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  1. I would definitely vote in the Thunder (even though I still don't have one) but I would hesitate to bring in the Electric dragon. Thunder clrealy shows a connection to storms, but electrics only have the ability to use electricity. In other news, please welcome our newest skywing, Boreas Tempest!
  2. Everything is looking nice! I absolutely adore the new addition too. I will have a skywing to add on soon, then I can work on some second generation breeding If anyone needs a second gen bred for them, don't forget to ask.
  3. helix9

    Art Worm

    Why thank you! I really hope TJ adds on everyone else's soon.
  4. helix9

    Art Worm

    Well, I've sent in mine. I'm a bit amateurish with the Photoshop, but I hope it looks good on the worm.
  5. There's a male vine out there named Helix, and I actually got a dragon on my scroll with my real name as its mother, another vine. (Lineage) I must be destined to be a vine then!
  6. helix9

    Art Worm

    My turn is nearly coming up, so hopefully Mansonsgirl sends something in soon. If not, then I get to be the great reviver.
  7. helix9

    Art Worm

    I just sent one right now, hopefully there's going to be a reply soon.
  8. helix9

    Art Worm

    I'd love to add a piece. I just hope it'll look cool.