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  1. Getting lots of no interests these days. Of course I still haven't gotten the red nebula I want, even though that's the color of the one I autoabandoned when I was scroll-locked. And Nyenyezi has only bred two gold lunars and nothing else. I'll get an avatar out of you soon! *shakes fist*

  2. I've never realized that I've basically never bred the majority of my holidays when it isn't the actual holiday. It makes the progeny list look more interesting, and a couple of them were actually refusals that I never knew about xd.png I hope people enjoy the unusual combinations that I find interesting.

  3. I've been able to use the low time AP eggs to grab some gorgeous metal checkers. wub.gif


    With golds, I've got:

    Skywing (I actually already have a sibling to this one too!)


    Deep Sea

    Bright Breasted


    And with silvers, I've got:

    Bright Breasted

    Red Finned





    Plus a bonus Skywing x Ice because yay skywings biggrin.gif


    My collection is now growing faster than I expected, and I hope to find more! Especially since I can't influence any of these xd.png

  4. So I know Ayatul Signodextra is on cooldown so I will have to try in a week. But I was able to get Zuskl (also, thinking to just keep his code instead of naming) and was thinking he would look nicely as a lineage with Ayatul. I know we can do more than one mate, but I am thinking maybe I should just keep Ayatul with one. Thoughts?


    Possible lineage with Zuskl


    Possible lineage with xBiead

    Ooh I like them both. I like that you have a gold to match with Aylis, but I also really like the dark contrast with the lurker and destruction ava. I think the deciding factor would be whether you want to breed only creation avas or both types of avatars. In my case I'd choose xBiead because I like having mates that produce varied offspring, but it's up to you!

  5. I wanted to make sure I didn't accidentally breed some of my lunars before the phase changed to gold, so I scroll-locked myself with CB's on purpose. Unfortunately this worked a little too well, and now I'm constantly checking the abandon timers on those eggs so I can breed again. A true test of patience xd.png

  6. My lunar lineage is complete, and they finally all have names lol!


    I'll be breeding Stellar Latitudes and Stellar Longitudes as much as I remember to, so if you have a favorite color give me a poke. I might also cap the list at five? It would depend a lot on the calendar too so not much first-come/first-served happening, and more hey-this-is-conveniently-timed. I just know the next one will be indigo and I've got it reserved. smile.gif

  7. I wish I could help as well Shokomon, but my days have suddenly gotten a lot busier, and I wouldn't be online during the phase change. Always know that the work you've done is greatly appreciated!


    In fact, if it weren't for this thread I wouldn't have...this beautiful egg! Notice how the CB's match how the phases look on the calendars. Now I just need to give them really awesome names.

  8. I've got three of the four nebula colors from Kabusha that I've been trying to obtain. All of his descendants on my scroll are named after Mass Effect planets, to keep with the space theme. smile.gifTherum, Noveria, and Virmire are all set, and the fourth will be named Feros. Ilos, the avatar of creation, officially has a mate and will hopefully breed another AoC to pedigree, but meanwhile I have Khituong the almandine pyralspite.


    And of course, if there are any requests for eggs I will gladly fulfill them.

  9. Inspired by last year's matchmaking event I began a quest to create a skywing x nhiostrife checker. With all of the CB's originating on my scroll I've completed my goal of seven generations! (Fun fact: the couple that is in the matchmaking cave is meant to be Turakh and Aswishin, at the very bottom of the lineage.) I'm quite proud of this project, it'll be hard to stop looking for more CB eggs xd.png

  10. I'm sorry you had to see that, however I can assure you that incidents like that are not common and they do get dealt with fast (I got to that vandal and another within 40mins of the attack), so I hope you understand that we work hard to maintain the wiki's information as accurate as can be, and incidents like this shouldn't stop you from trusting the wiki as a whole smile.gif That said, I'm taking on-board feedback from users still regarding whether anon editing should remain or not- at this stage, it has proven to provide more benefits than harm.



    When the information first came out, I published it on the Currently Being Released page, and this information was later then moved to the Mistletoe article itself smile.gif



    I understand where you're coming from, but wikis are meant to be community projects that anyone can, and should, contribute towards. That's how information expands. Vandalism is something all wikis have to deal with- that's why there are administrators to protect the wiki wink.gif Even if English isn't your first language (it isn't mine either), we still encourage users to contribute anything they can think of that isn't already there. Even if you can't say it well, there are other users who can then correct the spelling or grammar- wikis are a team effort smile.gif That said, like I said before I'm taking this feedback on-board with regards to whether anons should be allowed to edit anymore. After the Christmas & New Year madness, I'll have new stats to post up for everyone so you have a better idea of what's going on.

    Thank you so much, bluesonic. I'm glad that you guys are taking this seriously and head-on, it's very much appreciated. smile.gif

  11. Just came by to say that I've found more vandalism, this time on the Mistletoe dragon's page. I didn't know that there had been a problem, but I was trying to look for information about why I got some male hatchlings of mistletoes and went to the wiki in hopes of finding some info. Unfortunately, I found some pretty nasty, inappropriate stuff instead.


    I'm afraid that if I can't rely on the wiki for pertinent, up to date information, that I may no longer continue using it. Frankly, I always thought that anon updating was turned off since the site was always so well maintained, but now that vandalism has caught on I'd be much more comfortable with user-only edits.



  12. Welp, it's a good thing I already finished day 2. The sign at the very top of the game (in the newly accessible area) doesn't block movement and it sends anyone who goes over it into the black void of death. xd.png

    Can confirm, found this out the hard way xd.pngIt doesn't seem to want to reset my location either. Nevermind, got it after I switched from chrome to firefox!


    Buffy is still eluding me!

  13. Hmm, this is fairly compelling. I noticed right away when the limit for non-CB holidays was lifted, I was keeping my own bred 2nd gens to freeze. Even this year, I'm keeping the offspring from my 2 mistletoe dragons so I won't be able to gift any directly.


    I guess in that case, would you say that multiclutches just wouldn't be enough to solve the problem at an increase of 4 per holiday? I mean, sure, I am keeping one of each but they also breed 2 or 3 to go to someone else hunting in the AP. Increasing to 4 should theoretically bump the numbers by double of what we already see, but it's hard to say.


    I'm certainly a fan of testing the waters and seeing how it plays out.

  14. Got the two indigo lunars I needed for my lineage today! I've had such bad luck with rejects and lunar heralds that I was expecting at least one to go bad, but they both gave me eggs! Now these two need to like each other and give me a silver...