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  1. Rare:



    Alt Vine



    Blue Stripe

    Purple Dino

    Cheese (for freezing)



    CB Skywing

    Sunrise (for freezing)

    Ember (for freezing)


    Thanks in advanced! Though, does specifying the freezing count as specific?

  2. AND --- I can put my Tempest dragons on their very own page! No more scrolling past anyone to look for them.

    Wow, I hadn't even thought of that! I can only imagine the possibilities a organizational crazy person like me can can do. laugh.gif


    Anyway, I got two Tempests I almost forgot. Tuyet and Odina are both second gen, one skywing and one water.

  3. Anybody else getting "Sorry, a database error has occurred" upon catching?

    It's taken me so long to snatch one! TT_TT

    Funny story about that. I'm pretty sure that for the past half-hour or so, the very first egg on the top left has been the same one. Its code is F2qj. I clicked on it twice and couldn't get it. Looks like we got a haunted egg this year!


    Got all four of my eggs in the bottom right hand corner. Or I just got really lucky every time I clicked there. Best event evur.


    Edit: Double ninja'd ninja.gif

  4. First of all, I believe a bit back in the discussion it was mentioned that Water Walkers and Water horses could not be Tempest because of their descriptions.


    If we allow the Coastal Waverunners in, that would basically let the above dragons in too, since they do look Tempest-y.


    Just saying. Also, I did not spy my name on the spread.

    They would fit in, look wise. But I do also agree that if the description doesn't fit then it really shouldn't be allowed. I still haven't gotten any electrics/thunders for this lineage either since I've fallen a bit behind.


    Also, perhaps you spied my name instead? I didn't know there was another "helix" around here laugh.gif


    Edit: Oh, one of my dragons, Acolyte Tempest (gen three) is listed twice. I must have sent it in an extra time.

  5. What I would like is to have the scroll wipe option IN ADDITION to an individual wipe, for those who do want a mass-renaming.

    This seems to be the most logical choice. Perhaps under the BSA page there could be a spot where there are both choices, each with a different cool-down. For example, if you are only changing one name, you have to wait five days. But if you choose the full scroll rename, there would be a cool-down of six months. If you have two of these dragons, you can do a full rename with one, then fix some of the naming accidents with the other one.


    Personally, I would love a full scroll rename. My name pattern is to use Bionicle names, but I've run out since someone else also uses them (which I don't mind, they're pretty sweet names). But if I had used a surname from the beginning, then I wouldn't have run out. Plus, I want my frozen hatchlings to have a different name pattern and I have a Dorkface that I forgot to add the surname to.

  6. I use the Legacy custom sort because the tiny squares help me sort them quite well. I kinda have a problem with the current rainbow sort so I put it in my own order (I'm just super picky about that kind of stuff, note sig). My lineage dragons are at the top so I remember those projects, then the dragons themselves are rainbow, in order of when I got them, and the frozen hatchies underneath the same way.

  7. I would definitely vote in the Thunder (even though I still don't have one) but I would hesitate to bring in the Electric dragon. Thunder clrealy shows a connection to storms, but electrics only have the ability to use electricity.


    In other news, please welcome our newest skywing, Boreas Tempest!