Even this year, I'm keeping the offspring from my 2 mistletoe dragons so I won't be able to gift any directly. I guess in that case, would you say that multiclutches just wouldn't be enough to solve the problem at an increase of 4 per holiday? I mean, sure, I am keeping one of each but they also breed 2 or 3 to go to someone else hunting in the AP. Increasing to 4 should theoretically bump the numbers by double of what we already see, but it's hard to say. I'm certainly a fan of testing the waters and seeing how it plays out.
  3. Got the two indigo lunars I needed for my lineage today! I've had such bad luck with rejects and lunar heralds that I was expecting at least one to go bad, but they both gave me eggs! Now these two need to like each other and give me a silver...
  4. I figured it was inappropriate to respond to this post in the thread that it's actually from, since I don't plan on replying to the suggestion it's for. But this did get me thinking, and being the spreadsheet junkie that I am, I had to see the stats play out. Maybe others might be interested in my number crunching? The google doc link is here (click on the graphs to see the numbers that don't fit!). I think my favorite finding is that dragon releases are surprisingly uniform, with 2009 edging out as the year with the most. And which year has the most dragons with sprite updates? 2009. (By percentages though, it's 2007). But the most common update to a sprite is adding dimorphism, and there was this little event in March 2010 where lots of dimorphism was added in. It happened to also spur a lot of sprite tweaking too, and they often go hand in hand. The other really interesting thing is that roughly half of all dragons released before March 2010 have had some sort of change implemented after their release. And after that? Well, only one dragon that was released in the past three years has had an update, and I have a hard time seeing the change. Updates are clearly happening to older dragons, and to quote a meme, "more likely than you think." I see it as a clear response to the rising quality of the dragons over the years, and the only reason that the statistic for 2006's updates don't match the ones for 07-09 might just be nostalgia. tl;dr: TJ's pretty good at his math.
  5. There's some lovely drama happening in the Guild Wars 2 reddit thread, and I never realized how much I love reading people bicker at each other on the internet. Especially when I only started playing that game in June and it's all of the old players going back and forth about how good/bad the new expansion is compared to the old content. Delicious drama really! Makes me appreciate the game even more, surprisingly.
  6. I have a feeling that future sprite updates will have to remain secret and out of the public eye. The more out-of-nowhere updates like the splits and horses seem to be hugely positive, as well as the female silver like you mention. Giving people time to build expectations never goes as planned.
  7. And the males look so lovely and bright next to skywings as well! I don't have any female silver checkers but they fit right in with the bright colors of this lineage of mine.
  8. Agreed. I really got to get better lineaged ones now instead of my old messy ones that I never breed. They're stunners! And the silvers look actually reflective like silver! Great update.
  9. CB Gaia xenowyrm obtained! That shortens my list to just two more CB xenos to find. I have seen more in the cave lately so hopefully other people will find some as well.
  10. When I don't have anything to breed, I fill my seven slots digging through empty-ish biomes in search of Xenos. And there is was, mana coursing through a glassy egg! I click it and..."overburdened." It was there for a good many refreshes before picking up to, so I wouldn't have had any competition for it... DX
  11. I get a lot of usage out of the "filter by: available for BSA" drop down menu, but with this suggestion added in then that page could instead include ALL of the BSA dragons you have. Then instead of just knowing it's not available yet because you can't see it, you'd know "oh hey I only have to wait an hour." Anything that takes less clicks is something I appreciate. Then again, I could see the counter to that idea being that the whole point of that page is to make it as efficient as possible, so you only see exactly what you need right there. It's a give and take, depending on what user likes which system. I imagine a toggle on/off setting available to users would go well with this, as some wouldn't like the added clutter.
  12. Haha, thanks! If there is interest, I might start a list for 5th gen eggs (but don't ask yet, it will take a lot of waiting first!).
  13. I was referred over by PM, glad to hear about such an awesome raffle! Thanks!
  14. The top half of my lunar lineage bred successfully today! The bottom half will look the same, and then I'll continually breed the 4th gen parents to get a 5th gen of every color. Now I just have to wait for the indigo phase to come around again for the bottom half's 3rd gen. Only 15 more days (The pattern of the CB's actually follows the same order of the phases, starting with both moons full at the top silver. Then at the bottom you can start from the top again!)
  15. My 2015 adult Undeads do indeed sort correctly by egg laid date. As for the weird ones, the first was laid Jul 13, 2010 and killed Oct 23, 2011 while the second was laid on Aug 18, 2013 and killed Oct 30, 2013. So the dates aren't too terribly separated from each other. Of the ones I killed this year, the oldest egg laid date is Jun 20, 2015 so they weren't alive for much. So the numbers are rather neatly organized on mine, with a big gap in between the area that might be causing the problem. Maybe something between the 2014 and 2015 Halloween seasons changed the way the Undead adults work? I did just check my encyclopedia and have big "0"s next to the owned Undead stats.
  16. Fingers crossed for the next silver phase, so I'll be able to breed the 4th gen of the Lunar lineage I've been doing! The goal is 5 gens, so I'll make sure to show it off once I get there.
  17. I've got an interesting thing happening when I sort my scroll by "Age". Everything works just fine except for two of my zombies, which sort themselves at the end, thus claiming to be the "youngest" on my scroll. However, one's from 2010 and the other is from 2013! I've got frozen hatchling zombies that have no problems and sort in the right places, and they're from 2009 and 2012. The rest of my zombies are from this year, 2015, and both adults and hatchlings sort in their correct time slots. Any idea what might be happening? Does anyone else have this problem?
  18. Looks like I'm in the same boat with a bunch of you guys. Got an even gen lineage project stalled because of a pair that's had no interest for the past month, so I'm stuck at 4 out of 7 generations.
  19. I'm particularly proud of grabbing the Beat the Heat and Carrot Cave badges, letting me have all of the possible badges. And thanks to my scroll's age, I've got a healthy collection of 4-character codes, including a Leetle Tree from the first day of their re-release in the cave. The only holiday release I have ever missed is the Holly release. When I started DC, all of my dragons were named after Bionicle characters, so if you happen to have tried those names, that'd be me. I own at least an adult pair of all possible dragons except Neglecteds, and I also have a pair of frozen hatchlings for all released dragons except for about four species (I don't have and thus can never get frozen bright pinks and GoNs, but I'm working on the remaining few). Of course, I like to think that my defining feature is having the largest standing skywing army.
  20. helix9


    The color coordination is gorgeous! Stellar choice. edited to add: Hoped for an alt undine, but it stayed green. It's got a cute lowercase code though and it was influenced female, if anyone wants to grab it.
  21. Actually, since scroll limits were mentioned, I don't think the limit could be more than 4 CB's to allow for the more recently created accounts to have the same as everyone else. It'd feel downright strange to have a christmas event where some people were getting more than others because of trophies. Besides that, I'm so used to just having the two CB's and then hunting for another pair of 2nd gens the following year that I wouldn't mind a change or no change at all. More CB's does mean more gifting for the following year though, which I always see as a positive.
  22. DragonLady86, I think the zombies are appearing in the progeny lists at night when you would normally find the zombies active on your scroll instead of the tombstone. For example, it about 1 am cave time right now and I can see Grave Seeker on the progeny list you linked. I can also see my own lineaged zombie here. The only thing I don't see is the zombies showing up under "Children" on the parent's view page. Maybe that might clear up the problem? I've been curious about this issue as well.
  23. Ah, that's a good point actually! So instead of cluttering the "sort by" drop-down menu with the name of every species, you could use the links from the encyclopedia instead. It would be like a specialized "sort by: breed" where you only see the one breed. Sort of like: And it gives you access to the manage actions link so you can breed from that page quite efficiently. Good call!
  24. The initial CB releases for Christmas and Valentine's is still limited to two anyways, so there's no way to freeze/unfreeze your way to have more CB's of those than anyone else. The CB Halloweens feel like a moot point, considering that the whole idea is that there is no imposed limit to them. And besides holiday events, using unfreeze on anything else? Not a big deal, imho. I have some nicely frozen xenowyrms, for example. If they were unfrozen and insta-adulted, it'd basically be like I forgot about breeding them this whole time. I think the only real way to counteract the skirting of scroll limits is not to have enough unfreezes for it to save you a huge chunk of time from freeing up hatchie slots. All of my ungendered frozen hatchies, for example, I froze immediately after hatching. If you assume they would have all grown up at the 4 day mark, that's three extra days I don't have to hold onto them. With 16 unfreezes a year as proposed, that's 48 days that I have freed up one hatchie slot, 24 days that I've had two slots open, or 12 days I've had three slots open. Or there's the way I actually did them, two batches of seven and a third batch of the remaining two, so 7 slots open for six days and 2 slots open for three days. If you have a gold trophy and only do everything in waves of 7 (ie 7 eggs and the 7 hatchies from the previous batch) you have seven hatchie slots open 365 days in a year. Time saved from unfreezing? Irrelevant, really. You'd have to give me the power to unfreeze all 400+ of my frozen hatchies at once to make it feel like I got a head start on everyone else, which would clearly never happen.
  25. I was rummaging around my computer files and found some old screenshots that I was going to use to propose a similar idea to this thread's topic. It ends up being pretty similar to Shokomon's suggestion, but also includes the number of dragons of that species in particular that live on your scroll. For example: And then clicking on the link for adults, you would be brought to a page like this: (And yes it's from the old layout, that's how long ago I did these mock ups ) After a certain number (20? 50? User-designated?) it could just display linked names and not the dragon's image, to help with loading the page. But yeah, in general I'm a fan of this idea. I agree with fuzz's opinion on not having the page sharing though, since I figured the point was to make all of your own information more easily accessible to yourself.