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  1. I was excited to start a lineage with frills after their re-release, and I was really excited to do them with skywings because not only do I love those, they both also have eggs with "strange markings" in the cave. So I was inspired to do the lyrics from Strange Highways by Dio to match with the description!


    Unfortunately my idea for a true checker had to fall to the wayside since, well, ratios. But, I've finished with a neat sixth gen frill. biggrin.gif

  2. Transfer form!

    Lineage Name: Merry

    Breeder's Name: afie

    Transfered To: helix9

    Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/tQO2B


    Naming form!

    Lineage Name: Merry

    Breeder's Name: helix9

    Dragon's Name: Merry Ivy Branches

    Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/tQO2B


    I haven't bred him yet with all of the commotion of the new releases, so I'll give it another week before I try for an egg.

  3. I was really excited to start my new skywing x frill checker lineage, and so I bred the first seven pairs...all frills! Which makes sense, since they just came back and, well, they need to catch up with all the skywings that exist xd.png I don't think ratios are going to even out for a while either, so I don't think I'll be getting any skywings anytime soon...well, more frills is it!

  4. And the fourth and final nebula has arrived! Feros Signodextra finishes out the Mass Effect planet names that her other nebula siblings have. Phew! (People use these for lineages on a regular basis? How???)


    Meanwhile, Xabarchi and Parahanga seem to really like breeding avatars of destruction so far. The last two eggs I've bitten with some vampires, and though the first got repulsed off of my scroll, I was able to keep the second. So now I've got Miasma Signodextra to add to the fold while I wait on a creation ava. (I'm fairly positive they can't breed change avas, but it would certainly be a welcome surprise!)


    And Desanui, I love the way your combo shimmer looks!

  5. Please add me to the Ravenous and Insidious lines.


    Vote for Mates and Names

    Mate for 1st Aegis Line: Falconform Wyvern

    Mate for 2nd Aegis Line: Ice

    Name for 1st Aegis Line: Virtuous

    Name for 2nd Aegis Line: Righteous


    And as far as the Mutamores, I really love Carmines, Luminas, and Speckle-Throated dragons.




    New egg form!

    Lineage Name: Majestic

    Breeder's Name: helix9

    Intended For: PhantomoftheWolves

    Lineage Link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/GY4fc


    There's quite a few inactive people on the Majestic line, so if you still would like an egg please let someone know!

  6. Looks like I should have complained sooner, because I finally got the creation ava I needed! Please welcome Xabarchi Signodextra to the fold, who should qualify to be pedigreed.


    I'm particularly excited because she liked her mate, Parahanga Signodextra! That's right, he's my highest gen pedigree from the Forerunner line, so I figured they'd make a perfect pair. Their first egg was a destruction ava. Update: Her name is Cataclysm Signodextra!


    Now I just need that red nebbie from Kabusha (or any nebula for that matter)!

  7. Getting lots of no interests these days. Of course I still haven't gotten the red nebula I want, even though that's the color of the one I autoabandoned when I was scroll-locked. And Nyenyezi has only bred two gold lunars and nothing else. I'll get an avatar out of you soon! *shakes fist*